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closed Auction - Silver .900 tray, Colombia, very heavy - 1.35kg - low starting price

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Good afternoon, everyone!

I have today for auction a very heavy silver .900 tray, weighting 1348g, colombian hallmark. The tray is in a very good shape, not damaged, but of course tarnish and some scratches are to be expected for an old silver object. Anyway, with some polishing I am very sure can look absolutely amazing. 

I have tested the silver and as always, I can guarantee 14 days money back and return costs paid by me if the item is not as described.

Please, look at the pictures and judge yourself the potential this tray have with a very little work and passion.

N.B.: The original silvery paper sticker written R.M. 0900 Bogota Colombia gone already, even it is pictured. I have removed it, because the dirt accumulated in years under sticker was looking suspect for me and I wanted to be 100% sure nothing is wrong with what I am selling.😊

Of course, the hallmark stamped on the back of the tray is still there, R.M. .900.

The weight of 1348g silver .900 is equivalent of 1213g pure silver, with a melting value today (16.50/oz) of £643.50.

The auction is starting now and is finishing on 7th of August, Sunday evening, at 21.00pm.

The parcel will be sent on Monday morning, free 1st class delivery. The postage can be updated to SD for an extra £6 (the parcel is heavy).

I will start this auction from £545, so from 15% under melting value.

Minimum increments: £2.

Feel free to comment on here, have fun, but don't forget to place a bid!

Thank you for looking and happy bidding!🤗


s-l1600 (58).jpg

s-l1600 (60).jpg

s-l1600 (61).jpg

s-l1600 (62).jpg








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This tray would be perfect for serving Ferrero Rocher at receptions etc!



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3 minutes ago, SilverTalent said:

Wow what a awesome Silver tray , I can imagine a 15 pound turkey on that being presented to the Christmas table , and so undervalued  ,hope this gets a decent price it’s well good   

Thank you for your kind words, Sir!🤗

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11 minutes ago, Rumistacker said:

@stefffanaThank you very much sir!  Change of plans because Mrs Rumistacker wants to use it as a seafood platter :) Any chance you can throw in a couple of silver Lobster forks to go with that!?

Colombian breakfasts 

Seafood platter 

Lobster forks?


I like to buy the pre-dip dip

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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