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Coin dimensions variations?

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This may sound like a stupid question, but I'm wondering, do dimensions and weights ever fluctuate on minted silver coins/rounds? Even slightly or are they perfectly identical each time?

I measured some of my pieces and looked up mint / vendor website dimensions. Some listings were contradictory on certain sites and others were obviously just pasted one to the other.

This Kookaburra 2023 below for example. Is this too far off the mark to be at all real. Just wondering if I should challenge the vendor? 


In each example: first shown are dimensions found online and then the coin I measured...

(Magnet tests are ok but I dont have a Pocket Pinger and most are not listed in Ping apps)


Philharmonic 2022 (“Theoretical Control” - known genuine coin from BBP)

37 mm dia

3.2 mm thick

31.1035 gr


My coin

37.02 mm dia

3.21 mm thick

31.31 gr


Kookaburra 2023 official stats 

40.90 mm Dia

3.5 mm thick



My coin

40.51 mm dia

2.85 mm thick

31.43 gr


ICON  2024 van gogh

38 mm diam

2.8 mm thick



My coin

38.8 mm

3.25 mm



Chronos 2024

38.5 mm 

2.70 mm thick

???? gr no listing found


My coin

38.74 mm dia

3.10 mm thick



Kangaroo 2021

31.1 gr




My coin

31.31 gr




Terra 2024 Charles

38.75 mm dia

2.8 mm thick

???? gr not found


My coin

38.71 mm dia

3.39 mm thick

31.34 gr

IMG_1908 Large.jpeg

IMG_1894 Large.jpeg

IMG_1895 Large.jpeg

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Dimensions/weights will certainly fluctuate, it's essentially impossible to produce something bang on each time.

For the Kookaburra the official stats look off to me. It's a 1oz coin so 32.107gr would be a bit high, should be closer to 31.1g, which your coin is. The images also look fine with the P mintmark in the right place. There should also be another tiny security mint mark as a security feature. From the Perth Mint site - Authentication feature

The coin incorporates an authentication feature in the form of a micro-laser engraved letter. Detectable under a magnifying glass, it is designed to make it significantly more difficult for the coin to be counterfeited." - Not sure exactly where it is on these, but if you have that I'd be confident it's genuine.

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