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Found 20 results

  1. Hello 👋🏼, When buying coins, bars and collectibles is there a general rule by Bullion dealers that products are sold with capsules or is it dependent on the Bullion dealer ? And where’s the best place to get additional capsules and storage options for Coins, Bars and collectibles. Any advice welcome and appreciated 🙂 Cheers McDougall
  2. Hi all I'm Robert and I’m new to collecting and stacking and I figure this will be a great place to learn.
  3. I have a friend how likes to collect the Beatrix Potter gift set that come in a gift box with one of Beatrix Potter’s characters on a coin along with a book. I would to know if anyone here knows if the made the gift sets for 2019 and if the mint is planning on doing these sets for 2020. I did not see any 2019 gift sets on tne Royal Mint website so that most likely a no for last years coins.(?)
  4. Saw this coin and needed it, wasn't cheap for this type of coin (don't bother asking a gentleman never tells ) but the condition of it is what swayed me as nearly all I see are well used. This version of the 5 Reichsmark coin was released to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of the Third Reich and was only made in 1934 & 1935, the Potsdam Garrison church was shown on the reverse while the Imperial style eagle with swastikas was on the front. This one was manufactured at the Stuttgart mint denoted by the letter F under the church The rarer coins have a date either side of the church. The Potsdam Garrison church was built by the Prussian royal family, it was made to give the officers & soldiers a place of worship who were stationed guarding the royal family. It became the place where Adolf Hitler wanted to celebrate dissolving parliament and setting up a dictatorship, it survived an allied bomb hit during the war and ended up in the East German zone, work began on restoring it but the communists had it destroyed, there are now plans and funds to have it rebuilt. Most of the 20th July Hitler assassination plot members and their family's met there and worshipped there. Here it is along side the other two coins I have, mintage of these coins below was the following, 5 Reichsmark 1934 F 4,844,000 5 Reichsmark 1939 D 1,216,000 2 Reichsmark 1937 D 6,190,000 The mintmark letters are below A = Berlin B = Wien (Vienna) D = München (Munich) E = Muldenhütten (Dresden) F = Stuttgart G = Karlsruhe J = Hamburg 5 Reichsmark coins were made in .900 silver, 2 Reichsmark coins were made in .625 silver
  5. A very cute and beautiful coin, part of a series. Curious to know your opinion.
  6. So, I won an auction on great collections today for a 1913-m sovereign greater MS63 by NGC and paid about $330 for it. Did I get a good deal and it a key date for the sovereign series? I’m really curious about the different sovereigns and their mints which produced them.
  7. It's been announced that the The Royal Mint will release a Queen coin next year, likely celebrating the 50th anniversary of the band being formed. We had our photographer make a mock image and we loved it too much not to share (obviously Queen Elizabeth II will be on the real coin!) The actual design will feature "a keyboard, drum, bass and electric guitar accompanied by a microphone and the inscription QUEEN.
  8. Hi I am after as much information on these series of coins, mainly how to spot from a photograph whether or not the coin is one of the silver ones I am after or the cupro nickel ones, I have seen some nice ones lately at very reasonable prices, but I don't want to end up with something mis-described and have the hassle of sending it back nor buying something in its original box only to find the coin has been swapped for a cupro one. Have looked at the below websites which are a big help, the Numista one wasn't much as the picture they have on there of the silver coin looks like it has a blackened background, and the cupro pictures look like whats being sold as silver ones out there. I have seen ones with the original packaging saying that they are proof coins, but they look like the plain silver ones according to Numistas site http://worldcoingallery.com/countries/Bahamas.php https://en.numista.com/catalogue/index.php?mode=avance&p=1&l=&r=bahamas&e=bahamas&d=&ru=&i=&ca=3&no=&m=&v=&t=&a=&w=&dg=&f=&u=&k[]=13&g=&tb=y&tc=y&tn=y&tp=y&tt=y&te=y&cat=y
  9. Expensive but the first I have ever seen. https://www.bairdmint.com/products/tuvalu-1oz-rhodium-coin
  10. I have a silver 1829 Georgius IV silver coin. Ive dont some research and could be a shilling but not entirely sure, so if anyone could have a look and see if they know anything about it that would be great! Thanks
  11. Hi everyone. Just to let you know we have an ongoing offers page here. There's gold, silver and palladium, with premiums as low as 0.9%! We're also trying to add a mixture of low and high value, and bullion and numismatic items. We are adding to it daily so make sure to check back. If there's anything you'd like to see in the offers, let us know and we'll see what we can do.
