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  1. Nope, feels like it’s going to be a lottery to get one in half decent condition
  2. Has anywhere seen the 2oz Golds in this series auctioned outside of coin cabinet and eBay? Curious to what previous ones went have gone for as there hasn’t been that many go on sale on them sites.
  3. Good point, it’s certainly a risk. If you do get a pristine one though it’s going to be much rarer Considering all these Production issues from the mint
  4. Managed to pick one of these up too, 🙂 as long as the auctions are not flooded I expect this one to also do very well. Previously it seemed near impossible to get a 2oz, maybe they have released more on general public sale than normal...
  5. Ignore the London coin company prices they seem to often double or triple their prices. I’ve seen coins prices by them at way over triple the cost of others. I feel for the inexperienced Buyers who get caught on these. Be interesting to see what they would offer for yours
  6. I sold a 2016 one of these recently at auction and it went for under £200 so that gives you some idea, I was expecting more like £350+ For mine to be honest. I was told before I sent mine to auction due to the poor royal mint quality issues on these that these don’t command the prices they use to and have dropped a lot.
  7. I’ve brought one sov from them and 6 months later they cancelled my second order and left a message saying to buy a proof instead as they are better value etc etc. (Yet they charge 100s more than every other dealer 😂) Then you get the 100 sales letters a year and regret the purchase wishing you had just paid an extra £20 or so and gone elsewhere.
  8. This is £380 now 2% above spot for a proof 😮 Price only available until midnight tonight then will be withdrawn or price adjusted. Thank you
  9. Price updated and now about 2.5% above spot. Will leave this price here for today...
  10. 1/4 Ounce Gold Proof / Juno £25 Gold Proof - 2012 Olympics From the Altius series of the 2012 London Games / Juno the Queen of Gods 22 Carat Gold, Weight 8.51 g, Diameter 22.00 mm, Obverse Queen Elizabeth II Portrait / By Ian Rank Broadley FRBS / Reverse Juno By John Bergdah Has some finger print handling marks but looks damage free Comes in capsule without the box or COA PPFF or bank transfer Please note I took the pics last week, only for sale on here. Postage: Special delivery £6.80 Selling as bullion, grab a bargain. £405 £380.00 updated with
  11. 1989 Half Sovereign NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo Payment by PP F&F or transfer Happy to upload better pics when I get a moment £445 £435 including special delivery postage UK only
  12. they are fine and legit, only problem is it’s one per year per household and every other coin they sell is over priced. They do it to get your details and try to sell you proofs at huge mark ups
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