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Hattons of London Dunkirk 1/4 sovereign

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Or perhaps someone with fat fingers made an error updating the website.

Easily done.



Looking to purchase Sovereign Scales/Rocker/Balance. Feel free to Pm me at any time. Also prepared to pay a small finders fee for any scales spotted in your local antiques shops, send me a pic, and if it's one I'm interested in, I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement. :) 

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Wow that is weird - just had a look at it and it'd take a whole fistful of sausage fingers to produce that offer by mistake.

Odd thing is I had a phone call from Hattons earlier this week trying to flog me the other Dunkirk sovs (as I bought this one). Nice fella but he didn't mention this?

Have to say as well that I was really pleased with the whole package for this 1/4 sov (including the Dunkirk book). 

Hats off to Hattons and well worth the £99!

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I'm in no way experienced with any kind of selling standards etc for coins but is this something that could be considered odd? Or even bad? Or maybe even good? Maybe it's just common to sell a coin and have the images not quite match but if it's not then this may explain the huge premium. Anyone have any knowledge on this?

I'm likely to call them on Monday anyway but it's just something I noticed. 




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12 minutes ago, TownCalledMalice said:

Interesting - looks like one of us has a mule and I'm pretty sure it's you!

Interesting to see what others members have?

You never know, this buyback may be in the hope of tracking down your 'prototype' sent out in error??? :D

Either way, great spot!

dunkirk (9 of 1).jpg

Oh my that's so Interesting! I figured maybe they were all like mine. I guess we've got some rare shinies out there. Now I guess I will likely not be calling them on Monday. Does this also mean that the mintage of your coin is technically lower, too? Sorry for the rookie questions :). I came to PMs for bullion mostly. Now look what I've got myself into. 

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lol - I'm in the same boat as you (the Daffodil in this case!).

Love me a rare shiny and think you may have one - promo photos have to be what the rest are like.

5 minutes ago, Katie said:

Now look what I've got myself into. 

As for this, once I got my bullion stack up I started hoovering up pre-1947 UK coins at spot or below and before you know it I've bought a loupe and I'm grading the little bugg*rs.

Once you start, there's no going back...


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16 minutes ago, Katie said:

Does this also mean that the mintage of your coin is technically lower, too?

I guess so if some (one?) are different but I don't suspect it'll make much difference. Was interesting to see just how popular these 1/4 sovs were though.

It's going to interesting to see if anyone else has one like yours - you may just have #1 of 1. 


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Let's say that your coin is actually the 1 of 1. If that were the case then does that mean yours is the rare coin despite it being intended to have the shield? Or does that still mean that the 3998 unshielded coins are rare? Or both? I hope noone on here has got rid of theirs yet. :) This could make for an exciting investigation.

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Sorry for the double post.

Also, if it's a mistake it's a large one. Even my paperwork has no shield. Did yours?


And I wanted to take a minute to say how wild the outer packaging is for these guys. It screams 'steal me, I'm gold'.



Edited by Katie
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30 minutes ago, Katie said:

It screams 'steal me, I'm gold'

lol - perhaps printing 'THIS PACKAGE CONTAINS NOTHING OF VALUE - DO NOT STEAL' on the front would help?

I think I've spotted the difference - according to the COA mine is a proof yet it's not stated on yours?

I'm pretty sure they only made one version of this coin and there's no mention of a 'proof' version on their website? Also, as you pointed out int he original post, the sov pictured has a shield on it?

What does your COA say on page 3? - Mine indicates a mintage of 1999 not 3999?

This is getting odd.

If anyone else is out there - which version do you have?

dunkirk_coa2 (9 of 1).jpg

dunkirk_coa3 (9 of 1).jpg

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15 minutes ago, Fishface220 said:

One sold on eBay has no shield either. (Mine does)

Does your paperwork say proof with a 1999 mintage? 

I wonder if they made a separate lower mintage proof version with a privy shield and sent them out by mistake (hence the premium buyback?)

Edited by TownCalledMalice
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Looks like the shield is on proof coins then.... 

Maybe that’s why the are trying to buy them back so they can complete the sets with all proof or all non proof. 

Think i’ll keep mine anyway.

(nice spot in the first place thou.)

Have you had the “sell out” COA come thru? 


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