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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I'm looking to trade any of the below: 5x 3x 2020 Krugerrand 1x 2019 Somalia Leopard 1x 2016 Canadian Howling Wolves (3/4 Oz) Koala: 1x 2010 1x 2014 2x 2015 1x 2016 1x 2017 Kooks: 1x 2011 1x 2015 1x 2016 1x 2020 Somalia Elephants: 1x 2015 1x 2016 1x 2017 I’m looking for any of these: Somalia Leopard 2020 Koala: 2007, 2009, 2011-2013, 2018, 2020 Kook: 1990 - 1993, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2004-2006, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2017, 2019 Somalia Elephant: 2004 - 2009, 2012, 2018 - 2020 Krugs: 2018, 2019 Moon landing coins Pandas (Any year other than 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2020) Dragon Bars (Not 2018, 2019) (Ghana) African Leopard 2019 Any Simpsons 1oz coin Cheers
  2. Hi everyone! I am looking to exchange this 100oz silver bar currently selling for over £2700 at Bairds for gold (British preferable). I would like to receive 1oz gold coind (QBs or Britannia) + other smaller coins to add up to a similar value. Feel free to comment/PM any offers. Thanks
  3. 1863 half sov, comes in a capsule!..bit battered. But it's gold... Exchange for silver
  4. Ive just started to slowly trickle out my sports cards for sale on sportscard forum (100% feedback over 100 transactions) and some on Ebay (jimmy-v-cardboard 100% feedback over 300 transactions). Im doing this to support my stack habit... I was wondering if anyone (probably would not be worth it on the other side of the pond but who knows Ive never went outside of US/Canada) was interested in trading their silver or even Copper for Sportscards. Or even flat out buying. PM me or post here. If you are looking for a particular player or team, GU, Autod let me know. I carry mostly football but do have Basketball, Baseball, Non Sports and "odds and ends". Im currently getting ready to list GU Marinos and then possibly Tannehills. Yeah im a Dolphins fan and yes I pulled some of my favorites. Thanks for looking and reading. I have a site with most of the cards that I was trading with to give you an idea. If the link doesnt work let me know. http://www.facciolli.com/cards/index.php?cat=10001
  5. I’ve Got some spare Queens Anne’s revenge 1oz silver untouched and still in capsules I love the black flag series but missed out getting in early with the second in The series (the royal fortune) Am Refusing to pay the money 💰 they are at now !! So If anyone had a spare royal fortune and would like to swap for a queen Anne’s revenge please let me know Uk 🇬🇧 Only ideally 🏴‍☠️ ☠️⚔️
  6. 10 x 1oz. Mint condition in capsules and sealed in bags, Will exchange for bullion silver preferably ASE..
  7. Anyone got britania bars they want to exchange for coins... Got a large selection...
  8. Loads of new 2020 kangaroos for exchange... Preferably with ASE.. Other coins considered.. Will exchange 15 roos for 14 ASE..
  9. Recently purchased from a site member, in like new condition including boxes & info card amazing high relief design. Decided to consentrate on building up a large coin stack so there here for exhange. Most coins considered.. But prefer ones without the Queens head on! ASE would be ideal..
  10. I've got mint 2020 kangaroos in tubes of 25.. Anyone want to exchange for other coins.. Preferably ASE?
  11. Looking to swap 1kg bars for coins.. What deals will anyone offer? I also have a 100oz I would consider swapping..
  12. Would prefer an exchange for coins or message me with a cash offer. Scottsdale 10oz stacker.. Has had loads of stacking action.. Lots of marks and has turned a light golden colour. Warrior series 'the hussars' 2oz coin, in box, all like new condition. Fine mint 100g
  13. Aztec calendar rounds wanted .. preferably exchange..
  14. I have 16 rolls of Extremely Rare, unused, mint -state Andrex Supreme Quilt Toilet Roll. The softness of this next to your bum has to be experienced to be believed. Still in OMP but am happy to split. Would like to exchange for 1oz of nice shiny gold or will accept 4 full sovs at a push. Free SD delivery. Thanks for looking.
  15. Hi looking to swap a 1g gold bar for x3 BU silver coins, or with extra cash for a 10oz Silver bar thanks
  16. I have 7 silver liberty coins cull and one silver Morgan cull. Wish to get royal mint silver coins.
  17. Looking to swap my 1kg for queens beasts 10oz ones or kookaburra 10oz ones anybody interested ??? Thank you
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