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Testing your gold

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So, although buying my gold from known dealers, at the back of my mind ive always wanted to prove what im getting is the real thing. Ive seen the vinegar test ( is that a real test ) or using a magnet which i understand. 

what do you all do? 

cheers Paul

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I recommend you invest more time reading about fake gold coins and bars and how they are spotted.
There are many Youtube videos to watch.
If you are asking whether vinegar or a magnet are good tests then stick rigorously to well known main dealers and fellow forum members with good feedback.

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I'd echo Pete's sentiments; if you want peace of mind, a combination of education, trusted sellers and testing methods have to be used together to protect your investment. 

For sovereigns, using an old school sovereign balance is still one of the best ways to detect incorrect gold content (doesn't detect jewellers copies) and the principles utilused are the same as the Fisch (at a cheaper price). If you have a large and varied coin collection then a set of Fisch is probably a good idea.

The more you spend on detectors, the less goes towards your stack but stopping single fake often means a detector pays for itself. A grand on a PMV might be worthwhile for a large stack, same goes for an XRF if you're  a dealer. 

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