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Found 157 results

  1. Hi Thanks to a few lovely Silver Forum members i have been able to from no silver at the beginning of this lock down to beginning of a nice start along a hopefully long road of silver stacking. Now though its time to switch attention to gold. I thought id try a different approach and tell you my budget and ask what you can offer for that amount. i have reached out to a couple of you already but as my budget has changed i felt i would ask everyone. So £2,000 what can you offer??? Preferably 999 fine, i don't mind silver being used as a filler too, but obviously i want gold. Thanks in advance.
  2. That can trade an account for a us resident. i have one but trade is expensive. Thanks, Pat
  3. Wanted 2oz kraken or Canada goose Will pay £45 per coin looking for 5
  4. I'm wanting to expand my metals collection to include some more exotic things. Do you have an ingot, bottled sample, powder or even something minted in any of the more unusual metals? - palladium - rhodium - rhenium - osmium - iridium - ruthenium And of course a nice ounce, density cube or kilo of copper to complete the set. Do get in touch if you have some or know of a good source.
  5. Looking to add some bullion sovereigns to my collection. And i like date-runs hence my search for these years specifically : 1914, 1816, 1917, 1919 1929, 1930, 1931, 1965, 1979 Get in touch if you have any of these and would like to part with it. Done multiple deals on here, always hassle free transaction. Cheers!
  6. I am looking for 10 oz Geiger silver bars and don’t want to pay the crazy prices on E-Bay Please note that I am brand new at this so please excuse me if I make any mistakes in protocol.
  7. Looking for Libertads 1oz Will pay 19.00 per coin looking for 5
  8. As per title - anyone have a spare at a competitive price please Also looking for the 3rd in the giants of the ice age set (sabre tooth tiger I think) 2018 dragon rectangle bar x 4
  9. Hi all, I'm looking to buy ~200g of pre-1947 0.500 scrap (or ~110g pre-1920 .925). I'm looking to pay spot +10%, so ~£50, but will consider other offers. Cheers!
  10. Hi, Looking for one there via the forum. Spotted one via a dealer for £215 but would prefer shopping here now for a better price a bit of community. Not the reserve stacker but the 10 oz stacker - the one with reverse swirl pattern. Thanks in advance. P
  11. Hi, I've just aquired one of these bars and have been searching for a capsule ansd seems like you can't find one for love nor an awful lot of money. Any chances there's an extra one I could purchase?
  12. As above, preferably in capsules, Thanks
  13. Anyone got any they want to sell? What years you got and how much? Thanks
  14. I would be interested in buying one or two 10 oz silver bars for up to £185.00 I'm not too bothered which mint they are from as long as they are in good condition. Please let me know what you might have for sale. Thanks.
  15. I am rebuilding a boxset as its a special year and am missing the 2009 britannia and the kew 50p The brit is first on the list As it is going in a set i dont need a boxed coa version just a nice one in the capsule Pm me with prices or can swap for silver if preferred Thanks all Mike
  16. Any 1oz 999 silver maybe 2oz to haha
  17. One of the refiners I am working with is after large quantities of silver scrap. Minimum 2kg but no upper limit. willing to pay 97% after being melted and assayed. Better rates for sterling and higher.
  18. I’m interested in acquiring more U.S. 90% constitutional / junk silver at or about spot.
  19. I'm looking to complete a double Sovereign proof date run, 1980 to present. Ideally looking to source Graded 69 & 70's. I have the Special Reverse coins and now need other dates. If anyone has them to sell and wants to take advantage of the high gold price!!! please PM me and see if we can do a deal... Many thanks for reading!
  20. As title suggests i am a after a 10oz Envela Essential Workers May 2020 Bar from someone in the uk if there is one available happy to pay around £220 Thanks for your time fellow forum members.
  21. Looking for an empty tube for sovereigns, trying to gather some of those up Only looking to pay a couple quid plus normal post so dont be getting all excited with prices lol
  22. Seeking the following dates for my collection if anyone has any spares in decent condition. 1987 1988 1989 1997 1998 1999 2000 2002 2006 Thanks
  23. Hi there. Was wo daring if anyone was selling the marvel 1 oz silver series or World of dragons 1 oz rounds. Looking to try get complete sets so if anyone has any for sale gimme a post here with your offer or PM. Thanks.
  24. Hey all, im looking for a 10oz Queens Beast UNICORN of Scotland. Only the Unicorn, nothing else at the moment. Lets see what you got...... Thanks for peeking in 👍
  25. Hello I am collecting 1 oz Silver bars in the traditional shape (e.g Perth Mint Dragons) I am wondering if anyone has any single items for sale? -I only have five at the moment. Thank you
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