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  1. It's a wonderful piece, you've got talent. I'm not one for buying art pieces currently (unless it's a gift for someone), but I'm sure if you put it in the trade section with a price it would sell pretty quickly, there are plenty of collectors of such things on TSF 😁 Have you had it hallmarked?
  2. I think that's the next one I'm going to get; they have some rad looking coins in that lineage. There's something about the chunky things that's very appealing.
  3. When the property market falls through the floor, into the basement and onward into the land of the subterranean Ana The Silver Forum should buy a small building somewhere where the members could sell In there on a timeshare basis 🤣 We'd have to build a nightclub or something out front though and have a big guy, probably called Vinny, stand in front of the internal door that leads to the shop...
  4. Liam84

    Gold Wedding Ring

    I was thinking fluid retention, which can happen for a bunch of reasons and if not terrible may get dismissed as weight gain or boating. It's been a year though so unlikely, I'll shaddap! 😁
  5. Liam84

    Gold Wedding Ring

    How long has your finger been too big for it?
  6. Some? I'm sure just letting the '57 Strat go will do, I'll happily give you the value of a £5 sov for it 😉
  7. Hello TSF, I really like the Mary Gillick and Arnold Machin effigys and I really like old silver currency. As our domestic coinage stopped containing silver way before she sat on the throne looking elsewhere in the commonwealth is required. Thanks to @DuncanWylieWilson I recently added a 1967 Canadian Dollar to the collection. I've since added a '64 and '65 as they're great. They are currently well priced without having to look hard (often close to spot price or at a modest premium even when in lovely condition), are large and heavy enough to appreciate like a crown and have enough variat
  8. Liam84

    Fake Sovereign?

    Something to add which often gets overlooked is scale calibration/quality. Cheapo scales will often be out a certain amount, and if they're really cheapo-depot that amount will vary each time you measure and they won't take calibrating no matter what you do. Even decent scales (not necessarily expensive ones) will require periodic calibration which involves calibration weights and activating the calibration setting of the scales.
  9. Maybe all these good vibes could go in here as reviews? Also that's a lovely YH QEII sovereign, especially for a regular bullion purchase.
  10. It's a lovely piece, who poured it? What are you looking for in the way of "options"?
  11. Using a mail server that puts privacy as a priority (Protonmail or similar) and a decent VPN (PIA, EXPRESSVPN etc) will help stop scammy c**p from grabbing your details and trying to dupe you with one thing or another. Not full proof obviously. Tunnel in through the onion network for added shadowy-ness. This also allows you to witness some real questionable behaviour, makes the normie net stuff seem sterile 🤪 If you don't solicit something that is sent to you it's likely a fishhook dangling into your private lagoon...
  12. Do they not both involve drilling holes? I'll get my 🧥
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