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  1. Thanks for sharing @BDTH. Putting aside the reasons and circumstances that lead to you selling, would you say that you're satisfied with how the conversion back into currency/crypto went? Specifically with regards return/speed of sale? My experience of TSF would suggest that the majority of regular posters are either long term holders that have been fortunate to not have to sell or traders that sell here and elsewhere. When there is a story about cashing in it's often a "I lost out and regret it" type of thing. I've only been on TSF for just over a year and stackers tend to be a private b
  2. It's inside out, but still very nice 😉
  3. If only all modern sovereigns were matte! Very nice
  4. It likely is something like that that's the cause but I'm unsure that it would have a positive effect on value, unless certain coins from this mint gained popular collector's status at some point like the Royal Mint sovereign. A known mint error usually makes it onto the slab label as far as I'm aware, it would have to be looked for/recognised by the grader. I may be utterly wrong though.
  5. Even though it can still achieve a 70 with manufacturing issues if what you show wasn't obvious on the sales photos I'd say you have good grounds for returning it. Did you pay much over the cost of a non-graded coin to have this?
  6. I would argue the point that the market (real people who try to source it to sell and those who want to buy it) decides the fiat value of physical metal bullion. I'm not claiming one way or the other that there's a disconnect between the spot price and physical bullion other than the fact that there is no 'set' premium over spot for basic bullion. I understand the argument that there is R&D and manufacturing costs to consider, but the industry itself recognises bullion products; the "bullion" grade sovereign for example was reintroduced to satiate this market specifically. They may be coll
  7. Just the right amount of darkening @Foster88, lends a lovely antique look to these crowns. Ace!
  8. If the milk staining is bad and has been cleaned off well there's no difference between a coin that's had the usual handling/storage damage that is common in full price coins. There is a big difference between a piece of bullion silver with a market premium attached and a coin with numismatic value. If someone misleadingly sold a collectible as mint that had been cleaned that's bad form, if they sold a bullion coin that had been cleaned months/years ago and had been mixed into their stack with no visible differences compared to the others I'm not sure it's the same thing at all. . .999 si
  9. Indian 22ct jewellery is a mixed bag. Sometimes it's sold with a premium in its native country but often it's bought by its weight. Gold is treated differently over there than in the UK, it's (generally speaking) more ingrained in the culture. I lament the current 'issues' worldwide as I'd like to travel to India for various reasons, one of them being filling a small case with marketplace 22ct 😂. Selling it in the UK for premium prices may be a slow burner, but if it's nicely made and is obviously carrying a bit of age but in good condition someone somewhere will want it. It will sell on the b
  10. Liam84

    Melt or Sell?

    Drink wine out of it? Or maybe mead. I'd check the provenance and if it's not rare or anything give it a good clean. It'll likely help you decide.
  11. I've got a couple of those locked away, I forgot they looked like that on the reverse. The cloth I used which I machine washed in between uses because it worked so well is super smooth. It's not got any visible weave or bobbling which some microfibre can have. It ended up very black after use so must do a good job of retaining what it pulls off. There's a very good chance that the bicarb and foil method will lift any residue away. The hotter the better with the water I find helps and don't be shy with the bicarb. Did you manage to avoid scratches? The Brits I cleaned actually l
  12. Good job getting the staining off! That looks like a proof or a proof-like, well done cleaning it sympathetically it looks good. Did it get a thorough rinse in warm/hot water? I wonder if the darkening is residue?
  13. Well I'll be a monkey's illegitimate second aunt...dunno, got me there!
  14. Hello! The special scheme that some dealers operate means that VAT is only charged on the dealer's margin not rated against the value of the silver itself. Neither new silver or the value of secondary market stock is solely rated against the intrinsic value. So a new coin priced at say £27 would then have VAT charged based on that figure, not the ~£18 of the metal itself. The dealer's margin or any premium isn't a set amount, it's whatever the seller sets it as based on what they paid for the stock against what they sell it for. What is the £60 premium figure with regards this coin?
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