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.925 Silver Coins

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I have the following Lady of the Century silver coins (I believe .925?) which I want to dispose of in bulk.They are in a Lighthouse S6 metal case and encapsulated.I do not have the time or ability to list them on Ebay, but I believe they have some value at worst as scrap - I think they may have only a  limited numismatic value. Does anyone think a scrap sale is the only way forward? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Country Date Face Value



Alderney 1995 5 Pounds Receiving Bouquet outside Clarence House
Barbados 1994 5 Dollars Engagement Portrait 1923
Barbados 1994 1 Dollar Born Elizabeth Bowes Lyon 4th August 1900
Belize 1995 5 Dollars Summer in Balmoral Castle 1945
Bermuda 1996 $1 Coronation of George VI
Bhutan 1995 300 Ngultrum Her Parents Home St. Paul's Walden Bury 1903
Cayman Islands 1994 1 Dollar Born 4th August 1900
Cook Islands 1994 20 Dollars The Duchess of York and her Two Daughters 1936
Cook Islands 1995 5 Dollars Silver Wedding Anniversary St. Paul's 1948
Falkland Islands 1995 Fifty Pence Birth of Princess Elizabeth 1926
Fiji 1994 5 Dollars Her London Home - Clarence House
Fiji 1995 10 Dollars Move to Buckingham Palace 1937
Fiji 1998 $10 Launch of QE II
Gambia 1994 10 Dalasis Year of the Three Kings 1936
Gambia 1996 20 Dalasis Young Lady Elizabeth
Guernsey 1995 5 Pounds Formal Present Day Portrait
Isle of Man 1995 1 Crown 95th Birthday
Jamaica 1994 25 Dollars Royal Wedding - Elizabeth and Philip 1947
Kiribati 1997 $5 Windsor Castle
Malawi 1997 20 Kwacha Young Guide
Malawi 1998 20 Kwacha  Abdication
Nauru 1994 10 Dollars Inspecting Bombed Buckingham Palace 1940
New Zealand 1994 5 Dollars Birth of Princess Elizabeth 1926
Niue 1997 5 Dollars The Blitz on London 1940
Niue 1998 $5 Silver Wedding
Pitcairn Islands 1997 5 Dollars The Most Noble Order of the Garter
Seychelles 1994 25 Rupees Wedding - Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon - Duke of York 1923
Seychelles 1996 25 Rupees Foundation of the Commonwealth 1926
Solomon Islands 1995 $10 Coronation of George VI
Tanzania 1997 500 Shillings The Duke and Duchess East African Tour 1925
Tokelau 1995 5 Lima Tala Birth of Grandson Prince Charles
Tokelau 1997 5 Lima Tala VE Day
Tonga 1996 1 Pa'anga The Coronation of Elizabeth II 1953
Turks & Caicos Islands 1995 20 Crowns The Lady of the Century
Turks & Caicos Islands 1997 20 Crowns 1937 Coronation
Tuvalu 1997 5 Dollars Opening of the Federal Parliament at Canberra 1927
Tuvalu 1997 5 Dollars The Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music
Vanuatu 1994 50 Vatu End of Victorian Era 1901
Vanuatu 1995 50 Vatu The Birth of Great Grandson William 1982
Vanuatu 1996 50 Vatu Victoria and Albert Open Great Exhibition 1851
Western Samoa 1994 10 Talas Her Youth in Glamis Castle
Samoa     Bobs
St Helena 1995   The Winning Owner
Turks & Caicos Islands 1997 5 crowns 1937 coronation
Ascension Islands 1995 50 pence Keen Angler
Papua New Guinea 1998 5 Kina

Investiture Prince Charles



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