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Found 6 results

  1. Hi folks I found this forum through spegtacular a you tube stacked. I hope to see great items. And learn a few tips to grow my collection.
  2. Hello Everyone, After selling my stack in 2012, I always wanted to get back into this addictive hobby! WOW! has the market changed. Never thought the day would come when you couldn't buy as much silver as you wanted at a fair market price. It's a new world and I have alot to learn. Regards, ED from the US
  3. Hello, Thanking @Spanishsilver for directing me to this great forum... I recently started stacking silver on my 21st birthday, about a month ago. Being a typical 21 year old I find it fairly hard to save money, so I decided to start converting my money to precious metals to use it as a “Savings account”. Living in the UK all silver had a 20% tax thrown on it , after collecting 20 ounces I thought it may be a good idea to diversify and start buying some gold also. I have just made my first purchase of a 1/10th Golden Maple, I like to spend monthly once payday comes. My question is what are the best smaller gold coins/bars to buy, as I do not have the £1200 to throw at an ounce of gold, so I think I’ll be focusing more on the fractional! Thank you for reading, I appreciate any feedback!
  4. Hi guys, I'm new here so would just like to introduce myself, my name is James I'm from Manchester UK, I have recently started stacking silver as a way to save for my daughter's 21st who is currently 1 years old so for the next 20 years, my budget for silver is around about £100 per month, may increase in the future, I'm currently paying between £20 and £22 per ounce, but as a noobie I'm not sure if that is acceptable, any advice or tips you guys can give would be much appreciated.
  5. This forum seems very male dominated, from what i can gather that reflects stacking in general. Why is that? Why don't more women stack? Why do men stack? What does it say about us? If life is an illusion is silver even real? Where's Jordan Petersen when you need him? There's a thesis in there for someone
  6. Hello all, Can't say enough about how resourceful this forum and it's sister youtube channels have been so far. In a 45 months, I have gone from nothing to 500 Oz of mix and match - gold Britannias, Silver Britannias, Silver bars, Canadian Maples, American Eagles, Philharmonics, Maple Superman, Silver 30g Pandas, Queen's Beasts (2Oz and 10 Oz) - paid ridiculous premium for Lions and I am so ashamed to even share here 😄 Going forward I would like to learn from you and share about my pit falls with fellow newbies. I am from London, anymore active Londoners here? Also, what's the best place to buy Silver and Gold in Europe? I figured out goldsilver.be have great prices for most of the products if not all. Best, LS
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