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    wanted Zombucks

    Hey Everyone reaching out to the community to see if anyone has a few ZOMBUCKS im looking for to complete the set I still need... 1. Slayed Dollar 2. Murk Diem 3. The Barber 4. Walker
  2. Hi everyone Looking to add 2016-20 reverse proof Britannia to this years edition. If anyone has a 70 graded reverse proof 1oz, I am interested. I also have 2021 Britannia 1oz silver proof, raw/graded or graded reverse proof available as a swap if that’s if more interest. message me if you’re interested best jaconet
  3. Hi everyone Looking to add 2016-20 reverse proof Britannia to this years edition. If anyone has a 70 graded reverse proof 1oz or raw in great condition for sale, I am interested. I also have 2021 Britannia 1oz silver proof, raw/graded or graded reverse proof available as a swap if that’s if more interest. message me if you’re interested best jaconet
  4. Looking to purchase (at a decent price) the Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle 2020 2oz Silver Proof Piedfort Coin from the Perth Mint.
  5. 10oz Silver Britannia Bars Wanted am after about 2 to 4 happy to pay 300 each posted. Anyone willing to part with a few?
  6. *** UPDATED 31st July 2021*** Hey TSF members, Just looking to plug holes in my two boys Star Wars collections and looking for these silver coins - 2019 1 oz Niue Clone Trooper Star Wars Bullion Coin x 2 2019 1 oz Niue Darth Vader Star Wars Bullion Coin x 2 2020 1 oz Niue Mandalorian Mythosaur Star Wars Bullion Coin x 1 2020 1 oz Silver Britannia (Oriental Border) .999 Coin x 1 Postage would be to Surrey. Let me know by PM please what you have and what (reasonable) prices you have got them for - we can take it from there! Just drop a comment in the thread below to say that you have sent a PM. I can do payment by BTC or other major crypto, Paypal F&F or bank transfer. Thanks all, andsing56
  7. Looking for a Playstation 5 Console for my son... if anyone has one for sale
  8. Hello All, Looking to pick up some more of the Vegas gaming tokens or other gambleing rated silver items let me know what you have. Cheers
  9. Digs

    wanted Libertads

    Looking to fill some gaps in my 1 oz Libertad collection. 86, 87, 88, 89 91-95 2001-2006 2010 2016 and 2019 Please give me a shout if you have any you want to move on. Thank you
  10. Just wondering if any one has the Zues or Posedion, 1oz silver, they are willing to let go? Ryan
  11. Looking forward Victorian crowns in moderately good condition. Love crowns and always looking to buy more, especially in bulk. Thanks.
  12. Please message me if you have any of the 3 in the title - only looking for coins that includes all accessories - box, COA etc. Thanks all!
  13. I'm looking for a pf70 1989 sov if anyone has one for sale?
  14. Looking for 2021 1oz Gold Britannias, please message me with your best prices. Looking for as close to spot as possible. Also have lots of silver available for trade if that is preferred to cash.
  15. I am looking to purchase any sovereigns from between the dates 2005-2020 if any one is selling any please let me know.
  16. Im a bit late to the party on this but tentatively looking to pick these up What kind of prices are these going for these days? I could be interested.... I don't think the Hades is out yet? Many thanks
  17. Hello, Has anyone on the Forum got a few of these for sale?
  18. Would anybody be interested in swapping GOLD 1 Oz Krugerrands for Silver 1 Oz Maple Leafs or Philharmonikers at an exchange rate of ballpark (negotiable) 1:56?
  19. Please let me know if you have any, I have Griffin only so will need all other coins, PF70 with box and CAO only please. Thanks!
  20. Morning everyone I have a collection of 7 different Geiger square bars & decided my next project is to extend this. I have no idea how many sizes there are, but I’d like to add 1,2,3 or 4 the ones I have are 5g, 10g, 20g, 1oz, 50g, 100g all silver 1oz bar in gold. if anyone has sizes that complemented these & wants to sell. If I get offered duplicates then I might make a second set for a present but my priority is to extend my own collection. thank you, CliveB13
  21. Hi All I am interested in buying nice condition Shield Sovereigns and Half sovereigns. Sydney Type II’s also of interest Please feel to PM me if you are selling now or in the future Thanks Dicker
  22. Hi there, I am looking for 1g or 5g gold to buy, please send pictures and prices! regards
  23. Does anyone have £20 silver coins from 2020 and 2021 available? Looking for Welsh dragons- the ones that are only available at the Royal Mint experience. I haven't been able to visit due to the pandemic.
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