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Stencil Making (Solved - Come Look And See) Britannia Logo on Universal Coin Box

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I want to make a Britannia Stencil and use as a template for spray paint.

If I find a picture off the web, whats the next step as opposed to just printing it on paper.

It'll only be used once so would paper be good enough? Will be spraying paint onto wood.

I've seen some on a site which are slightly too big + they want nearly £20 for it.

I also got a quote from a custom stencil company. £40 they wanted 😮

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Ideally you load a photo on to a CO2 laser printer and cut a sheet of plastic.
You can enlarge a high res. image and print on to paper and carefully cut out the profile with a scalpel.
Ideally you need to stick the stencil to the wood.
Any tiny gaps means the spray paint will get underneath and give a smudged look rather than clean edges.
Try strips of double sided tape covering all the paper before you cut it.

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Well I had a member on here contact me after posting this thread. @Rincewind2016 was very helpfull and luckily is quite skilled when it comes to Stencil making.

I sent him the template I was after and what sizes I required.

I've had a go using it on the box with ok results. Im not the best when it comes to art 😁

First off, the plain box bought from @morezone



Then I positioned the Stencil like so...



I bought a Gold Spray paint as that seems to be the colour of choice when it comes to coin box presentation. It does stand out pretty well IMO...



My next job is to let it sit for 24 hours. Give it a very light sand using 500-700 grit sandpaper, then to give a couple of coats of clear lacquer.

There is some slight paint bleed on the shield, but I'm hoping the sanding will remove most of it.


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