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Found 10 results

  1. I haven't collected coins since I was in college. While moving in December, I found some silver dollars, junk silver and Kennedy Halves that my grandfather had given me. So, I researched the price of silver and got re-bitten by the bug - and here I am. So far, being on a fixed retirement income, it's been a slow stacking process - but I'm enjoying it. My eyes are sore from searching all the great youtube channels, many of which are run by members here. Thanks to the infectious enthusiasm of some members, and the fantastic pouring videos they've posted on youtube, I've even ordered some basic melting equipment and will start pouring next month. This is a great community and hobby/business and I look forward to many years of enjoyment and learning here and on other sites. I hope everyone is safe during this pandemic!
  2. These two have multiple uses, one relieves stress and can be thrown at someone, the other is a fridge magnet and bottle opener.
  3. MadJackMcMad

    Dating bars

    Hi all, bit of a long shot but does anyone know of a utility to be able to date a silver Metalor bar from the serial number? I have a 1 Kilo bar that looks a bit beaten up and was wondering when it was first cast. TIA
  4. Hello. Thank you for the addition to the group! I am just getting into pouring bars with my seven year old grandson, and we both love it. Unfortunatley I am not very good at it (yet). We are trying to figure out what we are doing wrong, and hope someone here can help! I heat the silver to 1100 C, and I heat the graphite mold. It seems as though the silver cools as I am poring, and the last bit races out of the crucible and mucks up the bar....any advise is most welcome. Thank you,
  5. I first started with a few bars and now only purchase coins in gold and silver. I have put this poll up to see which is the most popular way to buy gold and silver. Thanks.
  6. I noticed that paying the premium on silver eagles is so large a percent of the cost of the silver content like american silver eagle-- spot at $14: if you're paying $17 each and the spot price is $14 then you're paying $3 over spot (21.4% over spot) if the spot price was $50 if you're paying $53 per ASE then the its only 6%. So maybe when prices are high its better to buy Coins, and when silver spot price is low its better to buy bars? So you can get a lot more silver at the cheap prices with bars and larger amounts ...this is assumiing the price will go up a lot on silver 10oz bar from random company is about $160 each spot on that is $140 (just using round number) so youre paying $20 over spot (14.28% over spot) So you can't buy as much silver because the premiums youre paying are ruining your spending power? Is my math right or what do others think? I'm kind of a newbie
  7. Hello fellow silver lovers. I already have a 10oz Scottsdale tombstone nugget but really want to get a 1kg. I have searched goldsilver.be and euromint but can’t see that they do the tombstones. Does anyone know where you can get them less the vat! Any hints would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Good morning, *NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT* Following on from a number of customer requests for VAT free silver we are proud to announce we have finally got a handful of products live on the site which include 1 ounce silver coins and a Metalor 1 kilo per owned silver bar. Like other providers of VAT free silver we offer storage outside of the the UK but instead of Switzerland like others our storage facilities are in Guernsey - a bit closer to home if you ever plan to pick up your coins or bars in person! It is worthy to note if you do take delivery you will be subject to pay the required amount of VAT. For those not fussed on taking delivery (we understand this is not all customers) and happy to leave their silver in storage we do hope our premiums and storage costs are to you liking. You can find all of our products available VAT free on this link here. Watch the link above for the addition of more silver products in due course. All the best, Ian
  9. Thought I would start a topic on some of the coins and bars that we think are really naff or just lacking at so many levels like the designers just couldnt be bothered, or just plain hideous looking. First up is some of the Star Wars coins out there, now I am a fan of the original trilogy and rogue one (cant stand the other new releases), this theme should be so good that it makes me want to dip my foot into the coin world, but some of the latest coins out just make me think 'is that it' , take for example this Stormtrooper coin, I actually dont mind this design, its ok, but then they bring out the most bland 2 oz coin out I personally think is naff, they could of put some detail on the background, the rim, had different finishes and textures like on the the first coin, but no, it might just be me, what do you guys think and what stuff out there do you think there is more life in a cup of tea. I totally understand for every item out there, there will be a 1000 haters and a 1000 lovers, its just your personal thing, and I dont mean to diss anyones pride and joy, at the end of the day I would have any of these if given to me at spot price as a stacking coin. Original design, not amazing but not terrible and a bit artsy in the drawing of the stormtrooper, I would own this, just. Then they bring out this , bland, badly drawn coin, And this, he just looks like an old turd on a bad stretch of road to me And poor old Jabba just looks like a melted spitting image puppet, wouldnt pay a premium for owning a gold coin like this.
  10. latinomanz69

    Gold Bars.

    Hello, I want to know how hard are fine gold bars (0.999) from Provident Metals? are they hard like regular US coins? I am looking for something low maintenance, so would I be better off buying 22k coins like US Eagles? what other 22k options are there? Thanks.
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