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Found 14 results

  1. Dabbling for a while . Always looking for info and deals . started with constitutional from change now ..mixing it up with bullion and Foreign silver .
  2. Want 1oz silver coins please comment what you have and with a price, only uk sellers please
  3. Hi all I'm Robert and I’m new to collecting and stacking and I figure this will be a great place to learn.
  4. Hi I’m here to check it out! stack silver and collect silver coins hope everyone is well and staying safe! cheers
  5. Hello everyone I am new. I love 19th century us coins and odd denominations, and I want to get into stacking silver as well.
  6. My husband and I are excited about our new hobby. We’ve been researching and watching YouTube videos for the past year but have finally bought rolls to search. There’s so much to learn but we’re enjoying every part of it!
  7. Hello, Thanking @Spanishsilver for directing me to this great forum... I recently started stacking silver on my 21st birthday, about a month ago. Being a typical 21 year old I find it fairly hard to save money, so I decided to start converting my money to precious metals to use it as a “Savings account”. Living in the UK all silver had a 20% tax thrown on it , after collecting 20 ounces I thought it may be a good idea to diversify and start buying some gold also. I have just made my first purchase of a 1/10th Golden Maple, I like to spend monthly once payday comes. My question is what are the best smaller gold coins/bars to buy, as I do not have the £1200 to throw at an ounce of gold, so I think I’ll be focusing more on the fractional! Thank you for reading, I appreciate any feedback!
  8. It's been announced that the The Royal Mint will release a Queen coin next year, likely celebrating the 50th anniversary of the band being formed. We had our photographer make a mock image and we loved it too much not to share (obviously Queen Elizabeth II will be on the real coin!) The actual design will feature "a keyboard, drum, bass and electric guitar accompanied by a microphone and the inscription QUEEN.
  9. Hello, I have been watching @Numistacker videos closely and have been meaning to start an account and see the silver forum for myself. I have been a collector of gold coins for over 6 years and have built quite a collection. I would love to be directed to peoples favourite Topics so i can start reading some interesting content (I only collect gold ) Thanks in advance, TheGoldAngel
  10. Hello, my name is Kenny Jones. I'm a third generation coin collector from North Carolina and filled researcher for the Museum of Natural Science in Raleigh North Carolina. I'm still new and learning to the coin and banknote hobby and I'm always looking for helpful hits and advice regarding theses topics.
  11. Just a quick hello to all members, just getting started with stacking/collecting. Thought I’d pay my respects. Advice, help or ideas welcome. Thanks
  12. Hi everybody, I am from France, new to stacking and have acquired a full 2oz queens beast silver collection + a few other coins. i must admit I have watched all most every video on the Backyard Bulion channel I look forward to learning more about the precious metal world on this forum.
  13. Hi there all Im Matt New to the forum, some of you might know me from the Facebook groups be it silver or coins. I'm still getting used to the layout of this site, but from what I've seen so far has some useful features and very knowledgeable people willing to help. I can see a certain hand pourer on here is gonna make me very poor lol. Here to observe, listen, learn so I can expand my own knowledge and grow within the silver community. Thanks for reading
  14. Good Afternoon All! My name is James and I am from the UK, just outside of London (Moving into London in the next few months!) - I am a Watch Dealer and have been dealing for over a year now and work in the Jewellery & Watch Industry as my day time job. So I am quite used to the collecting mindset, assessing value of items and watching how the market plays and reacts to things. But my reason for starting with Silver is completely different to my buying and selling of watches and even my collecting of watches. For the past 2 years I've been doing my best to create some long term investments and have failed miserably, for short term investments and playing the speculation game I am already doing that with the watches. But for long term there aren't many watches I would want sitting in the safe for 20+ years so I can take out and sell, many factors for that beyond just value, service the watch in that time period and many other factors come to mind. So I've tried multiple different things, like just letting money sit in an account which is the worst for multiple factors, plus if the cash is there I like to spend it lol. So I started doing some research about 2 weeks ago and came across Silver & Gold Bullion, it made immediate sense to me and I found myself looking at how the market has changed for both and also Palladium and Platinum etc... Being in the Jewellery industry I already was aware of the value in precious metals and also knew about Bullion, but never looked into it as a form of investment for myself. So about a week of reading and watching videos went by and I decided I would begin very small! I am not rich, heck I'm 20 and investing the majority of my money back into stock for my business so I am left with very little at the end of each month. So for me starting with Silver made the most sense and buying coins, when I read they are free from Capital Gains TAX I was immediately going to stick to coins lol. I purchased only 2 coins to begin with from Gold.co.uk, a 1oz 2018 Silver Britannia and a 1oz 2018 Silver Maple, I plan on buying 5 Silver Coins in one go next and I am currently looking all around on where is the best place to do so and how to get the best value, hence why I have made this account and plan to search these forums! (If you love talking Silver and would like to save me some time by either pointing me in the right direction or would like to talk me through it please do so!) My plan is to invest in Silver 1oz Coins until I have enough to sell them all and replace them with a 1oz Gold Coin, from what I can see Gold is definitely king and for the LONG term makes the most sense. Would love to know what you think of this plan? Thank you all very much for your time and reading! Look forward to meeting some of you and I have no doubt I'll probably meet some of you in London at some point during this long journey of buying Silver & Gold! Kind Regards, James
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