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  1. Many thanks for your inputs gentelmen, please see attached pictures for the issues raised. There seems to be a nick on the left chest side of the horse, rather than anything else, for the date I tried to take as clearer pictures as I could Thanks again much appreciated
  2. Ηi it's varied from 22.06mm to 22.18 isnt that weird? Or because of the it's uneven in thickness is squares out the difference?
  3. Hello gents, I am not very savvy with sovereigns, I have received a few recently and all seem to be fine. Sound and weight is correct but diameter is off any ideas? Should I send it back as this is a 1980 sov and I wouldn't expect a coin to be off by that much, but on the other hand I wouldn't expect them newer sovs to be counterfeited, press or striking error maybe? Weight:8 gr Width 1.43 to 1.56 Diameter varied
  4. The larger the bar the harder it is to sell, especially if you are not going to sell to it a dealer(take -3%-4% off spot price if sold to a dealer). Moreover, having 5x100gr bars vs a 500gr bar gives you the oppurtonity to sell part of your stack if needed. Also keep in mind now that gold is on a bull market, dealers will buy back anything immediatelly, as there is high demand for gold and they will be able to resell it straight away , but when things are slow and gold is not so desirable you might have a harder time selling a bigger bar (as in those times not everything se
  5. 100 gr is the best choise for me!! much easier to sell if needed than a 300gr bar. 100gr austrian mint bars
  6. Update, please re-run tests, all should be fine now "Hello Nik, We hope that you are doing well. We have recently updated the application (version 0.9.10) to take the speciality of these Willems/Wilhelminas coins. The score should be corrected. Please don't hesitate to inform us if you find other unusual cases. Thanks again for your help! Best regards, Precious Coin Tester team"
  7. Big thanks to svcollector!! Awesome service and coins
  8. Just got these two in, 1962 and 1980s full sovereigns. It appears that the old sov is in much better shape that the newer one. Any ideas
  9. Some LMU & Engraved plates for my diy cases!!!
  10. Hi, from personal experience there is no comparison between the 2 asset classes. Property is a cash flow generating asset providing passive income while gold is a safe heaven to be part of your portfolio and probably hug before bedtime. Similarities between the 2 -hard assets -they can both create capital gains -both add up to generational wealth creation
  11. Incoming, 20 Greek gold drachmai and 5 silver drachmai.
  12. Many thanks my 1875 and 1877 coins sound different as well to my 1926 and 1933 coins. The 1875-77 scores 3/3 while the 1926-33 scores 1/3 , so it has to be the same for all coins produced after 1911
  13. Hi guys many thanks for your inputs, propably has to do with the app, as different date runs have different composition of complementary metals thus the sound variation I suggest you submit your results to the app developers so they can update their results.
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