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  1. Looking at selling some of the silver bars bought recently to fund another purchase. There will be a dozen kg bars mostly umicore, metalor and valcambi, and an engelhard. Also a couple 5kg bars and 9 100g bars. I have them in storage but can forward images in a few days to interested parties, all were purchased via the forum in the last few months. Ideally a job lot sale would be best and would consider a slight reduction but would consider splitting. The 1kg bars will be £625 plus postage, the 5kg bars £3100 plus postage, the 100g bars £70 plus postage but want to sell these as a set of 9 preferably(100g bars now sold) . The engelhard 1kg I'm open offers. I think prices are fair, if I'm out let me know. Many thanks
  2. I sent an email an email buy some but it's weekend so could be more than that when the open Monday 😬
  3. Maybe I'm naive in this market but I'd like to think a longevity business in any market would have potential future customers best interests at heart, return custom is everything. The digital worlds a small world. It's a business though so obviously needs profits, it can't serve if its not making profit.
  4. These look pretty good value at Chards 1 Ounce Gold Britannia Coin Bullion Best Value - Newly Minted from £1,358.03 (Exempt/No VAT) Status: Orderable
  5. If you're not interested in art and don't have much knowledge of the industry I'd say you'd be better using your time to focus on what you do know, especially in the current climate. Having gone through 2008 the next few years is likely to be tough for 90% of the art industry. There will be opportunities in the flipping game if that's what you're into but alot less than the previous years, even in the urban art print release game as alot of end buyers of that market will have alot less disposable income, you'll need to be much more selective on which artists to focus on. On the plus side if you're cash rich theres likely to be alot of opportunities to buy good work at lower prices with volume needing to sell quick. It took a year or so last time around then a flood of work hit the market. My advice is if you're thinking you'll be selling in the next 6-12months nows probably a better time if you can get a decent price, I wouldn't sit back too long to see how it's going to unfold. If you sell now you could still get a good price, if you wait you'll either get a good price as before or loose a chunk/struggle to sell, it's unlikely much will be going up so holding on too long has negative possibilities but no real plus marks. Hopefully it'll all be fine and dandy though 😀
  6. Those are beautiful, love the scale of the monumental pieces! Really like William Russell Flint as well, have a lovely watercolour years ago, not sure if I still have an image. What's this thread again? 🙃
  7. I'm enjoying looking at the coins, trying to learn, bought a couple just because I liked the images/look. I imagine you get more pleasure from coins than bars for sure. Artwise I've a real mix in tastes, my day job is dealing in Banksy, being doing that a long time now, as far as collecting its anything from Banksy to the other end of the spectrum Frank Mckelvey, just love his use of light and shadows, close to home as well, they couldn't be anymore different. Have quite a few Blackshaws whose somewhere in the middle. All have interesting backstories though and with the art that's just as interesting to me. I love sculptures too, bit like PM I guess, just nice to touch.
  8. AndyL

    Gold bars

    Thanks I'll check them out 👌
  9. AndyL

    Gold bars

    Hi all, I've bought some silver and toying with buying some gold bars different sizes as reasonable a price as possible if anyone has anything to offer. I'm sure I'll look at coins in time but I haven't the knowledge /confidence atm so looking more at bars/weight for now although I guess I would consider coins if it feels right. With the little knowledge I have golds pretty high and the ratio to silver seems to favour silver atm, what's people's thoughts on this given the current possible economical dark cloud?
  10. AndyL

    Hello all

    Thanks at @5huggy 😊
  11. AndyL

    Hello all

    Thanks Kevin 😊
  12. AndyL

    Hello all

    Thanks, I've bought a few bits the last couple days and just agreed something else but yeah I think you're right, I'll hold off after this one and let things settle to see where the land lies 👌
  13. AndyL

    Hello all

    Thanks Mike 👍
  14. AndyL

    Hello all

    Is there any European silver dealers from outside the UK on the forum who are vat registered? This margin scheme scenario of purchasing as a vat registered company in the UK under the margin scheme from European vat registered company is confusing me. Happy to chat privately and if there's anything in it to help others on the forum. It's something I've used with other goods as I've ordered framing materials from the Republic, provided my vat number for importing into the UK, vat gets squashed then I just pay vat on the profit margin. Would make it alot more interesting with silver but does seem too good to be true. Same thing with a client from Holland with a vat registered business purchasing primary artwork from a UK company vat registered artist, he provides his vat number, vat gets squashed as long as you keep proof of the shipping. He would pay whatever his vat is when he resell. It's the margin scheme that makes it potentially interesting though, If I was under the normal vat scheme it wouldn't make any difference as I'd still have to charge the 20% on top when selling. If anyones interested or if there's a straight and simple reason it doesn't work I'd love to hear. I'm not looking to be a silver dealer BTW just looking ways to lower the cost, like everyone else I'm sure! Sorry for the essay!
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