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Found 24 results

  1. Hello 👋🏼, When buying coins, bars and collectibles is there a general rule by Bullion dealers that products are sold with capsules or is it dependent on the Bullion dealer ? And where’s the best place to get additional capsules and storage options for Coins, Bars and collectibles. Any advice welcome and appreciated 🙂 Cheers McDougall
  2. We've got some exciting bullion products on the way from the S. Korean Mint (KOMSCO) and we hope to begin customer shipping late May, early June. We'll have such favorites as: Chiwoo Cheonwang, Korean Tigers, Zi:Sin Scrofa and the new Taekwondo siver round. The new Phoenix round is on our radar too but it will be coming later this summer. For specs and pricing and product links, please shoot a PM.
  3. I've been fortunate to receive an email from the good people that handle KOMSCO products. So from first looks - this round will definitely turn heads. There is plenty of depth to the design, and the Phoenix has always been a popular theme. So has KOMSCO minted another success? I'll be getting these in as soon as available to me. In the meantime, take a good look at the photos until I can get these in hand. Keep an eye out for the Sales post in the UK Sales Section.
  4. I haven't collected coins since I was in college. While moving in December, I found some silver dollars, junk silver and Kennedy Halves that my grandfather had given me. So, I researched the price of silver and got re-bitten by the bug - and here I am. So far, being on a fixed retirement income, it's been a slow stacking process - but I'm enjoying it. My eyes are sore from searching all the great youtube channels, many of which are run by members here. Thanks to the infectious enthusiasm of some members, and the fantastic pouring videos they've posted on youtube, I've even ordered some basic melting equipment and will start pouring next month. This is a great community and hobby/business and I look forward to many years of enjoyment and learning here and on other sites. I hope everyone is safe during this pandemic!
  5. Found out last night about European mint and I had a look to see what they had in stock. I was surprised to see the they had over 9k kangaroos in stock. Check back about an hour ago (I still had the tabs open) and ... It says "Out of Stock" now but...Demand is ridiculous!
  6. Hi. Hope all are well during this pandemic. I am completely new to this metals game and have only this past week decided to purchase some gold and or silver. I am planning to purchase bullion bars and I am wondering what the advice on this forum would be with regards to either gold or silver. I have seen mike maloney on YouTube state he is staying away from gold and going with silver due to the costs. I will at some point start stacking coins but at the moment this is purely a hedge against a financial collapse so bars would be better I believe? All help and advice would be greatly appreciated I am based in Scotland if that helps with any advice as this is an international community I believe. Thanks
  7. rkbullion

    Silver bullion

  8. What are your thoughts on hand poured silver? I've been a stacker for quite some time now. I got bored with coins so I started pouring my own products. Check out my page and please comment in this thread! Cheers!! https://www.rk-bullion.com/
  9. Hi guys, I'm new here so would just like to introduce myself, my name is James I'm from Manchester UK, I have recently started stacking silver as a way to save for my daughter's 21st who is currently 1 years old so for the next 20 years, my budget for silver is around about £100 per month, may increase in the future, I'm currently paying between £20 and £22 per ounce, but as a noobie I'm not sure if that is acceptable, any advice or tips you guys can give would be much appreciated.
  10. Hi everyone. Just to let you know we have an ongoing offers page here. There's gold, silver and palladium, with premiums as low as 0.9%! We're also trying to add a mixture of low and high value, and bullion and numismatic items. We are adding to it daily so make sure to check back. If there's anything you'd like to see in the offers, let us know and we'll see what we can do.
  11. Hi everyone, Up until now I have been buying all my numismatics and bullion directly from APMEX. Yesterday I was surfing ebay and found a lovely 2 Sovereign 1983 coin apparently graded by NGC at PF69. I want to hit the button but I've heard of a lot of fakes on ebay. Is it safe or will I get a penny slug instead of a Sovereign?
  12. I am very new to PMs and started by going for sheer weight, bought a few Oz's, then went for 1/4oz QBs and slowly started edging towards more collectible coins. I'm now getting "urges" to start grabbing proof sovereigns but feel like I'm drifting from my original plan, which is ultimately stack weight but in an easy to liquidate manner. Think I prefer 1/4oz coins or sovereigns purely because they seem to be more affordable for people and therefore can be easier to liquidate. Think I might diversify and have my main bulk as bullion coins e.g Britannia's/Sovs and maybe along the way grab some more numismatic proofs if I have the expendable funds for it. I'm sure this topic has been covered in other threads but I'm skiving at work, so decided to start a new discussion. Interestedto hear other people's opinions and their own personal strategies.
  13. Iv seen an add in the metro for £279.99 for a quarter ounce American eagle. What’s people thoughts on this? I thought the coin looks amazing! Couldn’t find them on many sites....?
