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  1. I've been following sixgun for too long...
  2. Whatever happened to keeping bullion in a thick wooden chest and frequently opening it to pick up handfuls and allowing the stuff to run through your fingers? Can't slap a bloody proof coin onto a vomit stained and knife damaged bar top to lure the busty barmaid over can you? "Alright love? Send us over a round of dark rum and giveus a kiss eh? 'Ere, got this to pay...OH NO! A HAIRLINE SCRATCH ON THE CAMEO FROSTING! AYEEEEEEEEEEE!". Aaaaaanyway, if you don't want it @tallthinkev but are not in a rush for payment why don't you stick it up in the trade section for your ballpark asking price and leave the hook dangle. It may take a while but a proof collector who's interested in more than just the usual fare like Queen's Beastly Berks and Britannia's New Pose (has she a shield? A lion? Ooooooo) may well lurk among us and be happy to trade. Crowns are popular, the Royal Munters wouldn't make them otherwise! *Not to disparage those who collect proofs, they are very pretty and people like what they like. Just 'avin' a larrrf. I have proofs dotted here and there, but I buy them when I spot a bargain...
  3. Welcome. My advice would be to consider what you're swapping out of fiat and into gold for and then work out what you can afford to get based on that concept. If it's easy to budget for gold you're after I would echo the advice above and look at sovereigns. If you can splash out more in one go 1 oz coins allow for a lower premium.
  4. For many things that would be fair, however constructions like the monument in the op were not scarce. Building purposes, standards of design and methods of construction were different in the past, so it would be fairer to say comparisons are difficult because of a societal change. Historical and contemporary buildings are not apples to apples. That said the publication was trying to show a modern cost of construction if apples were apples. If you assumed skill levels were equal and the value of materials and labour were the same (obviously they aren't realistically) you should be able to come up with a figure that isn't as glaringly off base as 712K. That would be closer to the cost of a large prefab construction today, not a complex tower of heavy stone.
  5. I would warrant few or possibly no modern construction companies could build such a thing. You'd likely be looking at a very specialised team with the associated rates of compensation. Modern building, though clever with what can be done with materials science and applied mathematics, pales in comparison to these beautifully intricate older structures. As for the cost comparison it seems a difficult task to make direct equivalents over time. A sovereign was a pound but a pound made from precious gold, so it's a physical representation of an esoteric idea (currency to compensate time and effort) but also something intrinsically valuable in of itself. A modern quid ain't, unless you count the copper in it. I would personally concur that an equivalent 'value' of £712K today would be very low. If we assume that Bob the Builder could construct such a thing at his regular contract rate plus materials, several million "feels" much closer to the mark. How much was the tent that James Bond fell off? Not cheap, and that was sh*te.
  6. It may be worth asking a silver pourer to do a commissioned piece. As Minecraft is very blocky with a lot of straight edges it may not be too much of an ask. You'll pay the associated premium for artisan work but will get to specify things like the weight etc.
  7. Liam84

    1 kilo Completer

    Definitely par for the course with Royal Mail bullion. They charge a large premium when compared to 'regular' bullion but that apparently means nothing when it comes to quality control and handling practices. That being said it's still worth a punt sending it back if it's a special purchase for you. I know these completer coins are well loved on TSF (and everywhere else by the seems of it), but to me it looks like all the beasties live in a crowded tenement building and are leaning out for a chat. Some of them appear to be pointing at her majesty as if to say "oi, look at that decapitated head in the middle!"
  8. Had a few minutes waiting so went through images backward from 2018; it looks like the old font was used up to and including 2007, from 2008 onward the 'new' font in in use.
  9. Hello. I was just putting recent acquisitions into storage and noticed that the newer-minted silver Eagles I have bought have a different font than the ones I have from the 90's and early 00's. At first I though "uh-oh..." but having a dig through I found a 2018 I had that is the same. They also seem more shiny than the older coins which look more matte, but that could be a factor of age. Does anyone know when this change occurred? I've looked through a few Eagle collecting pages and have yet to find the answer Thanks!
  10. If it's unfavorable as an investment or savings vehicle, isn't as utilised as a quick buck money maker due to its potential volatility and if it may drop out of favour with industrial use what with the CAT situation then does anyone know why the purchase premiums over spot are so high? I can stomach 20-35% over spot for silver as the base price is so low and I personally see much potential in silver, but applying that type of premium to a metal with a much higher intrinsic price is totally off-putting to me (this is in the second hand market without VAT, premium + VAT is even more off putting). I was seriously considering a few ounces to start a mini stack not long ago but it just seems over priced. Maybe ELI5?
  11. Liam84

    Best silver memes

    Iffa it no touchy, it ain't no real fing
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