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  1. We Don’t Just Sell Coins, We Know Coins With over 50 years in the coin and bullion trade, we really do know our stuff, although we learn new things every day! All of our team are trained in identifying fakes, grading coins and buying and selling all coins, bullion and jewellery. We guarantee that every time you telephone Chard your call will be answered in-house by a trained member of staff - and if you should happen to get a trainee they will let you know and ask if you are happy to be a part of their learning journey. Inform, Educate and Inspire We would love to say that
  2. Hi All, thoughts on your favourite kilo coins? Also, with the low mintages of a lot of kilo coins out there vs kilo bars are coins better long term and worth the premiums?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm trying to source authentic Pieces of Eight, does anyone know of any reputable UK dealers that might have such a coin as the 8 Reales or does anyone on the forum have a coin the would be willing to sell. Cheers, G
  4. Hi all completely new to gold and silver stacking I have purchased a job lot of 92.5 silver threepences. 4 1926 threepences 41933 threepences 1 oz Mexican 999 silver libertad And a I g gold bar I'm confused as to what constitutes good value I'm stacking as a hedge against inflation please help Sooooo confusing lol
  5. Thought it'd be interesting to get a look at some of the different types of hand poured / hand crafted silver out there besides your usual bars. Maybe there's a niche in the market here in the UK for someone to do this, especially with the advent of 3D printers. You could get a little 1 or 2 oz figurine of yourself or other personalised keepsakes? Sure it's a small market but diversifying down that road could appeal to more than just offering bars. Here are some oddities I stumbled across (Bison Bullion in the US seems to be doing a bit of this)
  6. Join me at 1 for a World first showcasing ALL of the Germania Fafnir coins. From BU, to the very NEW limited 500 Golden set of 1oz coins. Thank you.
  7. Greetings all! I just wanted to share an idea I had recently while I was contemplating plans for Christmas. As part of the festivities, I usually get a couple of bags the gold and silver foil-covered chocolate coins for my children as standard stocking fillers. However, this year I thought it would be a bit of a fun to slip a real silver Britannia into each bag as part of the gift, so that they eventually happen across it while they work their way through the packet. There are several motivations for this: I would be curious to see their reaction (i.e. joy at having real s
  8. I hope you enjoy another coin Review. More to come and I will keep you informed about anything that might be related. Thank you all for your support.
  9. Hi, new member here. It started off with me adding a few Silver coins to my investments as I was enjoying the buzz- it’s quickly grown into an obsession! I’m looking to spend about £10,000 over the next couple of months as I’m not confident in the outlook for stocks over the coming year. Hoping to learn from the community, get involved, and get the best bang for my bucks!
  10. Hello all, new member. Anyways let's get into my discussion/questions. Has anybody else noticed the inconsistent testing of a silver eagle when using the Sigma Pro. Many of my Eagles show up in the yellow which indicates caution and to use the measuring feature to further verify. The coins check out after measuring but I was wondering how the purity on one of these coins would look with a more advanced device? I went to the Sigma site and they have links to their unlisted youtube videos which offer different demonstrations on how to use the device, one of those videos titled "Working with
  11. Hi guys, As the silver bull runs starts to take shape and the time comes whenever that may be to exit and take profits. Where would you shift your capital to? Also, what if we are mid hyper inflation? I guess what Im trying to ask is at what point would you exit and where would you ideally place your wealth?? Cheers.
  12. Hello everyone, Have decided to join this site as I have seen it come up on numerous searches and I’ve see it being mentioned by some sellers on online marketplaces like eBay. I’m interested in bullion, mainly, as have seen it mentioned several times as a ‘hedge against inflation’, but like most people, I am also worried about getting ripped-off by scams or fakes. I hope to be of some use here and hope to make some friends and pick up one or two tips from the more established members. “Up, up and away!” 😎👍🏽
  13. I’m hoping someone can identify this silver hallmark. Thank so much.
  14. Hello Precious People, Decided to join this forum after several recommendations. Took me some time to introduce myself so here we go I started to collect coins when i was 10 years old. That was my first introduction to silver. Since then i been obsessed to better understand the definition of "value" Gold and Silver Stacker that currently run the Youtube Channel "European Stacker" (link) with the aim to grow the European Stacking Education Community Online (feel free to subscribe to join me) Also founder of a community with over 1000 members in Sweden to teach first buyers
  15. Hi All, This could apply to any series but with the Queens Beast begin one of if not the most popular of them all right now was wondering what people's plans/strategies were for these and coin series in general Thanks
  16. Are the 2020 1/10oz silver Britannias new or have they been produced in other years? (I'm referring to bullion) They are mentioned on the Royal Mint website but does anyone know how many are made or what price they are from dealers?
  17. Does anyone know anything about the Baird 1oz silver Lunar series? Specifically, was it abandoned mid-series? I have seen the Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat but no others. Presumably these cover 2010-2015. There is no further information on their website.
  18. Has anybody had dealings with @InvestInCoins888 ? I paid for an order and received confirmation of my purchase on 24th May and have emailed two separate email addresses and phoned, but have had no reply. Now the website says 'Coming soon' Any info would be appreciated!
  19. Hello everyone. International Stacker turned me onto this site. I just started stacking silver. Starting with 1oz bars from mints and once burned on eBay and I just got my first silver coin. Walking Liberty. I got into this because of gold prospecting. Got to have the shiny 😃
  20. Hey there, new to the forum and relatively new to stacking too. Looking forward to getting to know you guys and learning from you all.
  21. NZ Post and Metal Market Europe are pleased to announce a release of a first ever silver bullion coin with New Zealand denomination. The 1oz silver bullion coin features an extinct New Zealand animal: Chatham Island Crested Penguin. In 2019, an international team of researchers extracted mitochondrial DNA from subfossil bones discovered in sand dunes on the Chatham Islands. This research confirmed that until a few centuries ago a unique crested penguin species, Eudyptes warhami, existed on the Chatham Islands. Crested penguins of the genus Eudyptes are black and white with yel
  22. Hello everyone I thought to share a recent experience with you all to make you aware off what to expect when making purchases from the U.S of A. So I decided to purchase a silver coin from the USMint As recent as last night, I thought I’d try a silver proof American Silver Eagle ( standard US Coin from the said Mint) it was a little more than I expected to pay however I thought in the scheme of things let’s give it run for the sake of experience say. the cost of the exercise is thus...... in dollars coin.. 64.50 shipping & handling..20.85 ( yes nearly one third the
  23. Hello everyone I'm new to the silver forum, just wanted to introduce myself glad to be here. Love the fact that spot prices are rising like crazy.
  24. Hi guys I am a massive fan of spreadsheets and tracking things ( I understand for some people the less there is on paper about their stack the better) , so for those who are also into that stuff I have a sample template to share . I use this to track my stack atm and I also have a version that is used on my personal finance spreadsheet (which I can also share later). This sheet uses Google sheets + Forms . Majority of the data entry is done via google forms and only 4 or so things need to be done on the sheet itslef. Link to folder : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders
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