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closed Dday Release Silverstan Creations All .999 Fine Silver BU

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So Ive invested into a New Project and hope people like them 
We have a DDAY presentation 2019 Britannia and American Silver Eagle 2019
Both BU .999 Fine Silver 

There are 2 varietys of each coin.

Britannia - Gold Plated - Individually Numbered Packaging.
Britannia - Light Colour - Individually Numbered Packaging.

American Silver Eagle - Gold Plated - Individually Numbered packaging.
American Silver Eagle - Light Colour - Individually Numbered packaging.

Maximum Mintage is 250 of each coin.

They will come in a quadrum capsule with outer sleeve COA and artwork as you can see. 

This is a fully Licenced product which in basic terms I have bought the Image rites to use on merchandise.
The image in my opinion was the best quality and captured the landing very well with so much going on.
It was the US led invasion on Omaha Beach in Normandy France. 

It was the largest invasion ever assembled, before or since, landed 156,000 Allied troops by sea and air on five beachheads in Normandy, France.

D-Day was the start of Allied operations which would ultimately liberate Western Europe, defeat Nazi Germany and end the Second World War.

This project is my first real life themed coin, Ive been working on it for months. 
I am the only person selling this release.

If youd like one please let me know which type  BrtG BrtC ASEG ASEC

Colour ASE Britannia  £29.99 
Gold   ASE Britannia  £33.99
Please add your choice of postage.  I will ship Internationally at cost pm me for a quote Thanks.

Im also taking applications for trade sales minimum order 5 of each please message me for Prices.

The work has been outsourced and I have paid for them just the wait Im told around 15/5/2019
Which should fall in line for the 75th Aniversary in June.  

Thanks in advance for your support and please share 
I will offer Numbers from 5 Onwards 69 has gone. I will only offer this if a deposit is made Thank You
And numbers first come first served.  And I always regret offering this but I know its important to some people so If I can do it I will. 






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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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