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In the royal mint auction lot, there is a 4 coin 1989 proof sovereign set, starting at £3500. Chards have one listed at 9 and a half grand, so thought maybe it would be worth posting


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1 hour ago, Solachesis said:

In the royal mint auction lot, there is a 4 coin 1989 proof sovereign set, starting at £3500. Chards have one listed at 9 and a half grand, so thought maybe it would be worth posting


Is this another filibuster Topic title attempt?



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2 minutes ago, LawrenceChard said:

I think @HerefordBullyun already maxed it out!


Well I can see the Bullyun Bugle taking some serious action in the next release ;)

Edited by HerefordBullyun

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Not sure what the point of this topic is!
I have seen 3 other dealers asking between £8950 and £9995.

The estimates seem artificially low to me, almost like an invitation to try and get one of the rarest Sovereign sets for a song! No chance of that. Double it up and then start from there perhaps! After all, what does the RM know about the value of anything rare or historical?  Normally they are asking ‘silly money’ for their buy-back stuff, so this is bit of a turn up…….


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6 minutes ago, sovereignsteve said:

You have to start somewhere. Probably low so as to encourage interest. There is no risk for a lot such as this; it will go at the market price, no lower.

Agree, especially with internet nowadays, price wil go to the market price eventuality

37 minutes ago, apachebleu said:

 Vat on the gold?

I think the VAT is on top of auctioneer premium only, but i didn't check n participate any RM auction before.

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52 minutes ago, LawrenceChard said:

Do they also charge a seller's fee?


This is completely unrelated, but I just saw the Chards YouTube channel new video, and I say good sir, you got me excited thinking you might have received one from the RM to show case. What I witnessed instead was a scandal I say! 

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