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Graphite on my poured silver bars

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Hi guys, I’ve been pouring some silver ripple bars and I get a small amount of the graphite From the crucible left on top. Can anybody tell me how to remove this with out leaving any small scratches behind, I’ve managed some really nice bars but this is driving me crazy,, any help will be greatly appreciated 👍.

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It's a common thing to happen when pouring silver. It's the reason I use the "stop short" method as the graphite tends to come out at the back end of the pour with the dregs of silver.

However even then some small bits come out sometimes. 

My best solution to date has been to soak in a very strong vinegar for a few hours and then use the finest grit sandpaper you can find. I have a few P7000 sheets which have been used so much they are basically like 10,000 grit and it takes the graphite right off. Wet and dry paper is best and using it with some vinegar on it helps.

You get some small micros scratches, but with my stuff the very fine sandpaper hardly leaves any and the pieces I end up with you would never know.

Hope that helps and good luck!

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Like BYB, so far the best way I've found to reduce the scale is to have about 20g extra in the crucible that gets left. The graphite tends to concentrate on the last bit.

Once cooled I take off the scale from my left over blob with a dremel and a grinder bit, ready to be thrown in to the next melt.


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