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Found 3 results

  1. I found out about about this forum after watching from YouTube and it was highly recommended by a lot of people, So hear I am Chaps, I've done a lot of research and came to the decision ill start the investment for my future/pension as physical precious metals, interested in mainly Silver & Gold but when or if the opportunity arises I may dabble into other sectors. Hoping to become apart of an online community for the first time, I'm 30yrs old and taken the leap of faith to start the long 25/30year slog investment, Made my 1st purchase of 12oz fine silver (10oz Bar + 2oz Queens Beast coin) in May! (Wasn't the best time to purchase I know, I just wanted to dip my toes in the water) Any advise, good places to buy from, groups I could join to gain knowledge and contacts would be gratefully appreciated.. Looking forward to my new venture!!!
  2. European Mint Group Orders are back for 2020! https://www.europeanmint.com/ PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY AS IT DETAILS HOW THE GROUP ORDER WORKS INCLUDING DEADLINES AND COSTS OF SHIPPING. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, PLEASE JUST ASK. GENERAL INFO ON THE GROUP ORDERS What are the group orders all about? In the UK we have to pay VAT of 20% on silver. However, there are dealers in different countries where the rate of VAT is lower or even 0% (like Estonia where the European Mint are based). But to take advantage of this 0% rate you would have to pay for international shipping, which often makes it not worthwhile. In summary the "Group Orders" are a collective buying group and we pool together to share the cost of shipping (more on the prices of this later). This saves buyers money - which is a good thing! Monthly Deliveries One of the negatives to the group orders is that to make them work properly we need to have monthly shipments. This can mean that if you place your order early into a month you might be waiting 4-5 weeks for your silver to arrive. Rest assured that everything you order will arrive, but it does take extra time. If you want to have your silver sooner, I would recommend ordering directly and having your order shipped directly to you. Why are we using The European Mint? I have been using and working with The European Mint for over 3 years now. I have always found them to be an excellent company and they often have very competitive (if not the cheapest) prices out there. I find the quality of their service to be exemplary. They do not have as wide a stock variety as some other competitors - but what they do, they do very well indeed. What do we (Backyard Bullion) get out of these group orders? We (Backyard Bullion) do not receive any commission from the use of this code with the European Mint. We are able to take advantage of group buying ourselves and have discounted shipping on items that we buy... But the main benefit to us is that we get to do a large unboxing on YouTube. This allows us to earn some money through YouTube and also helps to grow our channel and audience on YouTube. Any other financial benefits to us are done so on a voluntary basis with people who join in via "Tips" or a "voluntary service charge". These tips go towards a large Takeaway when we have processed the large deliveries! How to join the group orders? How the new group orders will work? This is a general summary of how a group order will work: 1) You place an order with the European Mint directly. 2) During the checkout process you will need to apply the following code "BYBGROUPORDER" This code gives you a massive €0.01 discount on your order - but more importantly allows the EU mint to identify group order orders. 3) Select the "Add orders to storage" option on the shipping section. 4) Message me here on the forum (or via email to [email protected]) with your order summary (ideally a copy of your invoice). 5) We (Backyard Bullion) then will offer a free service of arranging delivery of your items. We will instruct the courier to pick up your order(s), deliver them to us and we will then distribute like we have with previous group orders. 6) This service is FREE. However we will, of course, still have to bill you for shipping. The courier costs from the EU Mint to us will be the same rate as before (1.2% of the order value) and will be passed on to you as a disbursement cost. The UK postage will be the same as previous group orders and I will cover those in more detail later in this thread. So that is basically how these group orders will run! NO MORE WEEKEND ONLY ORDERS!! You can order at any time, it does not have to be on the weekends. What can I order and does it include Pre-order items? You can order anything on the EU Mint website. However, you may notice that the European Mint have a significant number of items that seem "in stock" but are in fact pre-order. These items are usually sourced to order by the EU mint and as such take about 2-3 weeks to arrive with them. So, feel free to order these