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Financial Advice - St James’s Place / Pinnacle

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Hello all,

Just wanted to understand if anyone has used St James’s or Pinnacle Wealth Management for financial advice. 

Recently, I’ve been approached by one of their account managers who is offering me to restructure my pension and provide me and my better half an additional life insurance. As you can imagine, their advice is not free at all, but they claim that it is a long lasting relationship where they focus on building my wealth-being and will advice me along the way on everything that comes (mortgage, business, tax)

Does anybody know more about them - St James’s place or Pinnacle WM (used them in the past)? Do you think they are a good value for money?

To be honest, they look to me as they are only willing to sell me a private pension and insurance which I will have to keep and pay fees…not something that is very unique or different than DIY…

on the other hand, a good advice is always worth the money for it…

I consider myself as relatively knowledgable in personal finance, tax, loans, economics so not sure what they will add to the table…their fees are really high as well - 1.9 % of assets under management …


Appreciate any views






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I wouldn’t pay anyone 1.9% to manage my investments. I have received lots of mail shots from this company over the years…always very glossy and nice looking invitations. But, as an ex-IFA I do not need their services. If you have a specific requirement, there are plenty of folk on this forum that can probably offer sound advice, and for free!

If you have gazillions to manage that’s a different story, tax and inheritance planning is important, and needs to be dealt with professionally, and that may involve legal costs i.e. a solicitor.

As a side note: Has anyone ever had ‘professional’ financial advice and been told to buy physical gold or silver as insurance?..because I haven’t …that’s because the advisor doesn’t earn any commission on that advice…which makes me question whose interests they are really looking after!

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Appreciate the insights Kook…. To you last point, when I mentioned in the initial interview that I’m interested in PM and I collect as well, she was trying to convince me (in vain) that there are probably better places to put my money….:) probably expecting to sell them and put them into SJP pension with 1.9% fees 

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1 hour ago, papi1980 said:

Recently, I’ve been approached by one of their account managers who is offering me to restructure my pension and provide me and my better half an additional life insurance.

Appreciate any views






If they contact you - run!!

The majority of genuine, fully accomplished, experienced accountants or solicitors will have an existing client base and the better ones will only accept new clients by referral or recommendation.

I had need of advice on a highly complex matter a few years back and was lucky get recommended to a firm which is an associate of the Kreston group. 

The cost to rectify that was very high, but had I gone to a lesser firm, they would not have had the depth of expertise to get me out of a potential train wreck situation.

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Bit off the pace here but if you are still listening. my mate works For SJP. their charges are high but when I flogged my final salary pension I got mates rates (they can be had) and some invaluable advice that saved my a very large amount of tax .

Wills,  power of attorney all that c**p thrown into the deal.  all in one place easy for my wife/kids to deal with come the glorious day.   you could do it all yourself if you have the time and inclination....

their investment performance is generic middle of the road stuff but holds up well when the terrible hits the fan ..  again you can go with cheaper diy trackers and punt your own stuff but its a lot a work to get really diversified globally. 

if you accept the fact that it costs a bit to get all that ive found em fine. but of course I am dealing with a longtime mate so prob see the best of it.    

wouldn't touch a financial advisor I didn't know personally.... 

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