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  1. If you're after silver in that price range check @Melon's listing for kilo bars. Buying one works out at £17.42 p/oz, less if you get the two.
  2. That 50 Peso though gets me every time. What a beautiful coin
  3. If you're not worried about CGT that kangaroo on the previous page is pretty good
  4. Interesting they use an archaic spelling of 'dispatch'. Ye Olde Golde Dispensarie!
  5. Well, I received a payment receipt as it was paid for by debit card. It's a normal post sale receipt and confirms special delivery. Should be good enough...? "We have received confirmation of payment. Thank you - your order is now being processed. We will email you again when your order has been despatched."
  6. I'm in the UK, it's gone up when I view the site (VPN off)
  7. I'm pretty sure they have to honour any orders made and paid for. It could have been an intentional low price over a limited number of stock, although it's weird it wasn't titled as such. This forum rocks though, I don't generally check Hatton Garden as a matter of course so thanks again! 😁👍
  8. He makes some good points about the news cycle and the hypocrisy of the lock down controls. If you haven't come across Tim before he puts out good news coverage (he's doing analysis rather than on the ground work currently).
  9. Magic self replicating coin? A goose chained out back laying them? Or has their site domain been commandeered and we just paid some hackers so they can buy energy drinks and Doritos...?
  10. Thank you, brilliant deal. Works out at 8.24% which is less than the premium charged for a half sovereign from most places. *Not quite right, I looked at their 'Gold Fix' price which I mistook for the spot price at the time. Still, a better rate than most if not all for a 2020 1/10 Brit
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