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  1. Crazy, and the half same grade sold for less! And ungraded 1/4 for loads less. I do wonder how many people actually pay for these items after bidding, it’s one thing bidding but another paying. I had a 1/4 first strike pcgs 2012 for sale under £200 and didn’t get a touch for months so withdrew it, time to auction 😂
  2. they are fine and legit, only problem is it’s one per year per household and every other coin they sell is over priced. They do it to get your details and try to sell you proofs at huge mark ups
  3. Thanks Liam, I didn't think of that but yes you never know as it was from a collector who brought coins in the 80s and 90s and he may have taken them out thinking about it. It came in a 3 coin set however I do wonder if some were swapped around. Thanks for your help and suggestions of others too.
  4. Hi all, I have recently brought a set containing this 1994 double sovereign all sold as flawless. It has some strange surface marks on the cheek and to the right, they don’t penetrate the surface and at certain angles you can’t see them which make them difficult to show. Does anyone know what this is likely from and if conservation would remove it? Also any ideas what this could be from? Otherwise the coin is flawless. I have the option to send it back or keep it the set which works out about 10% above spot. Thanks in advance Ben
  5. I may have a whole box unopened, will check
  6. Not had mine either, in theory I guess we could cancel our order if we wanted?
  7. Get revolut really handy for when you go on holiday and as a card in general too
  8. What do they do with the ones that get sent back do they strike a new one from them?
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