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🎅 2020 Christmas Prize Draws 🎅 Entry open worldwide

Message added by ChrisSilver,

Please check the conditions of entry, to make sure your entry is valid. :) 

All valid entries will be added to a list of valid entries and published sometime on the 26th November 2020 or shortly afterwards. The draws will then take place sometime in December. 

EDIT: List of entrants has been published. Draws to be held in December, details on those to come. 

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  • ChrisSilver changed the title to 🎅 2020 Christmas Prize Draws 🎅 Entry open worldwide
  • Founder & Administrator

The following is a list of members who took part in the 2018 Christmas Draw (as I didn't have a list for the 2019, as looks like was written on paper by the organiser last year), you can also see some of the prizes that were donated for an idea of what you could donate for this years 2020 Christmas Prize Draw. Please see the initial post in this topic for conditions of entry :) 

2018 Prize Drawn entrants and prizes:

OZ FORUM ROUND , @augur  

1 OZ GILT MAPLE (×2), @augur  

1 OZ GHANA 100 CEDIS, @augur  


2016 GOLD SOV, @CadmiumGreen



 1895 Victoria crown , @MOA108

1g GOLD BAR , @mr-dead


100g Bar , @zeusss4

100g Metalor bar with cert , @jonrms

2 x 1 oz gilded & coloured , @TheBeast

Very nice slab box, @fehk2001

2 x canadian predators @ZatStackz

£50 cash or paypal , @dicker

Old Trafford Package , @StackingItAll

10oz Beast Box, @Marko

3oz pick of BYB'S Goodies , @BackyardBullion

2 oz mix , @ilovesilverireallydo

2oz coin , @rob6

2 x 1oz coins , @Bullionaire

Perth proof coin , @silversurf

2 x 2016  brits , @AuricGoldfinger

2 x 1oz coins , @zittergie

£50 Britannia , @sgcoins

MS70 Perth swan , @MickD

A "  very mixed " lot , @GrahamDiamond

Mixed lot , @h103efa

2 x 1oz rounds , @Skelator88

1 x 1/10th gold eagle , @Lr103

1 x 1oz polish round , @kiskelo

1 x 100g BYB bar , @Xander

1/4 gold Queens Beast Walnut box , @Alun

2oz  Falcon OR bull , @Mike

2011 Brit in mint packaging ,  @Keenstacker

3 x Nanjing notes, @Scuzzle

£50 Nike voucher , @Nick1368

2 x silver proof £1 coins , @Jimmock

1g gold maple , @GeorgeWoodall

Full collectors 10p set @daz

4 x £5 coins + nice coin box @Goldmick

1 oz gallus & 1/2 lunar  @Bullionbilly

2 x 1oz coins , @Cornishfarmer

1oz spider man coin , @Trumar

1.5oz maple , @JSILVER

2 x 1oz coins + £8's worth of scratch cards,  @Ryan

3 x 1oz coins , @Piggybank

1oz High relief coin , @ChrisSIlver

1oz reverse proof Noble , @airmac

5oz bar , @mr1030

100g BYB Bar,  @gsimpson

2 x 1oz maples , @evende

5 coin mixed lot , @Pampfan

1oz kook , @creative

1oz Brit , @Stats

1oz coin + secret bonus ! , @seXes

£25 paypal ,  @Abyss

3 x 1oz pick of coins or bars , @SilverStan

2.5 oz mix , @Stuart7

2oz QB & £10 Cash , @Quicksilver

3 x Vintage coins , @PansPurse

2017 Rooster , @caloundracats

Armenian Ark 2015 , @AlphaBeast

2017 Rooster , @blackadder

Pre 1965 lot , @JBstacker3181

3 coin mixed lot , @dutchman

£40 Amazon voucher , @mustynewb

Perth croc 1oz , @Spanishsilver

2 x 10th libertads , @GARYTHEMAN

1 x 1oz koala with privvy , @Deputydog

Mixed lot , @MintageSeller

2 coin lot , @jultorsk

£20 longest reigning monarch coin , @MickD

2oz Queens beast, @smiddy28

Mixed lot , @Madstacks

1oz oreo brit + £1 note, @Csaba

1 oz copper round & 1oz silver @Foolssilver

1oz silver coin, @Lunar17

2oz Beast, @PhelpsSilver

1.5 oz silver , @Stacknsave

2oz lion , @Tomcbol

2 x 1oz coins , @Oldun

2 x 1oz pieces , @tmars104

Mixed coin lot , @Schnitzel

TBC. @Silvergulag

£25 paypal , @Modem21

3.5 oz lot. , @SilverSnake

3 coin lot , @NumisNewbie

2oz siren , @VonHaida

My posts are my personal opinions, they do not constitute advice or financial advice.

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