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closed Phil 18£ / Eagle/bufalo 19£ - Gold Maple (1oz) - 1400£

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Posted (edited)

Because of the COVID 19 situation packages have delivery delays. However both UK and Germany package were delivered. Shipping to UK for 40oz is 20£ with tracking and signature. The delivery is done via ROYAL MAIL.

All the prices will be in GPD but I can deal with € (since im from Portugal)

Payments accepted:

- Transferwise

- Bank transfer

- Bitcoin/LTC/ any crypto on binance (I will pay the post fees for 25oz +)

- Skrill/Paypal for reputable members

i´ve priced the coins at a fair value, however im open to offers:


Heres what I have for sale:

10 x 1oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (2016/2017/2008) (1400£ ea) SOLD 5 COINS ~ ONLY 5 LEFT



20 x 1oz Silver eagles (2016) (19£ ea)


10 x 1oz Silver Buffalo (19£ ea)


Also have:

20 x 1oz Silver philharmonik silver (Some have milk spots) (18£ ea)

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25 minutes ago, danmc82 said:

Nice collection

Thank you :) Been stacking for 5 years and some sacrifices were made along the way to be able to build my stack.

14 minutes ago, shylok86 said:

i might be interested in the maples , sent you a pm

Pmed you back, for big (cash) amounts i´d rather trade with members who have reputation.

Also as another user told me to do, I have all the purchase receipts for everything I am selling. This is just a part of my full stack. 

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3 minutes ago, BazzaC said:

Hi  nice stack.  Can only imagine the sacrifices made to get all this in 5 years. Congrats!

Out of curiosity, you accept euro's, right ? What conversion rate would that be at ? i.e £19 = ??€


Thank you. In all honesty I prefer euros since my account is in euros. However I´ve put the price in GBP because I noticed most of the people in the forum are from England. 

If you want to purchase something in euros I can give you the price. 

The rate would be the actual forex rate. As I am writting this the convertion is: 0,8750 GBP for 1 €

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23 minutes ago, RisinSun said:

Hey, how much is insured delivery with your mail carrier for say 10 oz @ £200 insured.


Simulator is telling me around 18£ all included. Tomorrow I´ll stop by the post and make sure (I should have done that already)

What are you interested in? PM me.

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Just got my hands on these from Portugal. 

Anyone thinking of buying go for it.

The seller kept me informed throughout and I'm so happy with the purchase. The package it was sent in was well packaged with no room for movement. 


Thank you,  


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