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What can I do with junk jewellery?

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I get sent random things which includes junk jewellery from time to time.

By that I mean mostly new chinese sterling silver (marked S925) with cz or mossanite, sometimes plated with gold or other stuff, the sort of cheap jewellery that sells for less than £100.

I have been thinking of getting a little furnace next year, would it be okay to melt, or would the mishmash of metals mess it up?

Is there anything else I can do with it?

I only get sent a few bits a month, but it keeps turning up & adds up over time, so what to do with it is a problem that's not going to go away.

None of it is anything I'd consider wearing as it looks nasty.

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Personally I would just get it off to a bullion refinery and dealer than can pay you something for it. Getting a furnace and trying to melt it won't end up working very well with mixed metals and the additional cost won't be worth it to end up with an ugly bar!

Sell it here on the forum if you can get the XRF results to prove the metal content maybe? 

If you have a decent quantity you can send it to Baird and Co as an individual. Probably would work out getting about 75 to 80% of melt value after they melt it and assay it 

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I have a few things I want to cast myself (not bar, things for me to keep), which is what I'm planning on getting a little furnace for.
I have no plans to sell things I make as I'm really not customer friendly - I shut down my workshop mainly because I couldn't face dealing with one more customer.
They drove me up the wall.

Guess I'll have to buy silver to melt.

Thanks @BackyardBullion

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