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⚠️ Intermittent 500 error ⚠️

This announcement is no longer active


Apologies for the intermittent 500 error that you may be experiencing. This happened shortly after the current host switched the control panel on the server from cPanel to their own software.

We are actually already looking into a new and better host. Not just because of this, but because we want to massively increase the forum’s servers resources to high end servers.

Please see the below quoted which is from a topic that I posted in the Platinum Lounge a while ago.

When we have a confirmed date of the move I will put up a topic on the forum. In the meantime, and if these error messages continue, apologies for the inconvenience. Clearly your browser cache may help, incase the 500 error page is cached.


We will shortly begin the process of testing new servers, this is outside of the current forum set up so should not affect anything here. These servers will have more than 11x the amount of RAM than the current set up, and we currently only utilise about 50% of our current set up. The new servers will also have far better processors. We will also have better routing for our pages worldwide and are expecting this should also increase the loading speeds and user experience for members in the USA as well as elsewhere outside of Europe, e.g. Asia and Australia. We suspect the chosen severs should be good to handle our expected growth for the next 5 years, but we can always upgrade the servers before then as new technology is released and if it is required :)   

When I have more of a confirmation on the date this will happen I will put up a post in the main forum section. If and when the move does happen (most likely it will) it may mean that the forum is down for a day sometime in the future whilst we transfer over. But I will give more details nearer the time and after we have finished testing.

UPDATE: The plan for the move is next weekend, please see the below topic for more details:


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