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The coming Gold crash


⚠️Please remain respectful to other members even if opinions differ. The truth is that no one knows what the future price of Gold will be and no one can predict with any certainty what it will be. People can make assumptions and guesses based on what they think will happen but at the end of the day anything can happen.

The future price of gold will either be the same, higher, or lower. So please debate respectfully of fellow members even if they have a different opinion or opposing views to the majority of members. 

No member will ever be banned for having a different opinion to another member but members who are rude and disrespectful do risk their account status. Please be polite and respectful of all members, we wish to maintain a pleasant place on TSF ⚠️

Message added by ChrisSilver

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1 hour ago, KRO said:

when asked by @dicker to expand on your thesis for this thread, you gave the above answer

perhaps you would therefore care to offer us your opinion on the latest COT positioning😀(I ask in a most respectful manner of course)


Amazing gold COT figures. Managed money (i.e. hedge funds) cut their longs by 21,362 contracts and increased shorts by 1,771 contracts. Net longs now 117,136. Position neutral, yet price at all time highs.
Swap shorts down 12,439 contracts but still carrying 70% of non-spec shorts. Net shorts still very high. But with hedge funds out, there is little liquidity to close.

August 1 -Alasdair Macleod

You won't get any sensible answer out of him unless it acts to back up his position. If you point out anything that logically contradicts that position, he just ignores it.

He's simply a troll and he's repeatedly conspicuous by his absence unless gold is falling.

Happy to receive feedback on all my trades. If anyone wants feedback from me, just say the word.

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