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2017 red dragon 2oz queens beast coins

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15 minutes ago, xmerchant said:

True but that only applies if you can sell the item in a certain time oeriod, I'm not sure how long that period lasts but it might work for high demand items

Set a few tubes on 30 days buy it now. Price at c. 530-550 for a tube of 10 and you’d shift some fairly easily I reckon and that’s probably more than the dealers will offer.

Exiting a position of this size if going to take some time so best to do it multi channel and start soon whilst demand (and thus premium) is still around.

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Get a couple of quotes from dealers to set your baseline. Stick a few tubes on ebay on a £1 max FVF, adding enough to cover costs inc. paypal and also offer some on here at a comensurate pricepoint. If you're willing to ship before payment to a few well established members before you develop some trading feedback, you'll be fine.

Happy to receive feedback on all my trades. If anyone wants feedback from me, just say the word.

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I can't believe so many experienced members are taking the time to respond?

The guy is a standard member, does that show commitment?

He has not shown the coins 'cos they're in storage. Haha.

He has shown a tube but it only shows one coin, maybe it's a tube of Britannias? Maybe a tube of Smarties?

It's £80,000+ worth of coins FFS.


Technically, alcohol is a solution..

In Omnia Paratus.

'Lost am I in this world of timelessness and woe'.


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24 minutes ago, sovereignsteve said:

Boredom @Roy

and I guess we're curious to see all those coins offered in the forum sales section😱

Well the information will pass on and pass on. I've made a 3 posts, one has gone unnoticed about what coins have had best experiences with but tbh it's what you expect lol

I'll definitely be passing on my info, it's nice to know that I'm not a newbie any more! In YT comments I can finally understand what they are saying and give em a reply 😁

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Hi @rubatosis - just wondering if you are still planning on selling your silver coins or if you have already disposed of them ?
Selling on eBay will be a full time job and not everyone gets the invitation to sell for their occasional promotional £1 fee.
You still pay PayPal 3 - 4% or more if the buyer is registered overseas although showing a UK delivery address.
How this works is you get 3 or 4 days usually to list your items.
If they do not sell in the first period and you re-list you will incur full fees e.g. 10%
If you list multiple lots of the same item you will find that only 1 is shown publicly for auction until it has received a bid releasing in to view the next and so on.
The duration of each auction can be 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days.
You might test the interest level by listing a full tube with a starting price equivalent to a bullion dealer buy back ( probably silver spot according to weight only ) plus 14% to cover eBay and PayPal fees.
If you find a buyer and sell for higher, repeat, but if you don't gain much then sell hassle free elsewhere e.g. Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.

I am sure if you list a full tube on this site and ask spot price + say 10% you will sell and if you are in no rush keep drip feeding this forum.
However there will be many who hesitate sending money until your are established and well trusted.
If you use an intermediary escrow service for security then you may (?) need to reduce your asking price to cover any buyer fees.

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