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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Silver forum members, I would like to say hello and introduce myself. Im Dutch silver stacker, Im collecting and stacking coins now since 6 years been an active member on facebook buying and selling in UK, Dutch and German groeps. Also i have a Dutch spoken Youtube channel since little over a year now. What i collect is a bit of everything from gold to silver from small to big and also from all over the world. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask! Lets all have a lot of fun stacking and collecting! With kind regards, Dutch Silver St
  2. Trying to do a poll but it's not letting me... hope this will fix it So the title says it all, I want to do a giveaway for my subscribers, to help promote my channel. Wanna do something in the 200-250$ range so I am thinking about 10 oz silver bar or 1/10th oz gold coin If you have suggestions I am all ears (eyes?)
  3. How does the Forum feel about the sustained online attack of free speech by the internet giants? Youtube are now effectively shadow-banning any independent news outlets that do not conform to corporate media narratives. Any channel that produces 'borderline content', as deemed so by Googletube, will be targeted for digital isolation. They've already had several recent crackdowns after tightening fair use conditions: purging 'extremist' channels completely; deleting videos they or someone else has deemed offensive; restricting channel functions for minor and highly debatable infr
  4. I am looking for pourers of Silver Bullion to feature in my "pourers section " on You Tube. I have been emailing all my contacts and new ones that were recommended to me. If anyone knows a pourer that I have NOT featured yet can you ask them to get in touch please.
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