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Found 168 results

  1. Wanted to buy tube(s) of good condition silver eagles. Please PM price with shipping.
  2. Can anyone in the USA help please or point me in the right direction. I need 2 coins for completing my Britannia silver coin set. The 2018 one ounce silver Britannia with the smooth edge and the 'dog' privy embossed on the rim. Also the 2019 with "pig" privy. These coins were manufactured exclusively I think for A-Mark and I believe their distributor, to the likes of us mere mortals, is called Goldline. I am unable to access Goldline from the UK getting a 403 Forbidden message and this might be because they don't want our money. If anyone knows of a supplier or can get hold of either or both of these coins please send me a PM. Strange that the other privies are readily available and I just bought the latest 2020 "rat" for regular price. If the price is reasonable and not highly speculative I could perhaps purchase a tube of 25 coins and we can discuss compensation for assistance. Many thanks
  3. Hi does anybody have any 1970 gold coins any size would be considered Thanks
  4. Hi there, Trying to get my hands on two Sovereign tubes, the mint ones with the yellow cap I believe, however they’re sold out everywhere! Does anyone have any they’re willing to sell? Will pay well. Thank you. Edit; I'm located in London UK.
  5. A friend of mine is looking for a 2017 Half Sovereign. He is very specific in what he wants so here is the list: 1) 2017 Half Sovereign 2) PCGS 3) Reverse facing forward on the slab 4) Gold Shield Slab wanted If you have one let me know.
  6. Hi Im after a 2020 Proof Sovereign NGC PF70 with box and cert if anyone has one for sale. Thanks Tim
  7. Hello I am looking for Queen 2 ounce gold if anyone want to sell. thank you
  8. It's been a while since I put a shout out for this. If you have one going please let me know.
  9. Hi All I am on the hunt for the 2020 1/4 oz White Horse of Hanover (Bullion). I can either offer cash or exchange for a 2016 1/4 oz Lion of England (Bullion). Please PM me if you have one available
  10. I am buying for a melt project. So looking for items as cheap as possible. Things you have tried to get rid of but couldn’t. Things you were too embarrassed to list. Things you wished you didn't buy. Things you are willing to let go below scrap preferably. Thanks.
  11. I'm looking to purchase a tube of 25 x 2020 silver Britannias and willing to pay up to £520 including Royal Mail special delivery. Preferred method of payment would be via PayPal Please let me know what you have for sale. Thank you.
  12. So looking for several coins for price/trade: Perth Mint 2018 2 oz figure 8 dragon Royal Canadia Mint 2019 multifaceted wolf $25 Pobjoy mint 2009 Terracotta army set (2 crown silver with figurine) $10 2000 luxor anubis silver strike Kazakhstan 2018 500 tenge "Kokburi" sky wolf 1 oz (gilded/diamonds) If anyone has any of these let me know via pm or here. Thanks, Jkarr
  13. Looking for 1g, 2.5g or 5g Gold Bars, If you are interested in selling any let me know. Please, no silly prices 🤣 I will compare to online dealers. I am willing to trade for Sovs or Half Sovs also Thanks
  14. Once again I am after a few more Britannia or Asahi bars in good condition. Willing to pay £210 ish plus p&p. I would prefer to buy from established members of the forum.
  15. Hi I am looking for the dragon and unicorn. Offers pls
  16. Looking to buy 1oz Gold Bullion QB White Horse to upto date PM me offers
  17. Hello, I am in the market for a 50 Pesos Centenario. If you have one available feel free to get in touch through DM with some pictures of the coin and an asking-price please. Cheers! J
  18. Hi everyone, I am just looking to see if anyone has a 1/10 & 1/20 Oz 2020 (Series 3) Gold Perth Mint Year of the Mouse for sale?
  19. As I have both the 2019 & 2020 10 oz Valiant I would like to acquire the 2018 version which is quite diffrent to the 2 latest designs who as one with the best prices including postage thx.
  20. I am looking for Royal Canadian Mint 10oz bars as well as kilo and platinum. Please contact!. Thank you
  21. Long shot here guys looking for a graded 1818 sovereign. MS grades only please PM me if you have one your willing to sell
  22. After one of these in perfect condition, a newer bar would be preferable in plastic holder. Looking to pay £600 delivered, willing to trade some fractional gold plus cash.
  23. Looking for one in perfect condition no marks or issues that comes in correct capsule. Looking for lowest price possible and open to trades for other items. Have a 2013 proof half sov, a few 1/10th The Royal Arms, 1 x 2018 1/10th Britannia, 1 x 2019 1/10th Britannia and two silver Britannias with milk spots (2018 - 2019) A combination of items above and cash either way would be ideal for me.
  24. I am looking for some proof sovereigns in the following dates: 1983, 1986 ,1988 (Full Proof) 1990, 1992, 1993, 1996 (Full Proof) 2013, 2014 (Full Proof) 1990, 1992,1995 (Half Proof) Ideally with box and coa. Not slabed ones
  25. can anyone get the 10oz silver scottsdale stacker bar capsules? Photo shows the ones I need. Need 10 potentially. I have searched everywhere I can think and either sold out or don't sell them. They have to be specific to the bar, not normal shaped 10oz capsules. Thanks in advance
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