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Having a COA number 0001 silver set asking price difference


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I have the Westministers 2018 3 coin wedding set and the COA is 0001 of 1500. Anyone know the difference/markup in asking price from a COA of 0002-1500? Original price is 85 pounds and the series has sold out.  Thanks

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The link is no longer working. The three coin set is no longer on sale through that website.

They managed to sell 1500 sets?

i find that hard to believe, but anyway.

The impression i get from members on this website about these 'Royal Wedding' offers is we don't like them. The Royal Mint will produce various celebratory coins - they rarely do well in the long run. They end up being sold for little over spot price.

A COA from the Westminster people is next to worthless - i could make up sets of something, put them in a fancy box and create COA's. This is what Westminster is doing.You might find a buyer who is impressed but you won't find the hard nosed crowd here impressed.

i may appear a bit harsh but that is the reality. Personally if i could off load the set at cost or even better a profit i would do and then reinvest in something that will appreciate.

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Totally agree with the above , first off let me say I don't know the set but knowing how Westminster operate  the coins in your set will not be a mintage of 1500  and would have undoubtedly been substantially cheaper to buy separately from other sources .  The 1500 as said only applies to the aftermarket box they have stuck them so adds no value to any serious collector.

At least with the COA no 1 you might be able to find a sucker on eBay to make your money back , if you can , take it and run.

They are very clever at what they do  , while what they advertise is true and not telling any lies , it's very misleading . They do countless different packagings of coins to make them appear rarer than what they actually are .

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IMO  a COA should be like a scratch card,  unkown till scratched off, at the moment sellers have the option to just open all their boxes and can hold back or up the price a low COA. Check out below they are selling coins with individual COA,  the Perth and Royal mint at the absolute minimum should make the boxes tamper proof. 


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Time will tell. is my input into this.

It might carry a premium down the line. As of now it seems not to. But somethings that have been unpopular suddenly become very popular. Hold onto that if you can or sell it if you have to. The choice is all yours. But it I had it, I would keep it.


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