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withdrawn Lots of 1oz Silver Britannia coins for auction! (Part 2)

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Thanks for looking at my auction. As I move from stacking to collecting I'm opting to clear out some of my duplicate coins. 



Lot 1:

  • 8 of 1oz silver 2021 Britannia in caps.
  • Most of these were bought by me directly from the RM, a couple were bought from dealers, eBay, etc as part of job lots.
  • starting price £190



Lot 2:

  • 5 of 1oz silver 2019 Britannia in caps.
  • Most of these were bought by me directly from the RM, a couple were bought from dealers, eBay, etc as part of job lots.
  • starting price £125



Lot 3:

  • 2 of 1oz silver 2017 Britannia in caps.
  • These were bought from dealers, eBay, etc as part of job lots.
  • starting price £50



Lot 4:

  • 5 of 1oz silver Britannia, various years as below.
  • All of these were bought from dealers, eBay, etc as part of job lots.
  • 2011 in plastic; 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 in caps.
  • starting price £145



ConditionAll coins have all been kept in secure storage and are in great bullion condition. There may be the odd minor scratch on caps/tubes from the rare times I've moved the coins.

Starting Time and Date: Starting now! End time is Sunday 26th March at 19:00.

Starting Price:  is per lot as above. Silver spot price at the time of this posting is £18.60.

Ending Time and Date: Enter time and date here. Note that The forum will automatically order posts based on who submitted first. Order on this thread is the order of bids. The thread posts contain timestamps and so the final bid during the final minute of the auction will be the winning bid (i.e. the auction ends at 7pm and there are three bids of £20, £22, and then £24 during 7pm and then a bid of £30 at 9.01pm, the winning bid would be the final highest bid during the time stamp of 7pm.)

Set Increments: minimum increment is £1 and you must state the LOT you are bidding on. Bids without a Lot number will be invalid.

Winning Bidder: The winning bidder is the person who has made the highest bid at the point the auction closes on each lot. In the event that the highest bidder pulls out or reneges on their final bid, I will contact second place, third place etc. accordingly, for each lot. 

Item Location: located in the UK.

Shipping: will be sent out by Royal Mail Special delivery and will be charged to the buyer at cost price. Multiple lot wins can be merged to save postage costs up to the RM insurance limit. I live in Scotland and travel around the UK a lot so I may be able to deliver.

Shipping destinations: UK only.

Payment Terms: Payment by bank transfer.

Dispatch Time: Postage will take place on Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th. Tracking numbers will be provided.


If you wish to bid you must state the lot you are bidding on.


Lot 1: £120

If you are bidding on multiple lots then please be absolutely clear on which lot. Don't include total price as this could confuse.


Lot 1: £120
Lot 2:  £1105


Happy bidding, I'll provide a summary of winning bids per lot each day.

I'm also running these auctions at the same time: 


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