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Errors you notice with the new forum software

Message added by ChrisSilver,

Previous message here was accidentally deleted when merging another topic into here, and the top message has no edit history to restore. So here is a very brief summary:

The trading feedback is in developmentĀ and will be re-added. Please do not worry your feedback has not been lost.

Other features may take a while to be re-added due to the developersĀ of those features.

Theme issue, sometimes the edit box is not showing with the correct box. This issue canā€™t be addressed until all plugins / applications are updated to latest version.Ā 

All missingĀ images / media, should now be fixed. If you spot any missing please let me know :)Ā 

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On 21/09/2020 at 20:54, Squashie said:

Itā€™s faster on my android phone than my iPad lol, which doesnā€™t make sense when the phone is 2+ years old, and the iPad is less than 6 months!Ā 

Makes perfect sense apple is literally made from Samsung's old hardware :)

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I have found the 'for sale' section prices are high and the word 'bump' on every other thread šŸ¤£šŸ˜… hopefully not a forum issue, just user error nice to see things back up again, will keep an eye for is

Just press the arrow with the $, you get the Ā£ there

Hi guys I like the look of the forum on the new servers and things seem to be running faster on my connection can anyone tell me how I see trader feedback now? I canā€™t see it one anyone else

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  • Founder & Administrator

@WitcherĀ seems to be having an issue with viewing some media. Some members profile photos etc.

Are any other members also experiencing this? Since uploading all of the missing media I have been unable to see any missing images on this side.

If anyone sees any missing images whilst browsing the forum, e.g. missing member's profile photos. If you could please let me know, and also let me know if you are still experiencing the missing images after clearing your browsing data, cookies & cache etc?

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