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  1. Incoming, 20 Greek gold drachmai and 5 silver drachmai.
  2. Many thanks my 1875 and 1877 coins sound different as well to my 1926 and 1933 coins. The 1875-77 scores 3/3 while the 1926-33 scores 1/3 , so it has to be the same for all coins produced after 1911
  3. Hi guys many thanks for your inputs, propably has to do with the app, as different date runs have different composition of complementary metals thus the sound variation I suggest you submit your results to the app developers so they can update their results.
  4. Some 10 Nederland gulden and a Greek king George 20 drachmai
  5. Hi no I don't have any analytics machines just used the application and contacted the app creators which seem to be very helpful and knowledgable
  6. Problem solved I have send an email with the sound, I quote the reply: "Our first analysis shows that these wilhelminas seem to have a slightly higher resonance frequency (higher sound) than Willems usually. ( This slight difference may be due to the different obverses, or the 10% complementary metals inside the coin (silver vs. copper, for example). ) We would need the Willem sound data to confirm our analysis, then we can take this into consideration and update the ratings accordingly. " I recommend the app for both silver and gold coins. Hope this is
  7. I use pms to diversify my portfolio mainly, gold allocation is around 5-10% of my net worth. My goal is to have passive income when I retire so I focus on cash flow generating investments such as rental properties. When there is no better option or I have spare cash I will spend more on gold regardless of the price and try to balance my portfolio later on
  8. I did run some more custom tests it this is what I came up with Purity 90% (as per original) match 1/3 Purity 89% match 2/3 Purity 88% match 3/3
  9. When I usually buy coins I prefer using respectable dealers I run some tests myself such as weight and dimensions with digital scales and calipers as well as the ping test. I recently came across a very good app "precious coin tester" and run tests to my gold coins such as sovereigns, marks, drachmas and gulden. They have all cleared fine and scored a 3/3 of the ping test, including some 1875 Willem 10 gulden but... 3 out of 3 of my 1925-1933 wilhelmina 10 gulden coins scored 1/3 on the test. The thing is they are all bought from different dealers. I
  10. In my opinion gold price will keep rising for the next couple of years as the economic climate will probably worsen in a years time. Bought some fractional gold in April and early May but I will try not to until it consolidates to a lower price. Unfortunately covid was/is a big catalyst for gold and I do not foresee a big crash anytime soon I wish I am wrong so I can buy some more, as I am not properly positioned in pms
  11. Well I am not very savvy either to be honest...read a few things looked for coins I liked. Few weeks ago I have purchased some 1/2 1,2,3 and 5 silver marks and 10 & 20 gold marks in au condition of wilhelm II of prussia. I have noticed that the prices for the gold coins in particular are pretty close to what I have paid . Off topic but these days I am looking into ancient alexander the great and attica owl coins whose price is unaffected by the the whole situation
  12. Personally I would wait a bit longer! It might take a few months but the price will settle. if its just for a coin or two(sovereigns marks,coronas not oz coins) buy it if its going to make you feel better. Another thing is to look into gold numismatics as the gap between numinmatics and bullion coins is now smaller
  13. love them restrikes, I believe someone who likes francs shouldnt look down on these coins. Judging from myself when I was a newbie in pm (still am) I went straight for the bars, wouldnt even consider the plillharmonics, didnt even look the section with the coins
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