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Found 165 results

  1. This is the last of my clear outs, some scrap silver and the last of my none standard size gold coins. Payment by bank transfer 157.82 in weight of 925 silver. Total pure silver weight is 145.98g The chain is hallmarked but borken (Its repairable but scrap), there are two montreal 925 silver medals and a 2012 britannia. I purchased this silver early on in my stacking so acid tested them so again scrap. I acid tested the 2012 britannia because I thought it was strange that it was a different weight and size to other britannias I had picked up. Haha now I know its because 2012 is .958 silver. Oh the early days. £90 (about £2.50 over spot) For the lot of silver + postage of your choice (£3.50 1st class recorded, £7.50 special delivery (recommended) ) A 1/4oz elephant, these are quite hard to find. £417.50 including special delivery. Its in great condition, with the naked eye I dont see any marks or scratches. I've priced this with special delivery because I wont send this recorded but if you take both lots the silver can be posted with it at the single special delivery charge. Can provide further images on request.
  2. Lovely boxed Half Sovereign 2020 😷, bought new direct from the mint, now out of stock LINK capsule has not been opened so not handled. This is limited to 2,000 comes as pictured, with box, inner box, display wooden box and documents, coa is 1598 £295 plus £6.50 postage £290 including postage no more reductions on this. Bank transfer LLoyds or PP & FF . If you wish to see more pic's then give me a shout.
  3. various coins here for sale philharmonic 1 coin 22.50 milked britannia 2014 horse privy 2 coins both milked 23 each 2018 TWO ounce perth mint end of world war 1 coin ( two punce ) 46.5 pounds ( nice coin ) chinese restrike proof coin , HU POO 2 coin 33 each , in original mint packaging ( much cheaper than dealer ) 2014 royal mint horse 1 coin 20 pounds ( with black dot and milk ) 2019 perth mint swan 1 coin 30 pounds nice coin 2018 perth mint koala 1 coin 23.50 pounds nice coin queen beast bull 1 coin 46.5 pounds ( a bit scratchy on the queens face caused by movement in the tube ) Queen beast yale 1 coin 48.50 pounds good coin perth mint BRUMBY Horse 1 coin 28 pounds , one of the lastest release 2018 st helen trade dollar 1 coin 26 pound , nice condition comes with original capsules Royal mint lunar sheep carded 1 coin 28 pounds has light milk spots ( purchase with monkey 50 for both ) royal mint lunar monkey carded 1 coin 28 pounds has light milk spot ( purchase with sheep 50 for both ) --------------------------------- payment by bank transfer or paypal friends and family postage on top at your own risk
  4. Hello, Just putting the feelers out to see if anyone has any of the Niue Disney coins that they would like to sell? Micky mouse etc. Drop me a message with what you have available. Looking for coins free from tarnish and milk spots ideally with capsules.
  5. Hi all, I have 2 kids going to college in September and I am freeing some funds 🙂 For sale : 1 tube of 2017 Korea Chiwoo Cheonwang BU - 20 x 1 oz .999 silver - in very good condition (tube opened carefully to take pictures).....660 euros (Goldsilver.be has it listed +/- 40 euros but out of stock) 1 tube of 2015 Somalia Elephant BU - 20 x 1 oz .999 silver - sealed tube, never been opened....660 euros (Goldsilver.be has it listed +/- 38 euros) 10 x 2018 Chad (Tchad) Mandala Lion BU - 1 oz .999 silver - sold as bullion, most have spots/hairlines.....260 euros (Goldsilver.be has it listed +/- 33 euros) Sold per tube or as a lot for the Mandala. Shipping on top, depending on the weight I will calculate costs..........bought in one lot (50 oz) shipping is on me 😉 Bank transfer - Paypal Friends (members with good reputation) - Paypal (add 4% fee) More pictures required ? please ask Greetings T👍
  6. Hi all, This didn't sell in the recent auction I had on it. 13.963 grams with a fine content of 13.767 grams. (0.442oz) This coin is a restrike Linked BYB's video he did on this coin Asking for £695 with royal mail SD in the UK, open to our European friends with postage contributions. BT please
  7. For sale is a fine example of a 2005 bu full gold sovereign, there does not look to be anything wrong with the coin but please study the pictures and ask for anymore if required. The cheapest in stock I could find from UK dealers was round the £440 mark. My price is £395 posted SD UK mainland sale only please. The price is not much more than the expensive bullion grade sovereign by looking at @Darr3nG comparison site. Payment by PayPal friends and family or bank transfer.
  8. A nice vintage sterling silver (92.5%) charm bracelet with 21 charms including dinosaur,lion, spitfire, pixie, groat xxx beer barrel, shilling ect.. Each link of the bracelet is stamped with the lion passant.. I think this has been made with an old albertina chain, but has a clasp and functions as a bracelet. 63.8 grams total weight. I dont have acid to test the charms and would not do so anyway as it would spoil them..they are usually sterling. 50 pounds plus post of choice.
