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Found 102 results

  1. We Don’t Just Sell Coins, We Know Coins With over 50 years in the coin and bullion trade, we really do know our stuff, although we learn new things every day! All of our team are trained in identifying fakes, grading coins and buying and selling all coins, bullion and jewellery. We guarantee that every time you telephone Chard your call will be answered in-house by a trained member of staff - and if you should happen to get a trainee they will let you know and ask if you are happy to be a part of their learning journey. Inform, Educate and Inspire We would love to say that our motto is to "inform, educate and entertain” but unfortunately Lord Reith beat us to it at the BBC about 100 years ago, so our motto is “Inform, Educate and Inspire.” Our websites are about a 50 / 50 split of information pages and product pages. We prefer to give our customers good quality, impartial information and advice, to help them come to the best decision, rather than use pushy hype and salesmanship. In an industry where knowledge is key, we believe it is extremely important to be transparent, and we publish our premiums so they are there for all to see. We are happy to discuss our margins with anyone who asks and will not hide behind prices or complicated formulae. Over 50 Years In The Industry It’s hard to believe that we have now been in business in sunny Blackpool for over 50 years. We have seen precious metal prices fall and rise, VAT added to investment products and then removed, the United Kingdom join and (possibly) leave the EU and we have seen nine prime ministers! From our small beginnings, we have now developed into a multi-million-pound business, employing fifteen members of staff, serving customers all over the world and still working on the same basic principles. 2018 UK Bullion Dealer of the Year For the fourth year in a row, we have been voted the UK Bullion Dealer of the Year. We are proud of our Blackpool roots and are determined to go the extra mile - the Golden Mile! We're adding more items all the time to our website chards.co.uk. If there is something that you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01253 343081, email us at [email protected] or send @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer a message.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-latin-america-52733299 interesting article about BofE holding Venezuela’s gold, when fiat fails Gold rules! Certainly brings home the adage if you don’t possess it you don’t own it!!
  3. Decided to join the Silver Forum after watching some YouTube videos. I'm interested in learning more about silver coins from different countries and adding them to my collection. Also interested in silver bars.
  4. Hi all, have been on the silver forum for a while but never posted, Been stacking fo quite a few years. And looking to use this platform to add to my knowledge and Stack. ( PS I’m currently looking fo some 1g gold ingots or coins ) Regards
  5. Hello 👋🏼, When buying coins, bars and collectibles is there a general rule by Bullion dealers that products are sold with capsules or is it dependent on the Bullion dealer ? And where’s the best place to get additional capsules and storage options for Coins, Bars and collectibles. Any advice welcome and appreciated 🙂 Cheers McDougall
  6. Hi guys, so I’m potentially looking at investing into 25 gold sovs does anyone have any advice on where to buy in bulk? I did see chards have them at £340.33 each on a bulk purchase. is there any major advantage to go for sovs over brits? thanks for the help in advance!
  7. A very good evening from a sunny UK. I hope everyone is well and keeping safe during these uncertain times. Firstly, a bit about myself. I've always been into coin collecting since as far back as I can remember. Something about those intricate patterns and the history steeped in every coin. I still have many of my original coins, from old pre-decimal silver half crowns, florins, and shillings, to old coins from many other countries. My interest in silver was sparked in 2014, but I didn't start stacking until 2015. I managed to get a large amount of VAT free Bullion during the Dip in December 2015. My original aim was to make a Monster box and stop, things didn't go quite as planned, lol. Looking back, that was a nice bottom in the silver spot price though. I have since diversified in to other silver coins from the various mints of the world. Queens Beasts being the latest purchases. I'm primarily a stacker, but do occasionally sell coins as well. I enjoy learning. Currently reading geopolitics, finance, horology, and gardening. In these past few months, I've taken a sudden liking to silver bars. I've always been of the option that government issued bullion coins are the safest bet when it comes to holding any significant amounts of the shiny stuff. The premiums have shot through the roof in recent weeks, and its become almost impossible to find silver bars at the main bullion dealers. I'm sure, I won't stop thinking about them until I purchase some. An itch that must be scratched, lol. It has to be at the right price though. That's all for now... Have a Happy Bank Holiday Weekend. Regards Faiz
  8. Here's a sneak preview of a new product going live for pre-orders tomorrow morning. This is the first issue in a new 5 coin, high relief Vikings series from Poland Mint, "Eric Bloodaxe". It employs the now classic Poland Mint attributes; fantastic design, rimless with engraved serial, discreet gold gilding and a deep antique finish.
