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  1. Get revolut really handy for when you go on holiday and as a card in general too
  2. What do they do with the ones that get sent back do they strike a new one from them?
  3. Hello everyone, Im looking for a few sovereign proofs in the below years. Main targets are fulls but also interested in half or doubles. 1989, 2012, 2016 There are a few others I'm looking for too possibly like 2014 and 2005 but will start with these. Ideally looking for 70 graded but will also consider ungraded if the coin is flawless for the right price. Would consider a sets too. Box and COA would be a bonus. Payment by Paypal FF or bank transfer. Please PM any offers over if you are looking to sell. Many thanks 🙂
  4. Any ideas on this guys and if it's something that would be removed? I imagine it would pull the grade down. Cheers
  5. Hi all, In the process of working out which coins to grade and I purchased a 2018 sovereign recently and it has this grey spot near the ear, I have noticed this on another sovereign I have and have seen similar things on others always on the foster areas. My questions are what causes this? and is it something conservation fixes? Thanks everyone 😀
  6. Thanks everyone! As I'm in the process of working out which sovereigns to grade and this was really useful I have another one I will add for opinions 👍
  7. Yeah the rest is pristine, I brought it as a pristine example and even then knew it might not get a 70 but I at least want a chance if Im going to send it in so don't think I will.
  8. Thank you, I asked Numistacker as I am going to send my first batch of coins to him and he wasn't sure if it was damage or not from the pic. I have a few coins I'm unsure about sending out of about 8 and this being one. To the naked eye its very hard to spot.
  9. Can conservation improve scratches like this then? I has assumed it wouldn't if it was a scratch but then its the first time Im looking to grade some coins.
  10. Thanks for your thoughts, I didn't notice that on the R. I think you maybe right there. 😬
  11. Hi all, Looking for some opinions on this proof sovereign I brought recently, I cant tell if it has dust or a mark between the 'R' and 'A'? I would like it graded if I keep it and this is the only imperfection. I don't have much experience which is why I am asking incase anyone has seen anything similar? It's very hard for me to tell and only want to send it off if I at least have a chance of a 70. I have used an air puffer but it's not made any difference. I would get it conserved if I send it off hoping this is rectified. Thanks in advance! Ben
  12. sovtsf


    I was looking into this myself recently and got a Ruper off eBay after looking at posts on here, not cheap but it is quality and you have 3 lenses in one that you can stack up for higher magnification.
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