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How To Report Potential Scams on the Forum ?

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I've had trouble finding the right place to post this so I figured to make a thread.

@ChrisSilver I've received this message in my box this morning and while it looked innocent enough, I did not follow the direction thankfully but tried to PM Trashtank which came us as an error " @Trashtank can not receive messages" Somewhat suspicious but s till not seeing a glaring red flag, I moused over the senders profile and when I saw he has fat "0" posts I knew this is a scam. I just thought it's my responsibility to inform others


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19 hours ago, ChrisSilver said:

If you click on the 3 dots to the right of a post or message, then you can press the report button.

The particular member in your screenshot has already had actions against their account taken as it was reported by another member, so that they are unable to send that message to anyone else. You can see from your screenshot that their messenger has been disabled. I have also gone ahead and banned them and moved them to the banned group, so be aware that they may try re-registering with a new account. If you see such suspicious messages in the future please do report them as soon as possible so we can take actions against their account to stop them from spamming members. 

Please do not email as they requested as it most likely is a scam. The person/username that they mention is not a registered member of the forum, and appears to be just a random copy and paste message that they have spammed to several members, the message you received is most likely a scam as it follows a similar style of message that has been seen in the past.

Please see my post here and the warning of anyone contacting you asking them to contact them outside of the forum:


Thank you mate for the reply. I figured most of this but good to know if this happens again how to proceed. 
Thanks again for the wonderful forum. Cheers

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