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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all. After having a great time last Saturday, I've taken a table at the Midland Coin Fair this coming Sunday, 9.30am to 2.30pm, 10th November at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham B92 0EJ - Junction 6 on the M42. I shall be bringing along around 60 Gold Sovereigns (about 40 or so graded) for sale. I will use it as a Tester to see if bringing "The Silver Forum" to Birmingham has "legs" / demand - so come and say hello. Interestingly - Mike Veissid who organises the Birmingham (Monthly) and London Coin Fair at the Holiday Inn, Coram Street 4 times a year said he tried to take a look at TSF Lounge last Saturday and couldn't get in!! I bet he was after a free Doughnut!! I hope to see you on Sunday from 9.30am to 2.30pm - come and say hello. SovTracker (Peter Withers)
  2. I sent in a gold 50 peso coin to NGC under express tier with the Mexican special label request. After a week (not the promised 2 days) my coin was marked as shipped but still said "grading and quality control". I couldn't see the grade and there were no pictures uploaded to the database. I got the coin today (no special label just the standard NGC one) and the serial number and bar code come up as invalid by my NGC app. So if I were to try and sell this coin it wouldn't even register as a legitimate NGC graded coin.
  3. NGC is FAILING - where is the quality control??? Not sure if any of you out there submit coins directly to NGC or via a member, ie., Numistacker. But this year I have submitted coins directly to NGC. I have to say I am VERY DISAPPOINTED. On average, a coin can cost on average $16.00 - $60.00 per coin for submission, depending on the level of service. I have submitted this year about 100 coins. Of that batch, I have had numerous issues. Relating to shipping issues, mechanical errors, inaccuracies on the NGC order status page, etc. I am just really un-impressed. As far as shipping, I submitted to NGC my official Shipping form with detailed instructions for my shipping. They continue to ship incorrectly. Totally contrary to my official requested shipping and coin application forms I was made to complete. Whats the point? I receive one mechanical error on average of every 30 coins submitted. WOW - really. I pay additional services for a special label and they do NOT read the coin application? or the image taken of the coin is either not present online or it was the old label before they found the error. Their NGC order status page is often never is accurate and I may receive the coins before their page is updated or after I call. I also have no clue what my balance is on their site - they continue to change prices after submission, and/or charge additional incremental fees with submission, with limited and next-to-zero explanation of why? Sorry for the diatribe but I had to vent somewhere - numi want to chime in? I follow your channel and you obviously encountered issues in the past as-well. Is it just me, and my black cloud hangin overhead, or is anyone else having the same issues? I have not done PCGS submissions, and after this year seriously contemplating if it is a better alternative. Below was the latest mechanical error - I had requested the Great Britain (acceptable for coins after > 1955) special label - but clearly did not get it. I also might add this coin was also shipped incorrectly, double ding. ugh-sigh....
  4. Hi all -- I've been thinking about the prospect of automated coin grading. Slabbed coins from PCGS and NGC seem overly expensive, and people here have been reporting problems with them (e.g. the recent red spots thread). Would you personally prefer an automated solution, if it was cheaper? By automated, I mean computerized, using machine vision and perhaps various multispectral scans of the coin beyond human vision. I know a bit about machine vision, and an automated solution to coin grading seems inevitable. I think it would be a somewhat easy task for machine vision experts, relative to the kinds of problems they solve currently, like understanding what's in an arbitrary photograph (faces, people, sky, balls, grass, cars, etc.). Coin grading would be a smaller, more delimited problem for them – the software would always know what coin it was grading and what it's supposed to look like at various levels of quality. It wouldn't have to worry about arbitrary objects in an image. I'd be all for it if it cost a couple of dollars. It would also be nice if a service offered a more careful slabbing process, using a nitrogen atmosphere or vacuum sealing.
  5. I bought these earlier this year, partly because I loved the design and partly because with the new "technique" the RCM developed to avoid milk spots I wasn't as weary to buy their silver coins, but I haven't seen much about these in this or other coin forums. I also, unless I'm not looking properly, haven't seen these on eBay or coin sites. So, any love for the Great White North Coins this year? Are these just not what forum members are usually interested in? The first coin pictured is a special design of the typical bullion Canadian Maple Leaf coin with a big "30" hugging the traditional Maple Leaf Design. Canada did a similar design on the 25th anniversary in 2013, but I didn't purchase that coin. There isn't anything remarkable about this coin, but I like the way the anniversary number looks around the maple leaf, the privy mark serves a purpose (it is for anti-counterfeit measures) so it doesn't bother me, and the fine radial background on obverse and reverse is appealing IMHO. According to the NGC website there are 126 coins of this type graded MS 70 across the label pedigrees (early release, first release, and standard). Mintage of 250,000 according to the websites I've seen. The second is an incuse design reverse proof Maple Leaf coin. This is an odd coin for the RCM to produce. I would love more info on this if others have it. What I know is it has a mintage of 6,500, and according to the NGC census almost 3000 have been graded by them and 93% of them have been PF 70. I don't think this coin is a part of a series, but not sure, and it seems the FDOI (first day of issue) pedigree is the one to have, but there are 1,000 of those kicking around in PF 70 with NGC holders according to the census data. I like this coin better than the first one because of the simplicity and contrast of the reverse proof as well as the edge lettering. These coins also bring up the question of rarity. The first, has hundreds of thousands minted, but just over a hundred in the top grade, while the latter has a low mintage for a coin, especially a commemorative proof, and yet the majority of them are "perfect". So one is a conditional rarity and one is a mintage rarity, but which one is more desirable???
  6. What do the forum members think of the UK coin sets that come out every year? I've seen two sets available in recent years - one is the "definitive" set which has all commemorative designs on coins made from base metal and intended for circulation and the other an "annual" coin set which is more like a date set with high quality strikes of coins meant for circulation. I haven't been buying the sets, but I do love the designs of most of the bimetallic 2 pound coins! Related question, which one of the below would you rather have an MS 65 DPL or an MS 67 without the DPL designation?
  7. Hi all, total novice to the group and to be honest forums!! Any help and advise would be welcomed, especially help with getting coins graded as I have been let down on my normal way of submitting.
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