  14. Worst deal in UK history? 20 years since Brown sold Britain’s gold Dubbed ‘Brown’s Bottom’, the sale of half of the UK’s gold reserves between 1999 and 2002 by then-Chancellor Gordon Brown is considered a particular low point in British history. Today marks the 20th anniversary of this event, so we revisit Gordon Brown’s mistakes; how a cautious Chancellor let down his guard and undersold more than half of Britain’s gold reserves. . The Backstory: In 1999, Chancellor Gordon Brown sought to sell off 401 tonnes (56%) of the UK’s gold reserves. The logic was that gold wasn’t being used as a safe haven as much as it had been before, and that foreign currencies like the US Dollar and the imminent Euro would generate much better returns. The price of gold in the late 1990s was roughly between $254 and $312 per ounce. A 20-year bear market - since the abandonment of the Gold Standard by President Nixon - had been pushing global prices down. Brown was worried that the price would continue to drop even further, so he sought to sell as soon as possible. At the same time, nearing the Millennium, the US Dollar was getting stronger under President Clinton’s administration, and stock markets were making steady gains as interest in tech stocks grew (into what would become the Dot Com Bubble of 2000/01). . The Sale: Originally intended to be a secret, the planned sale was brought up in a question for the Treasury in the House of Commons on Friday May 7th. The confirmation of intention from the Treasury subsequently alerted the gold market, and the gold price fell by $10 per ounce. There was also the issue of auctions; 17 were planned, suggesting that the UK Treasury did not expect the price to improve any time soon and were thus looking to hedge their bets and make multiple sales to maximise the money made. The total sale of the gold bullion sold was $3.5 billion, at $275 per ounce average sale value. It is somewhat ironic that Gordon Brown’s attempts to make as much money as possible from a staggered sale resulted in over $100 million less for the gold compared to when the sale hadn’t been announced, but it’s damning just how much more that gold would have been worth further down the line. Gold was $921 per ounce early in May 2009, which would put the gold sold at $11.8 billion in value - $8.3 billion more than Brown got. The 20-year price rise is worse still, with gold currently at $1,279 per ounce. This would make the gold bullion worth $16.4 billion - $12.9 billion more than was received in 1999. . Ignoring the Bank of England: The bear market combined with the rise of stocks, shares, and major currencies was a very tempting prospect for Gordon Brown, and a way of making the UK’s assets generate more income for the country. On paper, it looks like a fair move, but the advice from the Bank of England was not to sell – especially when large quantities were already being sold from countries including the Netherlands, Australia, and Argentina. Gold is known as a safe haven asset that has a traditionally negative correlation with the stock markets. It is strange then that Gordon Brown did not appreciate the bull/bear nature of markets and the fluctuations that come part and parcel with trading. One reason for this oversight and ignoring the guidance of the BoE could be the Special Relationship between the UK and the US; a temptation to please the USA and back the US Dollar and present a united front for geopolitical reasons internationally, and PR reasons domestically. Nobody blames Brown for not predicting the market crash after the Dot Com Bubble burst but given the benefits of gold as a diversification of assets it’s hard to forgive the then Chancellor for the oversight, and he was warned. . The Aftermath: The UK gold reserves still total between 310 and 314 tonnes of gold bullion – the remnants following Brown’s sale. Britain has not bought or sold gold since, and in the case of selling such large quantities of bullion, sales were curtailed by a central bank gold agreement signed in September 1999. The agreement was coordinated to prevent another major slump in the gold market – such as the one experienced following the Treasury’s decision to hold gold auctions – but the current trend as of 2018 and into 2019 is of growing demand for central bank reserves, with the likes of Russia and China leading the way in demand for gold; as a replacement for the US Dollar as a reserve asset.
  15. Central bank gold demand highest for Q1 since 2013. The latest figures from the World Gold Council reveal that central banks across the world bought approximately 145.5 tonnes of gold in the first quarter of this year. The purchase total is the largest since 2013, and 68% higher than the same period last year. The WGC reports that the rolling four-quarter total (Q2 2018 – Q1 2019) is currently at a record high of 715.7 tonnes of gold. Demand for coins & bars rising: It wasn’t just the central banks keen on gold in Q1 either. Private investor demand was up by 12% globally. The UK in particular saw demand increase by 58% while Brexit fears still play on the minds of the public and businesses, and the United States experienced a 38% rise in demand as employment nears an all-time high and consumer spending is rising.
  16. The results from the two polls I posted which finished on the 27/4 1. Would you buy sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne. Yes 42 No 12 2. What form do you buy your precious metals. Coins, gold or silver, bullion, proof or slabbed. 14 Bars, gold or silver. 1 Bars and coins. 12 Thank you all for voting.
