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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys this is my first post and sorry if its been asked before... haven’t seen a good explanation so far. What are the typical buy or sell prices of silver relative to spot in the UK? I understand VAT bumps up the purchase cost from businesses but how much does this bump the resale cost? Would have thought individual collectors of bullion would be able to buy and sell at roughly the same price (over spot) as they aren’t lumped with VAT. Id be much more willing to buy silver over spot if I knew I could sell it over spot too...
  2. It's been announced that the The Royal Mint will release a Queen coin next year, likely celebrating the 50th anniversary of the band being formed. We had our photographer make a mock image and we loved it too much not to share (obviously Queen Elizabeth II will be on the real coin!) The actual design will feature "a keyboard, drum, bass and electric guitar accompanied by a microphone and the inscription QUEEN.
  3. i am glad and overwhelmed to become a member of this precious forum, hell to all
  4. Greg

    UK Parliament Petition

    I have started a petition to try and get the government to raise our gold holdings to 1000 tonnes. It would be a start. Please sign if you can. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/264712/sponsors/new?token=n9rCWoc428TUad1QSjvt
  5. Hey Guys! I started stacking in August last year after turning 17, and have recently fallen in love with the Queen's Beast series... Thought I'd join here to find out a little more about silver, after seeing the Silver Forum on BackYardBullion's awesome channel Looking to start stacking but my budget's tiny so won't be for a while and am really just looking for some friendly advice.
  6. SNOWMAN 50P GIVEAWAY!! - Enter now on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Chard1964Ltd/photos/a.313919951996078/2017339764987413/?type=3&theater We're giving away a SILVER PROOF SNOWMAN 50P worth over £60! These coins are SOLD OUT at the mint. For your chance to win the coin in time for Christmas, guess the intrinsic value of gold in Callum's Christmas Cracker Competition. If you want to be very precise, we're working on a spot price of £981 🤓 To enter just complete the following:- 1 - Leave your guess in the COMMENTS below. 2 - LIKE this post. 3 - SHARE this post. 4 - Make sure to LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE so you can find out who the lucky winner is! That's it! Competition ends 10am on Friday 21st December. We'll announce the winner at 11am the same day. ⛄️⛄️⛄️Good luck!⛄️⛄️⛄️
  7. What do the forum members think of the UK coin sets that come out every year? I've seen two sets available in recent years - one is the "definitive" set which has all commemorative designs on coins made from base metal and intended for circulation and the other an "annual" coin set which is more like a date set with high quality strikes of coins meant for circulation. I haven't been buying the sets, but I do love the designs of most of the bimetallic 2 pound coins! Related question, which one of the below would you rather have an MS 65 DPL or an MS 67 without the DPL designation?
  8. For a good portion of the summer I stopped buying any coins, gold or silver, proof or bullion, because I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the series that are available. There's the Chinese Panda series, the Chinese Lunar series, the Britannia Series (my personal favorite, but not much love from a lot of collectors nowadays), the Great Britain Lunar series, the Perth Lunar series, the Canadian Lunar series, the Rwandan Lunar series (these are quite lovely, but I didn't set aside cash for them or buy any 😥), the Canada Predator series, the Kangaroos, the Kookaburras, the Saltwater Crocodiles, the Birds of Paradise, the Emus, and the Sharks. The Queen's Beasts, the Lion Dollars, and the Bisons. Not to mention the Ukrainian Archangels, the Isle of Man Nobles, the Niue hawksbills, superheroes, and star wars coins. Colorized coins, incuse coins, concave coins, egg shaped coins, coins that are square, coins that have scalloped edges, and privy marks on everything! Just tossing a discussion out to the Forum in general. Does anyone else feel overwhelmed by all of these? Are there forum members that have culled down their collections and eliminated collecting certain series? If so, which series are you avoiding or stopping?
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