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Found 19 results

  1. SALE!!! last chance for this 6.8 grams of specimen gold with white quartz. From Canadian Yukon. $340.00 free shipping Anywhere in the US. ( international is extra) Venmo or PP Send me a message if interested , I am Also willing to trade for 6 grams of gold bars, or 19 ounces of silver. DM If you have any offers for trade, it never hurts to ask. Located in Southern California . SL is for size reference only , not included.
  2. Hello I have a proposal to sell or exchange my studio equipment and record collection. ( Sounds barmy doesn’t it )I would prefer to exchange my goods for gold or silver, coins or bars. All weights and fractions considered.. I am offering in exchange Roland V synth Keyboard in excellent working condition £ 1500.00 no original box as this is 20 years old with manuals Roland MC909 sampling Groove box in excellent working condition £ 1000.00 also with Manuals Roland 2080 sound module with A 33 full size ( 76 key ) midi keyboard £500.00 synth Stand £150.00 3 tier Genelec studio monitor powered speakers. 1 sub and 2 monitors £ 1000.00 Mackie 1604 VLZ 16 channel Mixer £ 500.00 Akai S3000 sampler £ 450.00 Behringer compressor Expander £150.00 Mark of the Unicorn 2408 mk3 £450.00 PCI / PCIE card 324/ 424 £200.00 Technics 1210 turntables x2 with pioneer DJM mixer £1600.00 with stand Zoom RFX pitchshifter £50.00 2000 Vinyl dance records Including rare old skool originals and white label promos all negotiable and various prices and good to excellent condition. Anything less I will call this out at the time so if there’s interest on the site I will begin to load up photos and bolt on some other bits and pieces. please feel free to ask questions and I will answer and update accordingly
  3. American Silver Eagle 1oz silver coin in black with 24k guilding, 3D skull Number 158/500 mintage worldwide with COA immaculate condition COUNTRY: USAYEAR: 2019FACE VALUE: $1DESIGN: KING'S SKULLMETAL: 999 SILVERWEIGHT: 1 OZDIAMETER: 40.6 MMFINISH: 24K GOLD GILD **COLOUR**QUALITY: BUNCMINTAGE: 500C.O.A: YESPRESENTATION CASE: YES Happy to sell for £67.50 including special delivery postage or exchange for silver anything considered More photos available if needed
  4. Hello all, I would like to sell a lot of my collection of statues and action figures.... and other miscellaneous items. I don't have many Star Wars action figures, but I have all of the Lord of the Rings (not that Hobbit junk). I have some Narnia (Lion, Witch and Wardrobe) figures. For statues, I have way too many to list. Star Wars... just the good years plus some Darth Maul stuff, but no Disney junk. If you have never seen the statues, I would say to check out Sideshow Collectibles, but what I have is not on their site and has been long sold out. See Shelob ($90 USD) in the photo. If metal is your thing, then I have a 24" pewter Aragorn. ($225 USD) I also am willing to sell Kit Rae swords, daggers, etc. If you have never seen the Kit Rae fantasy stuff, it's awesome! I also have an authentic Elven Cloak ($800 USD) that has never been displayed. https://stansborough.co.nz/product/lord-of-the-rings-trilogy-licensed-fellowship-fabric-cloak/ So if you have any interest in any of those 3 movies/books, shoot me a message because I have a lot that I am willing to part with. I take USD or... silver, platinum, gold... the good stuff. I am also very fair with shipping even International. These are only a very small sample of the things I have. Thanks for stopping by.
  5. 25 EU Fabulous 15 - CANADA MAPLE LEAF 2016 Sell or Exchange Free shipping in EU, ⭐⭐⭐
  6. 1g gold or £50 cash plus post, paypal or bank transfer
  7. So it seems with everything going on, regular silver dollars are being appreciated and back up to getting a price they deserve, the 1928-S is considered somewhat of a key date, low mintage, £50 plus post of choice, there are 2 on eBay right now £88-£89.99, paypal or bank transfer Cash or gold as payment
  8. Looking to consolidate stack into American coinage, so if you're looking to diversify into Canadian silver, this deal could be for you FOR SALE OR TRADE: lot of (24) 1966 Canadian dollars. I'm sure everyone knows this... these are 80% silver by weight, contain 0.6 Toz of silver each. Total weight is 14.4 Toz of silver for the lot. If sale: $288 by Zelle, I'll split shipping so pls add $4. If trade: asking 14 ASEs in similar condition, need not be same date, each party responsible for own shipping. I'd also entertain other offers (gold?), so let me know. I have other Canadian dollars and will post soon. Thx for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  9. I have this full roll of 20 2018 Perth Mint Swan coin --Asking price: USD 60.00 each --Mintage only 25,000 --$4 shipping for US buyer, $10 for Canadian buyer, $13 for other countries ( all shipping with tracking N0.) --PayPal to friends or +3% for service --Thanks for looking and PM if you are interested I am also looking to buy or exchange one 2017 swan, missed this 1st one. Thanks!