  17. Hi people. Very new to this, don't really have a huge amount of time to go through all of the forum threads, which to be honest, to a newcomer are quite overwhelming. So a couple of questions. Where are the best places to buy silver from? What is the best coins to invest in? Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks P.
  18. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie collector and investor and stumbled upon this forum whilst doing research on how to invest in gold and silver. Looking forward to learning from the pooled experience of all the members. Hope you all have a wonderful evening! Best regards, Alex
  19. Hello Community, I am a very softspoken person by nature so I will keep this short. I am very new to coin & bullion collecting for investment purposes as well as the mental stimulation it offers. To date I have only been any in these types of persuits for a year. My hope and purpose for joining this forum is to be around like minded individuals who have wisdom to share and hopefully a little will trickle into my think skull. I will likely be very quiet for awhile until I get a good understanding on how discussions work here and I gain some proficiency in using the archival forum. I find it good form to navigate the landscape first. My ultimate goal is be an active member through mutual discovery, purchasing, selling and dialogue. Thank you.
  20. Hi everyone, Just letting you know that Chards is having a sale starting 4th February. Unlike our bonanza we’ll be letting you know what’s on offer beforehand – lots of bullion and commemorative items at massive savings! We're currently preparing for the World Money Fair in Berlin, but as soon as we've done a bit more work we'll share the list of goodies on offer!
  21. Hello everyone Just setup the Silver bullet category on the https://ejpbullion.co.uk Follow this link to view our range. https://ejpbullion.com/product-category/silver/bullets/ We have a full range from 1oz .45 cal to 100z 30mm cannon. Fantastic. They are all pre-order which will take 3-4 week to be delivered to you. All the best and happy stacking Jay
  22. From reserarching the last few weeks it seems like APMEX is more expensive Also what are the best brands for retrading? Is it best to get a Government mint like the Canadian mint for Silver bars? Or is it good to get premiums from private companies Asahi, Engel, Silvertowne, or RMC etc? To me I see cheaper to get certain companies like Sunshine, but if I resell am i gonna lose that "over Spot' premium I really am attractted to some of the 'poured silver bars' from Engel and some of the olds school looking rustic bars but they have premiums Seems like the Silver coins from places like US mint ie silver eagles or from countries like Canada, England or South Africa are super high over spot prices. I was wondering when I resell will i get that 'over spot' premium too My goal is to resell in 2-10 years, and continue stacking. I also already have a lot of '90% junk silver' for SHTF scenario My question is how to retain the most bang for your buck and ability to resell Like should I keep the same types of companies... so keep all bars the same from Silvertowne or all from the RCM royal canadian mint versus mixing a bunch of differnt brands/countries
  23. Good Afternoon All! My name is James and I am from the UK, just outside of London (Moving into London in the next few months!) - I am a Watch Dealer and have been dealing for over a year now and work in the Jewellery & Watch Industry as my day time job. So I am quite used to the collecting mindset, assessing value of items and watching how the market plays and reacts to things. But my reason for starting with Silver is completely different to my buying and selling of watches and even my collecting of watches. For the past 2 years I've been doing my best to create some long term investments and have failed miserably, for short term investments and playing the speculation game I am already doing that with the watches. But for long term there aren't many watches I would want sitting in the safe for 20+ years so I can take out and sell, many factors for that beyond just value, service the watch in that time period and many other factors come to mind. So I've tried multiple different things, like just letting money sit in an account which is the worst for multiple factors, plus if the cash is there I like to spend it lol. So I started doing some research about 2 weeks ago and came across Silver & Gold Bullion, it made immediate sense to me and I found myself looking at how the market has changed for both and also Palladium and Platinum etc... Being in the Jewellery industry I already was aware of the value in precious metals and also knew about Bullion, but never looked into it as a form of investment for myself. So about a week of reading and watching videos went by and I decided I would begin very small! I am not rich, heck I'm 20 and investing the majority of my money back into stock for my business so I am left with very little at the end of each month. So for me starting with Silver made the most sense and buying coins, when I read they are free from Capital Gains TAX I was immediately going to stick to coins lol. I purchased only 2 coins to begin with from Gold.co.uk, a 1oz 2018 Silver Britannia and a 1oz 2018 Silver Maple, I plan on buying 5 Silver Coins in one go next and I am currently looking all around on where is the best place to do so and how to get the best value, hence why I have made this account and plan to search these forums! (If you love talking Silver and would like to save me some time by either pointing me in the right direction or would like to talk me through it please do so!) My plan is to invest in Silver 1oz Coins until I have enough to sell them all and replace them with a 1oz Gold Coin, from what I can see Gold is definitely king and for the LONG term makes the most sense. Would love to know what you think of this plan? Thank you all very much for your time and reading! Look forward to meeting some of you and I have no doubt I'll probably meet some of you in London at some point during this long journey of buying Silver & Gold! Kind Regards, James
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