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  1. A hammering? Sorry, I think I may have lost the plot of this one. Maybe Chards will help shed some light. Hope you get it to a condition you're happy with dude 👌🏻
  2. On here has been the best place. @ilovesilverireallydo ftw. A batch of .500 Threepences I had from him had some lovely examples in, not a goldmine as such but certainly more value than the spot+5 % I paid overall and I've now got a stash of good looking little silver coins I can reward the kids with instead of boring mild steel/almost copper moderns. eBay was an okay source a few months ago but you had to hunt for spot price stuff. Now I'm not sure I have the patience for that there site, too much rubbed smooth scrap for premium prices to wade through 🤣
  3. Ice cube thing? Do tell! I always, without fail, read your handle/name without the "l" . I don't know if it's late onset dyslexia or I'm just wired up funny but it never fails to make me laugh. As for the bar it looks like toning but the kind that shows up with age. Maybe it had the edge of something like another bar resting on it? Doesn't explain how it's come up quickly after not being there at all though...
  4. 😮 Gotta be something up, but cool if there isn't...looking forward to when the purchasers receive them, make a dedicated post! 😁👍
  5. They tend to sell well judging from the trade section, the really big collections can sometimes hang around for a while purely I think because of the larger price tag even at spot but they still sell. The ones made by the big players like John Pinches and the Royal Mint will likely do well especially, maybe even priced over spot, as there is a collector's market for them with COA's and boxes. It's not just the silver bugs on here 😁
  6. How much were these then? No price now as they're out of stock
  7. Liam84


    https://bullion.directory/bullion-dealers/al-ghaith-gold-reviews/ Could it be this one?
  8. There are a fair number of mask wearers around my way, but it seems the social distancing schtick is being largely ignored. Maybe those blindly following the 'advice' can only hold one instruction in their heads at any given moment? Or maybe they assume wearing a gross snot and exhaust fume saturated bit of cloth makes them invulnerable and non-contagious 🤔😜 I did a bit of an experiment the other day and stopped watching and reading my usual sources (I was getting a bit fed up of the doom and gloom). As I don't have traditional TV or radio (it's all web based/streaming services) there was no input. If a large number of people's lives are like this or worse add in the Guardian and the BBC but no challenging viewpoints, it's no wonder we're in the state we're in. I'm not suggesting I'm superior in intelligence but absorbing multiple viewpoints daily has lead me to try and think critically for myself more. I'm trying now to strike a balance between being informed and appreciating my life and the world around me. Saw an interesting video about the Fourth Turning last night, if the century long cycle theory is right were approaching a calmer time in a societal sense in the next 5+ years but have more strife to get through first. Fits in nicely with the grand cycle theory, the cycles repeat on smaller and smaller scales like a temporal Russian doll.
  9. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/education/schools-education-wales-shutting-early-18677722 Remember those dumb*sses you knew in school? Remember thinking it would be okay when you're an adult as you would meet other people who weren't stupid and you would find that even the dumb*sses would, for the most part, grow the jeff up and find a place in the world? Well it turns out the dumb*sses outnumber us all. They didn't grow up, they grew to be megadumb*sses and ended up in positions of authority. None of this makes sense. Some of it will be deliberate to sow seeds of confusion and fear into the general populace, but a lot of it will be bad decisions made by foolish people on a power trip trying to one up each other. Unless there is a drastic win for the 'light' over the 'dark' by September I'm homeschooling my eldest. This isn't an option for a huge number of people, and that in of itself is bogus. We have it within us to create an economy that supports itself and generates enough wealth for the average family to not require a 2 X 40+ hour a week income just to survive. This debt addled, top down corrupted nonsense we're slowly starting to wake up to as a nation needs to be reformed. You shouldn't need a war, a famine, a virus or whatever else excuse to mask a financial reset. My youngest has time, let's hope enough of us start to organise in an proactive way (and no secret internet bots, I do not mean in a combative sense) before she comes of school age.
  10. Congrats @ragnar, the Lothbrok line shal rejoice in Valhalla!
  11. Liam84


    Many people gift gold and silver to family and friends, and often pay off huge psychologically damaging gambling debts that will trigger their PTSD if discussed.
  12. I can vouch for these coins being lovely in hand. Very Perth-Mint esque look and feel but with a design unique to TD Bank. Jewellery style box and decorative sleeve are a great touch, I've bought expensive jewellery that wasn't as well presented.
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