  12. Hello folks, I am looking to start a world large penny collect mainly of British, Canadian, and old early US pennies or cents with the different royalties, Britannia, and other neat designs. @Numistacker got me interested in the William IV penny with the video he posted. If you guys can help me find those pennies or cent in at least AU58 or higher for not a lot, that would be great.
  13. Really like these coins, especially the wedgewood one, just let down by a scowling Liz on one side, or is it me imagining it lol. http://agaunews.com/perth-mint-mounts-a-mini-cameo-to-its-queen-victoria-bicentennial-celebration-silver-coin/
  14. Hello All, Has anyone seen this 2019 Bullion Coin advert in the Daily Mail, seems too good to be true @ £234.99 its cheaper than anywhere else i can find, (inc Chards/Bullion by post). Has anyone dealt with them, checked out website and facebook page, shows clips of them sending out these bullions, must be worth a go? Cheers, CB_1975
  15. I have been looking at the RCM's website recently and I noticed that they had produced a gold plated silver sovereigns to commemorate the one hundredth year anniversary of 1908 sovereign as it was released last year. Since most of your on the forum are from the United Kingdom I wanted to know what your thoughts are one the coin and what makes 1908 a special year. Here is the link to the coin: https://www.mint.ca/store/coins/1-oz.-pure-silver-gold-plated-coin---the-1908-sovereign-110th-anniversary-of-the-royal-canadian-mint---mintage-5000-2018-prod3300011 P.S. I wish the US mint would allow customer to buy back dated special coins for a while instead of having them "sold out" like some other mints allow. I think the Royal mint does a fantastic job this by allowing the public to buy classic sovereigns with the assurance of obtaining real gold with fantastic designs.
  16. Just wondering if anyone could give a valuation of this coin ? It's in great condition
  17. Groundz


    I'm able to get some 2015 britannias that are in good condition for £18 each and some other coins for around the same price too. I'm just curious to know if that is something I should go for or if I should try and haggle with the price. I don't want to get in the habbit of paying too much over spot price, considering what it's at right now. Any advice and opinions would be appreciated, thanks
  18. I noticed that paying the premium on silver eagles is so large a percent of the cost of the silver content like american silver eagle-- spot at $14: if you're paying $17 each and the spot price is $14 then you're paying $3 over spot (21.4% over spot) if the spot price was $50 if you're paying $53 per ASE then the its only 6%. So maybe when prices are high its better to buy Coins, and when silver spot price is low its better to buy bars? So you can get a lot more silver at the cheap prices with bars and larger amounts ...this is assumiing the price will go up a lot on silver 10oz bar from random company is about $160 each spot on that is $140 (just using round number) so youre paying $20 over spot (14.28% over spot) So you can't buy as much silver because the premiums youre paying are ruining your spending power? Is my math right or what do others think? I'm kind of a newbie
  19. Hello, my name is Kenny Jones. I'm a third generation coin collector from North Carolina and filled researcher for the Museum of Natural Science in Raleigh North Carolina. I'm still new and learning to the coin and banknote hobby and I'm always looking for helpful hits and advice regarding theses topics.
  20. I just bought 2 https://www.westminstercollection.com//p-426R/2018-National-Health-Service-Silver-DateStamp.aspx?utm_source=cc&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=185%2f426R%2f4+N10pDSAg+426R+-+C%2f7+>1+0-6m++++++++++++&utm_content=185%2f426R%2f4+NHS+DateStamp+Silver+10p&utm_term=426r&sn=4&ewai=jDUoJr7d1nw1
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