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German mainstream demands gold being banned

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The German mainstream paper "Die Zeit" has published a short, stupid and vitriolic essay where the author demands the trading of gold bars and coins should be banned. He also calls gold the "Reichsbürger" of investments.

What does that mean? There are some  so-called "Reichsbürger" in Germany (citizens of the Reich who claim the German Reich of 1871 never vanished and the constitution of 1871 would legally still be in place. They are very, very few, they might be legally right or not, I can't judge on that but in any case practically it doesn't matter as power comes from the ruling narrative, so if no one takes it seriously, it's an academic question, at best. In any case it's used by the mainstream to ridicule patriots, most of which are not "Reichsbürger". An equivalent for the US might be if US citizens claimed "but legally the Queen is still our queen"

"Reichsbürger", the way it's used by the mainstream is not far off "Nazi".

Conclusion: Yellow metal very bad


There is of course a true core in this claim, because patriots and conservatives certainly do have a higher propensity to buy gold,compared to leftists. I would take that as compliment though. He who sees through the propaganda in one field, is also more likely to see through it in another one and thus less likely to trust governments' assurances about the stability of our economic system.

So the author is trying to give something I would take as a compliment an extremely negative spin.

The same author has tweeted years ago, Germany's gold in the US should be scuttled in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Neo-Bolsheviks are coming for us.

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Antony C Sutton, who is generally someone to look into, suggested gold is the natural opponent of the fiat money printers, so to speak:

Synopsis: The War on Gold is a definitive study of the past, present, and future of the metal that Keynesian economists and political schemers have denounced as a barbarous relic. The war on gold began several centuries ago, when politicians discovered they could print limitless amounts of paper currency for a small fraction of the cost of using gold as money. It has accelerated in recent years...as the U.S. acquired paper debt, deficits, which led to double-dip inflation, and internationalists plotted to create a new world order.


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On 07/10/2020 at 17:30, dicker said:

@silenceissilver Your post is very well articulated and explained.

In my experience, I find intolerance particularly on the hard left of politics, but why they would target gold is beyond me.



The hard left want to errode our individual freedoms and liberty.  Gold (maybe silver also) represents the only true form of money that the central bankers can't create by pushing buttons. The Keynesian's need that paper money and without it they loose power and would not be able to manipulate us!   

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