  10. As the title says. £335 including SD postage. Maybe swap for something, something gold and sovereign size, plus a little bit of silver? Can post pics if each coin close up if needed.
  11. Right peeps here you go 2015 Gibson Les Paul Jr with Gibson hard case. I have replaced the G-Force tuners with Grovers, yet they are included if you wish to put them back on. £550 or swap for sovereigns and cash either way.
  12. Hi guys, I've gathered a few bits that I feel just don't fit in my stack at the moment. Some really nice bits but just not for me. Not loads but here is what I'd like to offer for sale, open to negotiations of course, especially if you are interested in multiples. I've tried to be fair with prices and offer a decent saving over places like ebay: - Set of Canadian Predator 1 oz coins (x1) £79 - 1 oz Geiger square bar (x1): £22 - Approx 110 g 999 silver shot: SOLD - 1967 MS62 Canadian Goose dollar 80% silver (x1): £14 - 2 oz poured silver skull by SilverStan (x1): SOLD - 1 oz 999 silver shot in glass vials (x5): £19.00 each I would consider exchange/part ex trades too. I'm after the following: - Modern style 1 oz silver libertads (x11) - Paul von Hindenberg 2 Reichsmark coins (x25) - 1/4 oz gold bullion coins (any considered but libertads, maples and eagles preferred) I also have an oversupply of the cheaper capsules for 1 oz coins. Anyone who makes a silver purchase can have these for 10p each, and a spare silver krugerrand tube that you can have for £1. All purchases subject to additional P&P of buyers choice. Cheers.
  13. ABC 10 oz, $295 Scottsdale reserve, $295 2012 Koalas, $32.5 each Pamp, $45 each Army $1 coin, $40 Presidents club $1 coin, $40 Opm 1oz $32.5 Silver stunner, $27.5 $2 mis, $45 50c mis, $25.5 20c mis, $25.5 2c mis, $25.5 1c mis $35
  14. You are looking at a beautiful 2015 ngc graded PF70UC Sovereign - designated 1 of first 200 graded. Amazing coin - asking $600.
  15. Price: 2013 Half Proof Sov - £220 includes Royal Mail Special Delivery Payment: Bank transfer Important notes: UK postage only 2013 Sov - All marks are on the capsule Trade options for 2013 Half Proof Sov: 1/4 Gold Queens Beasts - Griffin, Dragon, Falcon, Yale, Unicorn or White Lion with £90 cash your way. Open to silver weight trade offers
  16. I am selling or trading some things to get more silver and gold to cast . I have this graded Morgan dollar that has some natural album toning . I have a better graded one , so I can let this one go to e new home now . Graded by ICG MS63 . Either $65.00 (shipping included)or trade for 3 ounces of 999 silver , or 4 ounces of .925 scrap, or 1 gram of 999 gold. I would also consider some 14k scrap.( I use it to make jewelry)
  17. For Sale: 2018 Full Gold Sovereign, offers considered. Wanted: 2019 Full Gold Sovereign. I would consider an exchange but this might be a long shot. I need the 2019 for my date run and ordered the 2019 from Sharps Pixley in 2019 and they sent 2018. I’d just sell the 2018 sovereign and source the 2019 sovereign elsewhere, the 2018 sovereign is in a capsule and never handled.
  18. Shipping from Belgium. Various silver coins for sale or exchange against 1 oz BU maples. 1 oz silver 2018 R.A.O.E, GIBRALTAR, mintage 50.000 (1 available) SOLD (OFF FORUM) 1 oz silver 2017 TRIDENT, BARBADOS, mintage 30.000 (1 available) € 22 1 oz silver 2019 VALIANT, UK, mintage 100.000 (5 available) € 19 (only in combination with other coins) 2 oz silver 2017 QUEENS BEAST GRIFFIN OF EDWARD III (1 available) € 70 12x Belgian 90% silver coins. Latin Monetary Union and pre-LMU as well. Pricing and details below table. EDIT: I'm not selling only Valiants. I've added them to optimize shipping costs in combination with other coins.
  19. 'evening everyone. Testing the waters again with another offer for trade... 250 Kennedy Halves 40% for Silver Eagles. Using CoinApps.com, 250 Kennedys at 40% = 36.97 Troy Ounces. At today's closing spot price of $17.18, the total silver value is $635.2. I'd ask for 34 ASEs in trade value. That assumes $18.67 / ASE. So I'd be offering the 250 Kennedys (40%) at spot price for 34 ASEs at right around $1.50 over spot price. I know not a lot of people stack 40%, but in this deal you gain right about 3 ozs. Pls double check my math, but I do believe it's correct! I'll be home on 23 Dec and could post pics of the Kennedys if folks express interest. Also proffered trade a few hours ago.... tube of 2017 Queens Beast Griffins for 43 ASEs. Thanks for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
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