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Anyone else Listening to Royal Mint WebEx on GOLD Investing?

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56 minutes ago, Rll1288 said:

Interesting talk on gold as an investment and the consistent returns over the years 

It is easy to look back on any charts and pick the period that includes a low and a high.
If you bought low and sold high you have gained but how many people are fortunate enough to buy at the lows then actually sell ( not just sit on ) at the highs ?
Averaging out you might see a gain or a maybe even a loss as it's all about timing and that's the problem.

There are many other types of investments that have outperformed gold by a significant margin.
Then there are many stocks and shares that have crashed and lost investors almost everything - think Woodford Equity Fund.

I haven't listened to the audio you mention but I still recall the many Youtube "experts" videos coming out of the USA on a daily basis as to how great silver was as an investment and get as much as you can.
That was before the forum was created and silver did rise to £30 an ounce but it was destined, by these gurus, for loftier highs before crashing to one third of its value with NO REASON other than the price was market manipulated ( speculation of course ).

Caveat Emptor

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Actually the main point.. that I got from it... was that yes there are some other investments that would have made significantly more.. and some less.. but overall as part of a wider portfolio it has seen relative good increases. Its a bit like putting some of your portfolio in high risk stocks and some in "Blue Chip" ones. People that look for 20%+ yearly gains will also get the bad years, whereas with a balanced portfolio you would see good gains.

It was Gold orientated and some people asked questions on Silver and the reply was, Silver more volatile whereas Gold allows longer term stability

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