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  1. Dow S&P nasdaq all on a massive suckers rally. The Fed is in panic mode printing that money to keep bonds and stocks high on a sea of lies. Debt to GDP is unsustainable and the Fed cannot print forever, that debt has to be serviced or defaulted on. Fed cannot print jobs and cash flows! P/E on the US stocks is above 33 times on average which is stupidly high. Once the bad figures come in end Q2 the massive unemployment, huge numbers of businesses gone to the wall, no recovery in the near future and the Fed has to stop printing there will be a FIAT currency crisis the like of which the world has never seen before. All powell and mnuchin are hoping for is a huge return to consumer spending overnight to save the American and world economies and it just ain't going to happen. Here in the UK the only good news is that we have jumped from the sinking titantic known as the EU thank goodness but our forcasts are dire. Gold and Silver will shoot to the moon in my opinion.
  2. Be very careful storing in the fridge. A guy down south stored 11 ounces in his fridge with 4 pints of milk, 6 eggs and the FBI found out and took him into CUSTARDY !!
  3. They said they buy silver when the ratio goes abover 70:1 in Mikes case and Peter said that anyone can see silver is a no brainer and the bottoms on the chart are obviously in "a village idiot can see silver is a buy"
  4. They both say keep a balanced portfolio but they both say silver is the better buy because of the ratio to gold at the moment. In fact they are both saying there is even a better buy than gold and silver at this time and it is the miners because there is a compound benefit in buying gold miners especially the juniors.
  5. No he is still diversifying but like Malony is saying silver is a better buy than gold because it is so undervalued and at the current Gold Silver ratio it is worth holding more than the usual 5-10% of a portfolio. Both have hinted they have a lot more than that in their personal stacks 🙂
  6. Yes I believe he is right and Peter schiff has been right all along. As they say you can make money out of the stupidity of government fiscal policies if you educate yourself and recognise the opportunities when they come along. ALL of them say Silver is unbelievably cheap now and Peter Schiff and Mike Malony who both run gold/silver funds say that they are buying silver at these silly prices.
  7. All my canadian maples and American Eagles are stored in a deep freeze LOL
  8. Not my idea it is an old method and not only used between gold and silver but all assett classes watch Mike Maloneys videos on youtube you will learn a lot this method is in his video on wealth cycles So in this current situation Mike Malony Harry Dent Peter Schiff and all the rest of the Puerto Rico tax exiles lol are investing in Silver in a big way as well as gold and crypto currencies and they plan to buy real estate when this money printing fiasco crashes the housing market. So they will sell everything near its height and buy land 🙂
  9. If gold seems good value and silver seems expensive yes and then back again. It is a good way of building your stack.
  10. By the way it made me laugh out loud when I heard HSBC got caught in the short squeeze and lost 200m in one trade 🙂 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-05-13/hsbc-lost-about-200-million-in-one-day-on-gold-market-turmoil
  11. If only they did their research there has never been anything wrong with silver or the mines or the market. It has been shorted to hell and back since 2011 by the hole on the wall st gang J P Morgan HSBC Scotia etc. and they have surpressed the price while attaining large amounts of the metal. If the people dumoing their silver and getting demoralised just bothered to look into it deeper they will see they are making one huge mistake selling now. This is my own opinion an dI know nothing so do your own research 🙂
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