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Firstly, i've shed a fair bit of Gold weight lately to make way for a very special purchase and I would like to extend thanks to all the forum members who purchased coins from me to make it possible.

What a coin.... 🤗😍 1853 Proof, nothing much more to say but wow!  I suspect many don't even know this rarity even exists, very very few in existence now.  Pictures (especially from phon

Got myself the new 2021 Gold 1 oz Britannia!  

Posted Images

40 minutes ago, Tn21 said:

First ever auction win, paid slightly more then I maybe should have but at £380 delivered still not bad. Mainly purchased due it being the 2016 gold standard coin first version to come out. 

I have the 18,19,20 gold standard coin versions.   

I bought some 2020 ones off you last year - my favourite gold coins. :)

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1 hour ago, Tn21 said:

First ever auction win, paid slightly more then I maybe should have but at £380 delivered still not bad. Mainly purchased due it being the 2016 gold standard coin first version to come out. 

I have the 18,19,20 gold standard coin versions.   



I wanted to do a date run with them but due to the 17s never being made I didn't bother 

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8 hours ago, PapaLazarou said:
2009 RAM 3-Coin Silver Proof "Artists" Set
This set, comprising "pad-printed" coloured versions of the 2007-09 Skippies, represents the Royal Australian Mint's only deviation into the world of felt-tip silver roos. The many other examples on the market are all third-party offerings, predominantly on the part of Downies. 
Reg Mombassa, Ken Done and family favourite Rolf "Can You Guess Where I Am Now" Harris were the three contributing daubers.
In keeping with coloured Maples, Eagles  and the gilded Brits and Roos, I had always thought this set would be BU, so their being proof quality was a pleasing bonus.
I do not like coloured coins, in fact I positively dislike them. I bought this set purely because they are official members of the collection and I am a certified RAM roo-whore. Not being as garish as most coins of their ilk, I had convinced myself that my compromise - although weak and hypocritical - was, nevertheless, acceptable. Upon receipt I was embarrassingly satisfied with my decision and find the trio to be really rather pleasing. 
The proof surrounds set off well the coloured insets, while the privy-like tiny kangaroos suggest a hint of humour -  this mint is known for not succumbing to that particular pursuit of Mammon.  
The condition is truly exceptional and once again illustrates the vastly superior techniques employed compared with the likes of the RM and the RCM, both now synonymous with the apparently obligatory risks of scratching, milking, spotting and hazing to accompany damaged capsules and shabby packaging. This set even come with their own miniature metal easels - a marked upgrade on the plastic cereal-box gifts generally available.
My collection of ag Skippies is now complete for 1993-2020, weighing in at a healthy 72ozt (2.2kg) - including the 2018 Anniversary 3oz Roobar and 5oz Gilded masterpiece.
The two 2021 Kangaroos have now been released - but I am in little hurry to buy at their customary exploitative issue prices.
I wish to offer my thanks to all those who have offered me their encouragement in compiling this ongoing chef-d'oeuvre, and in particular@trp@jultorsk@CoinStruck@CadmiumGreenand@MancunianStackerfor all their help, assistance and advice.


Artists Roos Rolf.jpg

Artists Roos Mombassa.jpg

Artists Roos Ken Done.jpg





Artists Roos Easels.jpg

Artists Roos Obv.jpg

Artists Roos Privy.jpg

Artists Roos 999.jpg

Artists Roos Box.jpg

These look great 👌 

Decus et tutamen (an ornament and a safeguard)

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5OjxoCIsDbMgx7MM_l4CmA

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1 hour ago, MaxeBaumann said:

Beautiful and rare coins arrived last week. The joy was very great and I love these pieces more than anything. All the best to you.

Greetings from Maxe

Bild-Url: https://up.picr.de/40616823re.jpg

Bild-Url: https://up.picr.de/40616822de.jpg

Bild-Url: https://up.picr.de/40616826rt.jpg

Bild-Url: https://up.picr.de/40616824ll.jpg

Bild-Url: https://up.picr.de/40616825ml.jpg

Bild-Url: https://up.picr.de/40616828yf.jpg

Bild-Url: https://up.picr.de/40616818xh.jpg

Bild-Url: https://up.picr.de/40616820qd.jpg

Bild-Url: https://up.picr.de/40616827gt.jpg

Wow! These are stunning Maxe. Thanks for sharing.

Edited by Bluegeo
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