  9. I recently got a 1862 QV Gold Half Sovereign. Sydney Mint Type II i was wondering if this is has any value other than its gold value i have just got into gold collecting and if you can help me it will be appreciated. Cheers
  10. ASG


    Hello All Thanks for allowing me into your community. I have heard quite a bit after becoming a stacker a couple of years ago and watching the veterans of the community on YouTube. I'm happy to be here and look forward to learning, trading and stacking! Kindest Regards ASG
  11. Hello guys Despite trading i always like to collect. Thats how i started by collecting sovereigns . When i make some extra money , i try to buy coins that i like for my collection. I recently bought this high graded proof set of George V 12 coin. All coins are certified by PCGS in high grades. I hope you like it . The 5 pound is 64+CAM The 2 pound is 66DCAM The sovereign is 65DCAM The half 66DCAM
  12. So, after asking around and doing some more research I have decided to hold onto my cash for a while longer and continue saving until I can afford to start buying Gold coinage. I have been looking at Half Sovereigns and 1/10 Britannia. In some of the threads that I have been reading I see people reccomending Canadian Maple Leaf coins, Chinese Panda coins and others like them. Is there any reason for going for them over a Half Sovereign other than gold content. Does their year of manufactor and design add to their value? If so, then for a long term investment should I look to get coins based on their actual gold value or their gold value plus their design? Any specific coins that you would recommend? Just turned 18 and looking to create a investment for my future. Thanks and stay safe!
  13. So you want to get into buying precious metals and don’t know where to start. Here are a few things to consider. What metals to buy? - The gold:silver ratio changes with the prices of the precious metals. Silver is currently considered very under-valued and (at the current gold:silver ratio of 113) you can buy ~78 x Silver 1 oz Britannia coins for the cost of 1 x Gold 1 oz Britannia. Tax implications? - If you live in the UK, British coins are free of capital gains tax when you want to sell them but CGT is payable when selling bars. Gold coins and bars are also VAT free to buy. VAT is payable when buying silver. Where to buy? - Always use reputable bullion websites e.g. Bullion By Post or Silver To Go. Don’t buy on eBay unless you’re sure they are from a reputable seller with positive reviews. It has been known for some eBay sellers to sell genuine coins in the main but with the odd fake coin/bar that is only plated. If you are worried you’ve bought a fake coin there are ways you can put your mind at ease. The easiest of these is the ping test. This is where you balance a coin on your finger and tap it with another coin to hear the sound it makes. Where to store precious metals? - If you have space at home with good hiding places, consider investing in a safe that can be bolted to the wall or floor. The fewer people who know you have a) precious metals and b) a safe, the better. Thieves target safes so if you’re nervous you can buy fake gold bars on eBay to keep in your safe and stash the real metals elsewhere. If holding your metals at home is not appealing you can opt for the dealer you are buying from to store your coins/bullion securely in their vault. Storage may be free for the first 6 months then cost a small monthly fee. This also saves you delivery costs and is a good option if you are purely investing for profit. However, if you are also stacking coins/bullion as a collector it’s preferable to have them delivered so you can fully appreciate the weight, design and quality finish of your stack. In summary, investing in precious metals is a great way to diversify into a physical store of value with a scarce supply.
  14. Hi everyone, first post. New member saying hello! I´m looking to offload a number of my gold coins, mainly Britannia 1/10oz bullion and a few proofs to start off with. However I live in Spain so makes it a little complicated in the current situation. I could look to sell them all to a UK dealer once travel opens back up. Anyone know of dealers in Spain? Understand people probably won´t be keen on buying from a foreign seller and having it shipping to the UK. Thanks
  15. Hi all, My name is Jonathan and I have ventured over to the Silver Forum to delve deeper into the precious metals world. I began my investment portfolio in crypto currencies back in 2017 and have recently discovered a love for precious metals. I am looking to further diversify my portfolio over the coming years and hope to stack some metals to include as part of a healthy retirement fund. I am starting fairly small, aiming for a full set of the beautiful queens beasts! I also have a question for those who may be able to help. I am planning to buy some precious metals from 'bullion by post' in the next couple of days and I would like to know if anyone has had experience with this company? If anyone is willing to shed some light I will be happy to use their referral code which will allow you to receive 1oz Silver Britannia once I complete my order. With that being said it is great to be here alongside such knowledgeable people. Take care and stay safe out there!