  9. For sale is a 3 coin sovereign proof set from 2018, recently returned from numi stacker. Full sovereign is 70, half is 69, quarter is 70. No box or COA After a thread I recently posted about a fair market value for these, the price is £950 £899 which will include fully insured SD up to £1000. Payment by bank transfer please. Below are links to the NGC website which will provide you with better photos so you can examine the coins properly for complete transparancy/legitimacy. Please take the time to look at the NGC photos if you are interested as they are better than mine! https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/5841584-072/70/ https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/5841584-073/69/ https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/5841584-074/70/ Any questions just ask! Thanks Max 😊
  10. Hi all Looking to sell the following: 4 x 1 oz Kookaburra 2015 25£ each 3 sets of 4 x 1 oz Birds of pray 2014/2015 96£/set or 24£ each coin full tube of 25 x 1/2oz 2014 Perth mint Great white shark 330£ SOLD 2016 China Panda "day and night" set 120£ + postage Items located in Denmark, banktransfer preferred
  11. £285 plus post of choice and risk. Bank transfer or PPFF Listed elsewhere.
  12. Selling some gold bits: 3x 1992 1/10 Oz Canadian Maples - Bullion Grade (they light makes them look worse in the photos than they actually look in real life) £178 each (+£1 if you want a 17mm capsule) 1x 2020 Gold Sovereign - Brand new, in Capsule with COA and fancy flip - £379 Prices do not include postage. Thank you for looking.
  13. Shall we have a cheeky month end auction on this awesome coin??? I think we should, so we're gunna 1915 Austrian 4 Ducat restrike Weighing 13.963g with a fine gold weight of 13.767 and at an impressive 39.5mm diameter, it's not one to be missed. BYB has done a video on this coin and I'd tell everyone to go check it out Starting price of £700. Bid increments of £1 please Finishes at 8pm (BST) on Saturday (01/08/2020) BT or PayPal F&F + postage of your choice Thanks for looking and happy bidding 👍
  14. Regional capitals NGCP70 2 of them are the only ones graded 70/ other two are 1 of two graded 70 transferwise/ free postage 3750 £
  15. Looking for a tube of brits ideally around the 520 + p&p mark
  16. Anyone has one that can go? Will pay a fair price or trade for a pcgs that I have (cc19, lot 173) with me covering shipping both ways. Pm and established members only pls Thx for watching
  17. Looking for £160 posted S.D.(can't post till fri morning) Bank Transfer Only. Any questions please ask. Forgot to add would exchange for UN-CIRCULATED 1964 kennedys(20) or a combination of cash and coins. 😁
  18. Hi I have two brit bars looking to exchange one or two like for like And a 10oz poured prospector For other 10oz of other bars poured or minted anything considered Or two bars for a 20oz poured like a scottsdale kit kat bar You get the picture Thought someone may be missing a brit bar or two or a prospector and want one Also Consider gold
  19. Been asked if I can track one of these down. If anyone has one please pm me Cheers
  20. 1) 50g Gold Umicore bar: £ Spot + 2.5% 2) $10 Gold Liberty head - gold weight 0.484oz: £ Spot + 4% Will accept part gold part cash in exchange Spot taken from Bullion by Post, time stamp taken from time of post in the thread of PM received. Buyers pays post Payment by BT or Paypal F&F More photo's on request.
  21. 3,300g or 0.500 UK coinage. Grades Fair to VF. Price is spot plus postage. BT preferred.
  22. Prices reduced. If there's something particular that you're looking for please PM me. Royal mint Brits 1oz / Queen’s Beasts 2oz bullion. PP friends & family or bank transfer, or pick up from CH60. Your choice and risk with postage. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Offer 1. 10 x 1 oz silver BRITANNIA 2019 oriental border - all in great condition and all in capsules. No milk spots, marks, toning. Price £260 £250 for 10x 1 oz silver BRITANNIA 2019 oriental border. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Offer 2. 10 x 1 oz silver BRITANNIA 2020 - all in great condition and all in capsules. No milk spots, marks, toning. Price £245 £235 for 10 x 1 oz silver BRITANNIA 2020. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Offer 3. 2 x 1 oz silver BRITANNIA 2011 - all in great condition plus 3 x 1 oz silver BRITANNIA 2012 - all in great condition. No milk spots, marks, toning. Price £280 for the 10 (4 x BRITANNIA 2011 + 6 x BRITANNIA 2012). Now Price £130 for the 5 (2 x BRITANNIA 2011 + 3 x BRITANNIA 2012). ________________________________________________________________________________________ Offer 4. 2019 Yale of Beaufort 2oz silver - all in great condition and all in capsules or 2020 White Lion of Mortimer 2oz silver - all in great condition and all in capsules. No milk spots, marks, toning. Price £240 £230 for 5 Yale silver 2oz coins. Price £250 £240 for 5 2020 Lion silver 2oz coins. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Offer 5. Set of 7 first 2oz silver QBs - all in very good condition and in capsules, the 7 coins are; 1 each of; 2016 Lion of England / 2017 Griffin of Edward III / 2017 Red Dragon of Wales / 2018 Unicorn of Scotland 2018 Black Bull of Clarence / 2019 Falcon of the Plantagenets / 2019 Yale of Beaufort. No milk spots, marks, toning. £485 £475 for the set of these 7 silver QB 2oz coins. ________________________________________________________________________________________ PM for more details. Pictures available on request. Thanks for your interest. PP friends & family or bank transfer, or pick up from CH60. Bruce.
  23. Title says it all. Sorry if this doesnt belong here but I didnt think it fit in the trade section. Thanks guys!
  24. AS above, £185 plus postage of your choice & risk, payment by PPFF or BT. Collectors be assured this coin is perfect with no spotting something quite a few of the 2013s suffered from.
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