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Gold Monitoring Thread £ GBP only

Message added by ChrisSilver

This topic is to discuss price action in GBP, to discuss price action in $ USD, please see this topic: https://thesilverforum.com/topic/19962-gold-monitoring-thread-usd-only/


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13 hours ago, ZRPMs said:

Please don't get me wrong. I'm all in with metals. My only concern is I've overheard several random conversations now at the supermarket. Petrol station forecourt, builders merchants even whilst I was fishing, a couple came by walking the dog, all talking gold. What's the saying. "When the shoeshine boy starts giving you stock tips, run".

Interesting post and would definitely be concerned if everyone else was reporting the same but looks like we're OK for now. I think I'd adapt that quote to say when you're seeing it mentioned in the media (mainstream and/or social) then that's when to panic (/sell so you can buy the inevitable dip in 6 months time).

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5 minutes ago, AuricGoldfinger said:

Shares are down, golds up. Im not all in on anything and I know with Gold around an ATH it’s the current favourite but realistically diversification is the key. My shares have took a hit, my gold is offsetting that hit and doing it’s job and the portfolio stays balanced, we are in a time where just not losing your shirt is a start. When the rubble clears that’s when there can be a fortune to be made but we are a way off that yet.

At the moment i think we have the perfect storm for gold to go up further and other asset classes to fall further. Doesn’t mean one should liquidate one for the other, just hold tight and keep moving in the right direction. Taking profits is never a bad thing either though especially when something is the highest price in history, all depends on where that money goes.

The price of gold never has and never will go up in a straight line and daily or even weekly predictions are pointless (yet entertaining at least). I don’t think it’s over yet, and as many say in a year, 2 years, 5 years time will £20 above or below the current spot price really matter?

Prediction for the week? It will definitely go up or down, that I’m positive about!

One of the most sensible and balanced posts I’ve seen on here for months 😊😅

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1 minute ago, Midasfrog said:

Seems to be leveling off each weekend expecting a peak this weekend at £1610 , hopefully a few quid off during the next week 😆


You still banging that drum 😆 

I like to buy the pre-dip dip

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