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59 minutes ago, PapaLazarou said:
RAM 2007 Gilded Silver 1oz Kangerolf
With a mintage of just 5525, this souvenir of Australia's favourite paedophile has had a rather volatile price history since it was first issued by the Royal Australian Mint. After steady rises in its value, a picture of "Can you guess what it is yet?" turbulence developed following the prosecution in 2014 of the avuncular TV Ozzie.
The wannabe vet was found guilty of serious crimes against art, music, song-writing and comedy. Prices tumbled across the numismatic world except in Germany - where it has long been established that none of these four concepts have been understood for over a hundred years. On the contrary, many serious criminals have become cult figures in the Teutonic culture and this coin has achieved an almost cultish (sic) following in Saxony, the current mid-construction gulag capital of Europe. Rumours of continuous looping playbacks of "Two Little Boys" are being investigated by Amnesty International.
Many thanks to @CoinStruck for arranging delivery of this addition to my collection.







2007 Gilded Roo Rev.jpg

2007 Gilded Roo Obv.jpg

2007 Gilded Roo Joey.jpg

2007 Gilded Roo ABE.jpg

2007 Gilded Roo 1Oz $1.jpg

2007 Gilded Roo Box.jpg

Very nice coins but I’m curious why I keep being ‘tagged/mentioned’ in your posts.

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Firstly, i've shed a fair bit of Gold weight lately to make way for a very special purchase and I would like to extend thanks to all the forum members who purchased coins from me to make it possible.

What a coin.... 🤗😍 1853 Proof, nothing much more to say but wow!  I suspect many don't even know this rarity even exists, very very few in existence now.  Pictures (especially from phon

Got myself the new 2021 Gold 1 oz Britannia!  

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On 19/01/2021 at 07:57, CoinStruck said:

Here is the 1923 South African mint proof sovereign, this one graded PF65 by PCGS. Mintage of only 655 coins. 

I have been on the lookout for one of these for a while now. Thanks Eric @drakesterlingfor this one, I will be keeping this a core part of my proof sovereign collection. 







Fantastic pick-up, fantastic grade.  This 1923 year date South Africa Sovereign is so difficult to find. Only 2 Graded higher by PCGS and a very small population overall.  Congratulations 👍


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8 hours ago, richatthecroft said:

Thanks to @SilverMike for providing the opportunity for me to acquire another iconic Sovereign Set, less than a week after my last. 😀 

This time the 1989.😍



This NGC graded four coin set compliments my existing three coin 1989 Proof Set and 1989 Brilliant Uncirculated 5 Pound Sovereign👍




Simply stunning, Richard. You’ve picked up a great deal of beautiful coins recently👍👍👍👍

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56 minutes ago, Artictim said:

Simply stunning, Richard. You’ve picked up a great deal of beautiful coins recently👍👍👍👍

Thanks Tim👍.  In terms of a great deal of iconic coin sets, four in six weeks is certainly not going to be repeated anytime soon!  And my 1937 Set wasn't a 'great deal' in terms of price, but no more than its market value in terms of its lovely condition 😀

In terms of the 1989 Set, I feel extremely fortunate that this Set @SilverMike offered,  at such a competitive price, hung around for long enough in the Sales section for me to raise the funds to buy it.  I considered it a 'great deal' 👍 

I think perhaps, it hung around due to three of the coins being graded 69 and there appears to be an apparent aversion to this grade 🤷‍♂️.  

I've always found 69's extremely pleasurable (no salacious pun intended) 🤣  

My thoughts are that for years to come and not unlike the 1937 year date, the 1989 will always be on many Sovereign collectors list to acquire.   Perhaps a little easier to buy due to mintage and particularly, preservation that was not afforded to the 1937, that caused the Sovereigns to rattle around and clang together, in its itchy and scratchy velvet lined leatherette case.   

I'm not convinced that in a decade or two, there would be the same apparent hesitancy in a collector purchasing a slightly less than 'perfect' 1989 Set.    

Edited by richatthecroft
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48 minutes ago, richatthecroft said:

In terms of the 1989 Set, I feel extremely fortunate that this Set @SilverMike offered 

Very welcome :) 

50 minutes ago, richatthecroft said:

I'm not convinced that in a decade or two, there would be the same apparent hesitancy in a collector purchasing a slightly less than 'perfect' 1989 Set.    

Couldn't agree more, I wish I could get some of my older proofs above a 63/64 etc never mind a 69! 

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