  16. Hi everyone, I just joined the silver forum so this post is just to introduce myself and post my first item for sale. I started buying gold and silver bullion quite recently (around 6 months) and I come from a background in trading cryptocurrencies. Whilst I still hold BTC and ETH, I am also interested in investing in bullion. Some of it is for long term investment whilst some of it is for short term profit. I am offering for sale 1 oz Queens Beast in plastic capsule for £1530. Price includes special delivery by 1PM from Royal Mail (UK Mainland only please). Although I am new user here, I have been selling on ebay for a while so fell free check my ebay seller profile below. Payment via bank transfer, dispatched by 11AM. Collection is also possible from Brentford, London. Any questions, please feel free to contact me. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/eobostina1
  17. Hi Guys im new here just wanted to say i know im not the only one who has tried to convince stubborn family and friends why they need to get hold of some precious metals, but with the times we are in and the times to come ive decided that i needed to break it down very simply and give milk to the babies type of thing. I made this Video Animation which does just that please share with anyone you think will find it helpful! Thanks
  18. Gold as money since ancient time around 600 BC, and the gold standard was widely used in the 19th and earlier 20th century, unfortunately, most nations abandoned the gold standard as the basic of monetary. When I was a little boy, my mom told me a real-life story that my grandpa saved partial of his saving in the form of gold bars. My grandpa used his gold bars as collateral got the loan from the bank and bought a piece of land and built a big house in a big coast city where I grow up until I went to college. That was a young boy first time learned gold is money, when I grow up as an adult, I learn from history that gold can be a good hedge against currency inflation risk.
  19. These two have multiple uses, one relieves stress and can be thrown at someone, the other is a fridge magnet and bottle opener.
  20. Hi All, greetings. I am new here and also to the business of precious metals. I am in the process of registering myself as a dealer here in Kenya. Hope to interact with you guys here as I learn step by step. I would appreciate to learn from those who have experience in this wonderful niche; as of now I know nothing about coins, how to know which one is valuable etc. My vision over time is to start collecting coins as I learn; buy jewellery; and gold from small holders then find market for them 🙂
  21. Hello, Thanking @Spanishsilver for directing me to this great forum... I recently started stacking silver on my 21st birthday, about a month ago. Being a typical 21 year old I find it fairly hard to save money, so I decided to start converting my money to precious metals to use it as a “Savings account”. Living in the UK all silver had a 20% tax thrown on it , after collecting 20 ounces I thought it may be a good idea to diversify and start buying some gold also. I have just made my first purchase of a 1/10th Golden Maple, I like to spend monthly once payday comes. My question is what are the best smaller gold coins/bars to buy, as I do not have the £1200 to throw at an ounce of gold, so I think I’ll be focusing more on the fractional! Thank you for reading, I appreciate any feedback!
  22. Paid over $1500 for this 1 ounce of 99.99 Perth Mint gold from APMEX in January 2020. I was skeptical about its authenticity, so I conducted a test to see whether this alleged 1 ounce of gold is truly diamagnetic. However, test results seem to show that this bar of gold from APMEX isn't diamagnetic; in fact, instead of being repelled by the earth magnets, it is attracted to them. Suspicious. Below is a YouTube video: Images https://ibb.co/dWhcGhw https://ibb.co/Zh6b50n https://ibb.co/C9hz4z1 https://ibb.co/HhCdWmy Thoughts? Perhaps I performed the test incorrectly?
  23. 1989 Five Pound Sovereign PF70 Ultra Cameo With Numistacker Will post Direct £5,250 Weight (grams): 39.94 Pure gold content (grams): 36.613 Fineness: 916.7 Dimensions: 35mm diameter
  24. Here's one we're excited to receive from Coin Invest Trust and one of our favorites from the 2020 WMF Catalog... the double sided, high relief, proof quality strike looks amazing esp. when coupled with such a great design. There is also a 1 Ounce version available in addition to 1 & 3 Ounces in silver. 2020 Mongolia 1/10th Ounce Majestic Eagle .9999 Gold Proof Coin https://www.artincoins.com/products/2020-mongolia-1-10-ounce-majestic-eagle-9999-gold-proof-coin?variant=31974433390695
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