items but be aware that your entire order cannot be delivered to me and subsequently to you until those orders have been received by the EU Mint. If there is something in particular that you are interested in buying and are not sure about, please ask me or the EU mint directly! Monthly deliveries & weight thresholds The way we envisage these orders working is that at the end of each month we will have a dispatch of all orders which can be fulfilled. So, if you place an order for pre-order items you may have to wait until the end of the following month for your orders. This could be as much as a 6 week wait. You have been warned. However, we will also be shipping items that are ready to go if/when certain weight/value thresholds are met. This will allow us to get orders out sooner and not have 60kg+ parcels to process! So there are no deadlines to order, you can order whenever you want. We (EU Mint) and I will keep you all as updated as possible about estimates for delivery of your order(s) General Terms and Conditions 1) I (Backyard Bullion) cannot take financial responsibility for lost/damaged items that are part of this group order. 2) You agree that I (Backyard Bullion) will act as an agent on your behalf to arrange and pay for a courier to pick up your orders. 3) Backyard Bullion can only dispatch your order upon successful delivery from the European Mint and only upon payment of a separate postage invoice. 4) Any loss or damaged item claims will be initiated and managed by me (Backyard Bullion) and any payouts for claims can only be made upon the successful payout from said claim. Backyard Bullion cannot be held financially responsible for any unsuccessful claims. 5) You are liable for any and all taxes/import duties that may be applied to your order for your home country of delivery. Delivery from me to you This part is essentially identical to previous group orders. How do I get my coins from Backyard Bullion? We will send you an invoice which will include the cost of your share of international postage (1.2% of your orders value) and your options for postage from us to you. Here is a quick guide as to what the onwards postage costs will be - this is subject to change where appropriate and is meant to give you a guide as to the costs of postage only. Please note that the maximum that you can send via Royal Mail Special delivery for a decent price is 2kg (about 55 oz). If you would like to order more than this please get in touch to discuss shipping options. ****Please also note that there is NO PRECIOUS METALS INSURANCE on any royal mail service other than Special Delivery**** What happens in the event of an issue with delivery? We (Backyard Bullion) cannot be held financially responsible for the loss/damage of any items in this group order. The European Mint has insurance for their parcels but I have never had to put a claim in and I do not know how likely it might be that something is refunded should it go missing in transit. There is an intrinsic risk in ordering from any international company but I am confident that we will be able to resolve anything that might happen. Please bear this in mind before joining the order. It is important to note the above terms and conditions and re-iterate that joining this order is at YOUR OWN RISK. I cannot be held responsible if items are lost/damaged when arriving from the European Mint. Should there be any issues I will of course endeavour to work with the dealer to solve them, but I cannot guarantee a resolution. Delivery from me to you is of a postage method of your choosing. As I have mentioned above there is no precious metals insurance for anything other than Royal Mail Special Delivery. In the event an order is missing or damaged any insurance claims will be made by me (Backyard Bullion) and refunds can only be paid upon successful completion and payout from Royal Mail. In the event that a claim by Royal Mail is denied I cannot be held financially responsible. OUR SERVICE IS FREE It is important to re-iterate that the service that we (Backyard Bullion) are offering is completely free and do not take or receive a commission for these group orders. Tips and donations You are more than welcome to make a community donation at any time if you see fit - just let us know if you want to. Any community donations will go a long way to buying a slap up takeaway for Mrs BYB every month! However, the best way you can support us would be via our Hand Poured Silver which we can offer discounts on to combine with your group order parcels. Have you got any questions? If you have any questions or would like any more information then please don't hesitate to ask here or via PM.
  3. Hi everybody, I am from France, new to stacking and have acquired a full 2oz queens beast silver collection + a few other coins. i must admit I have watched all most every video on the Backyard Bulion channel I look forward to learning more about the precious metal world on this forum.
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