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Found 26 results

  1. Hello from another novice here joining the forum, and dipping a toe into the world of stacking. Following on from reading into a few of the forum topics, I felt happy enough to purchase two second hand silver Britannia coins last night - they were certainly at a premium but I wanted to get my hands on a few from an online trader (Atkinsons), and was happy to pay a wee bit extra to kick things off. I think as my confidence increases then I'll certainly look to upgrade my membership and delve into purchasing from other members of the forum. Definitely feeling a bit of excitement to get started! Cheers
  2. Hi All, Newbie to the forum and silver here. Listening, learning, little bit of stacking but more collecting for the long term (hence my screen name 😏) Cheers, Nana
  3. Hello! Since COVID I’ve had to rethink my direction in life and since I have a love for both jewelry and antiques, I thought I’d try my hand at buying and selling unique vintage to antique jewelry. I came across your site while doing some research. I’m excited to have another resource and am more than happy to lend a hand here with anything that I can. Thank you for the opportunity to connect!!!😊
  4. Hows everyone doing
  5. Hello, I’m new to Stacking/Collecting Silver and or other coins and precious metals so I thought I’d ask TheSilverForum’s collective minds and try to gain a fraction of your knowledge in this particular area. Any tips and or advice welcome to get me started. Thank you 😃 McDougall
  6. Hi everyone, What with the pandemic and everything, I bought some precious metals, just in case... and only afterwards discovered that I'd accidenatlly become a stacker!! I'm totally new to all of this but it's been three weeks since the first parcel arrived, and I'm totally hooked. ...Although I'm not sure if turning the coins over and over looking at each one in turn again and again, and watching the metal twinkle in the light is entirely healthy... I feel a bit like Gollum....."My precious!!" Looking forward to learning more. Cheers
  7. Hi there! Jsm515 here. Semi-newish to buying silver - did for a bit back in 2010, Just now getting back into it. Looking forward to the journey!
  8. Hi, I have only recently got into collecting silver coins, i have been watching backyard bullion on you tube and others to further my knowledge on the subject. I'm interested in learning more about silver coins, i am also interested in silver bars. The coins i have collected are quite varied at the moment, but my favourite is the Mount Rushmore coin that my wife bought me, see pics below. Would love to get into gold, but it's a bit expensive for me at the moment lol Jim
  9. Hi everybody, Just thought I’d introduce myself to the forum. I’m new to stacking/collecting and have bought my first few pieces of silver this past month. I’ve spent countless hours doing my research and visiting every bullion/coins website I could find. I thought it was time to join the forum to learn more and talk to people with more knowledge than me. I’m still finding out what I like most and want to stack/collect. I look forward to becoming part of the community. Thanks
  10. Hello to all, I'm another newbie from the u.k interested in getting to know more about stacking and collecting silver. Hoping to learn and possibly find some friends here.
  11. Hi. I am living in Vienna and have always thought about investing in gold and silver and this is the first step to join this forum and learn as much as I can.
  12. Hi Everyone. Deciding to invest in Gold and Silver I took the plunge and bought one silver Philharmonic coin from the Austrian Coin and Mint. Laughable I know as one coin is not exactly going to change the world but I wanted to cautiously check it all out. When I got home and worked through the invoice It left me scratching my head! With the daily Silver price being 16.33 euro per ounce my 1 ounce Philharmonic Coin cost me 23.90 which is a huge difference! Over a 45% entry cost. Am I missing something here? did I buy it at the wrong place? Or did they not like the look of me! I want to invest for the long term and am not interested in what happens short term but nevertheless that is a high cost of entry. Does anyone have any advice?
  13. Hello, I am relatively new to the world of precious metals. I only began learning about the financial world and the truth of currency and central banking last July. I was introduced to it by Mike Maloney's documentary: The Hidden Secrets of money. Ever since I have been down the rabbit hole. Since then I have focused most of my budgeted disposable income on attaining hard assets, including supplies and metals. I have relatively little gold or platinum, and have been speculating on silver as a hedge against the coming currency collapse. I live almost exclusively on cheap plant based foods and limit my expenditures as much as I can.
