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  1. Thank you so much for the advice Auricsstash! I totally take on board what you’re saying and the benefit of your hindsight is invaluable! Best wishes Matt
  2. I hadn’t considered gold as I thought would be more complex/difficult or “out of my league” to be honest. Having just taken a quick look, I can see that would be approx 3.6g - 5g per month; which also seems infinitely more storable, and no tax to pay either which is also a big benefit. Out of curiosity, what would be the benefit of stacking silver over gold? Easier to sell a smaller amount of silver; more about numismatics; more affordable/cheaper to get into? Thank you for the advice - definitely something for me to consider...
  3. Hi all! I’ve been a member of the forum for a couple of days and have been reading up, watching YouTube videos, and generally trying to sort out an approach to investing in silver going forwards. I am interested in investing in silver as a long term insurance / safety strategy as a secondary interest after investing in my ISA and work pension. Nothing fancy, and no master plan to end up becoming my own private version of the royal mint lol. From what I’ve read so far, I think my plan is to buy around 10oz per month as this is affordable and not money I would otherwise “miss” (I’m looking at the Scottsdale stackers as they look nice, stack which does wonders for my OCD, and seem to be a reasonable investment overall). I’m not really concerned with numismatics - other than potentially Britannia’s for CGT if this possibly comes into play when I die - I’ve got another 44 years til I’m 80 as a guide. Im then looking to supplement with a 1kg purchase once a year as a “bulk” top up. Again, maybe the Scottsdale 1kg stackers, or unicorn poured or similar - whatever works out best value but is from a recognised refinery/mint. Does this seem reasonable as an approach? Secondly - as the world seems to have basically come to an end at the moment and things are slightly chaotic, I can see there’s basically no silver around for sale anyway. I can get some 2020 Britannia’s from gold.co.uk, and am wondering if this is “worth it” at the moment until things get back to normal, or if I should just wait and see what happens for now - after all, I’m not in any rush! Any/all advice gratefully received! Cheers Matt
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