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Platinum - a buy right now? Better than Gold?

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I have always thought Platinum would be way too expensive to buy till this weekend when i looked up the charts. Couldn't belive it, funny Canada's most vaulable coin is a $300 Platinum, same with some

I love reading all this stuff about precious metals. One interesting fact that I’ve recently discovered about another precious, silver, is that if you place an ice cube on a silver coin or bar, the ic

First ever 1oz platinum wow it looks good

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  • 1 month later...
9 hours ago, Golddigger69 said:

Great buy! I think its a good timepoint to go into platinum.


Yeah thanks.

Sure gold is more easy to liquidate however i think prices in 5 year will not be as low for platinum as now.(However thats my thoughts, am just a random guy on the silverforum...)

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A couple years ago I thought it would be a good idea to start adding platinum to the stack. I bought 1/4 ounce platinum eagle, then realized at those prices I was going to have to choose between buying gold or platinum. And I wasn't going to stop buying gold so I had to cancel platinum. 

I waited until platinum's spot price went up to where I could at least break even, then I unloaded that one coin and got another gold coin. Haven't changed my thinking at all since then.

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I’m still very much an amateur stacker but PLT has definitely caught my eye. Historically from what I can tell platinum has always been higher than gold. IMHO this dip in platinum is a great opportunity to come out on top in a few years. 
Then again, we’re all just trying to predict the future and hope for the best, lol. Well I just picked up 2oz of PLT at SD Bullion for $890 each, hard not to roll the dice on that, especially if it does bounce back above gold in a few years (fingers crossed). 

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I give Platinum the same respect as gold and still believe it is grossly underpriced by comparison.
Just checking around today the prices of one ounce bullion coins, I am amazed at the spread from €876 to €1750.
I cannot see why there should be so much difference.
I paid almost the same price for a Platinum 2020 Eagle as a Britannia a few months ago but there is now a significant difference in price so is this temporary or just speculative on the part of the dealers ?

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I'm still buying units in my Platinum ETF at the current prices.  I will keep buying while it's below £700 per ounce.  I will re-assess once it goes above that.

I've stopped buying silver and gold ETF units at the moment as I think the bounce has already happened for silver, and I'm not as convinced about the gold price at these levels.  I think gold is more likely to tread water for a while than it is to go up another 10%.  

I'm not looking to buy any more physical platinum unless I can get my hands on a 2020 Royal Arms 1oz for a sensible price.

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I'm new to precious metals and certainly have a lot to learn but it seems like platinum has a lot going for it. The stock to flow looks favourable. It's historically cheap in relation to other precious metals. The production seems very concentrated, so any issues or strikes at the mines could see the price spike very suddenly. There is probably a safety net with how low the price can go with such a sizeable chunk of the total yearly supply coming from recycling. If it gets too low, the recycling will no longer be profitable and cease, that lack of supply should then be reflected in the price.

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I agree.  I bought some more in the ETF at about £665 a few weeks ago.  I'm not looking to add to this holding for the moment (unless the price goes back down below £700) and will put the next ETF money into gold if it remains in the £1400-£1420 range when I have the money to invest!

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