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Found 6 results

  1. What are your thoughts on hand poured silver? I've been a stacker for quite some time now. I got bored with coins so I started pouring my own products. Check out my page and please comment in this thread! Cheers!! https://www.rk-bullion.com/
  2. Having been priced out of gold at the mo, I have been thinking of changing strategy to under valued silver numismatics. I first thought of adding 90% thrupenny bits however theses have also rocketed from 50p to £3 each when I last checked. Ouch! Can anyone give me some tips of what to look out for which has the potential for impressive gains?
  3. Hi people. Very new to this, don't really have a huge amount of time to go through all of the forum threads, which to be honest, to a newcomer are quite overwhelming. So a couple of questions. Where are the best places to buy silver from? What is the best coins to invest in? Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks P.
  4. Hello Community, I am a very softspoken person by nature so I will keep this short. I am very new to coin & bullion collecting for investment purposes as well as the mental stimulation it offers. To date I have only been any in these types of persuits for a year. My hope and purpose for joining this forum is to be around like minded individuals who have wisdom to share and hopefully a little will trickle into my think skull. I will likely be very quiet for awhile until I get a good understanding on how discussions work here and I gain some proficiency in using the archival forum. I find it good form to navigate the landscape first. My ultimate goal is be an active member through mutual discovery, purchasing, selling and dialogue. Thank you.
  5. I'm weighing up the relative merits of the 1oz gold queens beast bull verses perth mint gold emu? Does anyone have an opinion on which might appreciate better and the practicalities or holding one over the other? I know some of the queens beast series in 1oz have done really well eg the lion and griffin whilst others such as the dragon havent made much gains.
  6. Very interesting link to 101 uses for silver in everyday life, hopefully making it more sought after as time goes on. http://www.silvercoins.com/uses-of-silver/ And missing from this list is this monster use, up to 16kg's of silver used in one Tomahawk cruise missile, we need a long war with the US firing a load of these. https://goldsilverbitcoin.com/251-million-tomahawk-missile-contract-will-require-silver/
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