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  1. Great result, all those desperate flippers did themselves no favours.
  2. What did that sell for if you don’t mind me asking?
  3. I forgot and didn't go on until 9 and get pretty much straight in
  4. To be honest its a bad time for me as I'll be working, I imagine its ideal for dealers and asian markets. Is it? The 3G is at 16.5k and the last one same grade sold for 18.5k last month, so it's close with time to spare.
  5. I find the mocked up renders never look very good on the site, in hand always look much better on all their coins. I went for the 1oz and 1/4 myself.
  6. Just to add I’ve had a great experience using COTR auctions over the last year, the service has been outstanding and any questions thoroughly answered with great advice. While people can in theory bid for each other’s items on auction sites there is also the fact that more often two people really want a certain and and pay above the expected price. There’s been a lot more items going for under expected market value across auctions than over lately and there have been plenty of bargains across the board. These low fee online platform auctions offer a great option for sellers and buyers, I wouldn’t like to be a traditional auction house charging huge premiums as I can only see their market share reducing.
  7. Even if they do win it (surely always a risk) if they have multiples of a coin it potentially pushes up the market value so the risk then becomes worth it for them. There appear to be people happy to admit doing this. There are no doubt times when people just want an item and happy to pay a lot more to win it and in reverse you can get lucky on some bargains in auction.
  8. If you look on your invoice you can see if it was charged. I got a 2oz and 5oz graces graded and although opted for conservation it wasn’t applied and wasn’t charged. They only charge you if conservation takes place.
  9. It runs well the only issue I’ve ever had is when I am trying a last minute bid and the internet connection goes or there’s a delay and I miss my bid so now I just get them in a bit earlier.
  10. 1500 is a good price! The last 6 or so 2oz Silvers on ebay all went 1800+ and 4 of them for 2.2-2.5k. value is a funny thing though as some coins seem to go through phases where ebay is cheaper and auctions are more and vice versa.
  11. This will be interesting especially as the recent prices on eBay seem to have pushed up lately
  12. Slight price reduction to £395 inc delivery
  13. 2002 Half Sovereign NGC PF 70 Brown Label Comes with the original inner and outer box and COA as shown in pics Price: £400 £395 inc Delivery Postage: Special delivery to UK included in cost Payment: PP F&F or bank transfer
  14. Best of luck, and don’t be too concerned if it takes months as I had a bond that took 3 months to resolve and in the end after a lot of emails and replacement that was worst I ended up with a refund. At the end of the day they will make sure you at least get your money back so you can’t loose out as such.
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