  14. Howdy All! New member here from Japan. Looking forward to seeing what this forum has to offer!
  15. hi all I'm a newbie, who's about to start stacking. wanting to buy my first gold coin in the next few days. where from? and what should i buy? found this forum through backyard bullion on youtube. thanks Baz.
  16. Shwmai friends. Recently got into stacking. Massively inspired by back yard bullion and stacker noon UK. I'm also awful at saving real money so I thought it's a win win. Save some money and be able to actually hold my wealth whenever I choose. I have bought some pieces on ebay so far and five Britannia coins from the royal mint, although they were quite expensive so I'm looking forward to taking advantage of the group orders soon. I made a huge mistake on my third coin from ebay. It was a complete fake but we all love to learn. Dont worry I got my money back 🤣😂. Check out my little stack so far. I can't wait to join you all on this awesome journey. Diolch Aeddan 💪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
  17. Hello everyone. Silver stacking newbie from Kentucky here. I recently got bitten by the silver stacking bug after watching some guides on the subject by Guido Stackin roughly five months ago. Since then, I've been trying to absorb as much information on investing in PMs as possible. My starting strategy is going for bars and constitutional silver. I have dabbled in fractional rounds, but only to hit minimums and for fun. It's great to be here. I look forward to learning more from everyone here. Cheers!
  18. Hello everybody! Been here for some time but not actively, so decided to introduce myself. Name is Vladimir from Vladivostok, Russia. I guess i am more of a collector than stacker. Mostly medieval China, but recent Shanghai mint dragon dollar restrikes turned my attention to modern silver coins as well. I buy and sell coins for over 30 years by now & silver has always been very special to me. Hope to be useful here.
  19. Hello all! I'm from Michigan, United States. Just recently got into the stacking and collecting communities. Only just began my stack with a 2017 Canadian Maple Leaf and a 1994 Silver Eagle. (Along with minor junk silver) I'm also currently in the process of collecting every circulated coin from 1994. I've got a spreadsheet going and I chugging along, making a small dent! Very much looking forward to my future coin collecting. Have a wonderful evening, TripleStacker
  20. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie collector and investor and stumbled upon this forum whilst doing research on how to invest in gold and silver. Looking forward to learning from the pooled experience of all the members. Hope you all have a wonderful evening! Best regards, Alex
  21. Hello, I have been watching @Numistacker videos closely and have been meaning to start an account and see the silver forum for myself. I have been a collector of gold coins for over 6 years and have built quite a collection. I would love to be directed to peoples favourite Topics so i can start reading some interesting content (I only collect gold ) Thanks in advance, TheGoldAngel
  22. Hi everyone, I am new here and am looking to start a Silver and Gold stack but starting with Silver for now. Hoping to pick up some tips and share in the knowledge and grow with the community.
  23. Hello all, Can't say enough about how resourceful this forum and it's sister youtube channels have been so far. In a 45 months, I have gone from nothing to 500 Oz of mix and match - gold Britannias, Silver Britannias, Silver bars, Canadian Maples, American Eagles, Philharmonics, Maple Superman, Silver 30g Pandas, Queen's Beasts (2Oz and 10 Oz) - paid ridiculous premium for Lions and I am so ashamed to even share here 😄 Going forward I would like to learn from you and share about my pit falls with fellow newbies. I am from London, anymore active Londoners here? Also, what's the best place to buy Silver and Gold in Europe? I figured out goldsilver.be have great prices for most of the products if not all. Best, LS
  24. Hello there to all fellow silversmiths! My name is Ty and I am pouring silver here in the pines of Georgia. I am grateful to be part of this forum. I am an amature just learning and I am hooked for sure. I have been working on purification methods and electrolytic cells. After much blood sweat and tears :) , I am staring my art bars with .999 now and I am amazed by the difference! Thank you for helping me to learn, Backyard Bullion, Mrzeke and Hiho at Bunker Bullion. Fine folks doing great works. i hope to put some videos up soon, for now I only have enough inventory to stock my auctions about once or twice a month. My page is Beggarstombsilvermine.com I look forward to participating on the forum and appreciate most kindly advise from fellow smiths. My highest Regards and Gratitude, Ty
  25. I recently started stacking a couple of months ago because I thought it would be nice to have a physical investment in something that has stood the test of time and can use in case of emergency. I am hoping to get along with everyone and have fun discussing on precious metal related topics.
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