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  1. That top paragraph wasn't me, that was pulled from a BBC article discussing Boggo's latest threats 😁 I should have contained it in quotation marks, my bad. But yeah, it's total beeswax
  2. If these restrictions fail to bring the R number below one - the point where the epidemic is no longer growing - "then we reserve the right to deploy greater fire power with significantly greater restrictions" he said. My bold highlight, Freudian slip or thinly veiled threat I wonder... Despite all the actual scientific data available to everyone and despite renowned professionals speaking out heir Johnson and his NWO paymasters are pushing ahead regardless. As @sixgunsaid, everyone needs to ignore this nonsense. Our own government is threatening us over something that is easily disproved
  3. Thanks dude. I knew about the Act, I'm struggling to work out how it specifies that the kind of things they are threatening fines for is actually criminally illegal, that why I thought there was maybe more that I'd missed... It could be I'm just not reading it right or understanding the nuance of the thing...
  4. Either my ability to search the internet is lacking or it's just not easy to find, but I'm looking for the actual wording of the laws governing the coronavirus restrictions such as group numbers, mask wearing etc. I want to see what section of UK law it is a part of and the precise wording of each law. We seem to be getting a lot of MSM sources and government representatives telling us it is enforceable under law but I've yet to see the laws specifically cited. I also want to see who was involved in instituting the laws, i.e. which parliamentary members etc. If anyone can help me with th
  5. Bullion by Post, get a 1oz silver coin when spending over Β£250: GW6U 9FFQ Head over to the C19 thread in the non-PM section and watch the video link I posted today if possible as that's where the code came from. Views and likes help these content creators πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
  6. Not sure if this one has been posted, long but good. Bullion by Post "Free 1oz Silver Coin when Spending over Β£250" code at the start too (I am not affiliated).
  7. Try the bicarb method (it's amazing what that can resolve) then the toothpick (a soft wood one) if that doesn't help. You can just immerse the bit that's stained if you don't want to dunk the whole coin when performing the bicarb clean.
  8. It's a sign that they're 'Mint Fresh'! Unfortunately it's a common occurrence with Royal Mint bullion. I've spoken to a couple of dealers after taking a delivery from them and they say they often come like this from the Mint. They're "only bullion" and it "doesn't affect their value" πŸ™ƒ To be fair it is true for the most part, the difference between a mildly dinged 2020 Brit and an immaculate one will likely be negligible when selling on. If you've got chunks missing then that is not usual mind you...
  9. One of the worst things about this is that the information that they want to enact invasive laws and legislation is technically being put out there through the .gov pages, but if it were not for people digging through things actively and sharing hardly anyone would know about it until it was too late. None of these documents get picked up by the media and the government makes sure they are added to the .gov website quietly and subversively. The link I posted to the document that describes the consultation over allowing unauthorised vaccines to be used has a link at the bottom for a respo
  10. https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/distributing-vaccines-and-treatments-for-covid-19-and-flu/consultation-document-changes-to-human-medicine-regulations-to-support-the-rollout-of-covid-19-vaccines?fbclid=IwAR2HjZFdubsnqT1IntYa9mMnk8PhFOESpBYl0LdcPcQGyUI5fGjlpHsN3RE Considering distributing rushed, unauthorised vaccines and indemnifying the industry against being sued. "We know this is garbage and will hurt or alter you in some way, so we'll change the law so you can't come after us once you realise", some scumbag said
  11. If selling to a dealer then yes, they will often pay a good percentage under spot for Sterling as they'll count it as scrap in a lot of cases. Bullion By Post for instance will as of right now give you 55p/gram for .925 scrap when 92.5% of spot should be a spit under 63p/gram. Interestingly they're offering a couple of pence per Troy ounce over spot for recognised .999 coins. That said a private buyer will often pay more than the dealers for Sterling and lesser silver content items for various reasons, especially if they are good condition proof coins etc. Just look at the premiums on the
  12. Does anyone have a bead on current Unite for Freedom updates? I'm curious as to their plans with regards the planned protest on the 26th in light of the government's actions. Duckduckgo has either started censoring directly or someone is subverting their search results in my opinion. For things that would normally generate results outside of the mainstream I'm predominantly getting MSM and 'official' (i.e. propaganda) recently. It's like a less sales oriented G**gle at the moment.
  13. I feel you dude and I get it. I have young kids and it's made me think what my long play would be if I became more active. I look at this as a gradual thing that's crept up on us for generations; more liberties and rights are stripped away as time goes on. Look at our reliance on a debt based economy, socialised healthcare that grows more complicated and out of control every year, the disarming of the majority of the citizenry (I know not fully but the right to self defence is gone with regards weapons)...The list would be huge if we stopped to tally it all up. All done in a few generations bu
  14. For 'junk' currency silver that isn't total scrap (has some decent detail, maybe even equivalent to fine/very fine) in the current climate I reckon spot price is a decent deal. You'll always get lowball offers (when compared to the private market) from dealers because they look at it with an eye on the cost required to process it. For coins that are nice but not rare or super sought after I personally don't think a seller asking a bit of a premium is unfair. Currently even common coins can garner a decent base valuation from Numista or Allcoinvalues etc, always to be taken with a pinch of
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