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  1. I agree people price the fees in but I guess their is the odd person who might not check the premiums when bidding and get caught out. 10.8% vs 24% fees is a big difference! I wonder if SR has the same market exposure that TCC has too, you can’t even sign up on IOS to SR I found. So on the 2oz gold if they are estimating 30-40k they are expecting buyers to pay 38- 50k ish.
  2. Yep works on chrome on desktop, thats a bad bug SR need to fix as a lot of people are out and about when auctions last for hours and they will loose bids if that doesn't work
  3. Cheers I will try using chrome on desktop when in work, I was using safari on iPhone.
  4. Not sure about anyone else but the sovereign rarities website won’t even let me register for the auction, when I try to set up an account it just comes up with an error. Being a relatively new auction I do wonder if the prices achieved will reflect the true values.
  5. Especially if people start to want a set as time goes by and the next in the series is released. I predict the mintage to slightly increase again on the next in the series perhaps the 2oz to 3750/4000 and the gold to 360/410
  6. How which exposure does sovereign rarities have to to the global market and what sort of prices have unas realised in their sales before? If they have a similar size/bigger client base than coin cabinet I’d expect £70k + for the una. it makes sense them keeping the estimate on the low side so they can exceed the estimate, entice more buyers in and exceed sellers expectations.
  7. If most people that wanted to sell held these the price would push up but realistically I can’t see the majority of these graded ones being held by the initial buyers. Sit back and enjoy the coin is my advice and wait for the next one to be released.
  8. It’s silly people even ask them what a coin may grade really, god knows why they would even suggest a minimum grade and that would be in their eyes only. Once people start mentioning grades to royal mint they will be more likely to switch to graded coins. Personally if any coins I have are marked and I bring it up I focus on the marks and never mention grading as that’s my choice and they shouldn’t have to give guarantees or thoughts on grades.
  9. Based on these results and volume I don’t see a 69 having any premium at all over raw.
  10. Thanks, I did until the last month or so and then assumed no one else was until I looked into it. Just switched to managed payments and it only took 2 minutes, will see if this changes the £1 offer oops now
  11. Did you switch before the last 4 weekends?
  12. Has anyone found that since this new payment structure has been introduced that they havn’t had the £1 listing offer? I’m not signed up yet to the new method and I havn’t had the £1 listings offer for a month or so and I always got it before.
  13. I usually price in the cost, time risk and hassle on the basis I can change special labels. I use to be attracted to the different labels when I first started collecting but soon realised it’s much harder to complete a set that matches and the simplest labels are the least distracting from the coin. Interesting times ahead with the three graces all being graded now
  14. Thank you that’s much appreciated and really useful 👍
  15. One on eBay sold on the 28th March 12.5k
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