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  1. Agree, having two prices with an initial release first just seems a bit off and unprofessional to me. It almost says these are worth £499 and the people buying the other 900 are overpaying. I guess there is a strategy in there to create a huge buzz, gain loads of newsletter sign ups and help push the sale of the other 900. A simple £499 for all coins and I would have taken this one more seriously.
  2. Does anyone know when or if the new Edition of the 2017 is due out anytime soon? I heard last summer then later in the year but still nothing.
  3. I think thats the Alderney one? As they are releasing x1000 PR70s. Plus this is all PCGS. All Alderney mint I believe. I predict mintages will be the same and prices not that far off from the Una
  4. Just ordering in two mins is good going alone when the site starts freezing up
  5. I’ve had proof coins with indentations get a 70, if it’s part of production it doesn’t effect grade. I wouldn’t expect auctions to look at graded coins in close detail for minor marks.
  6. Interesting to see they have reduced the prices. My same set was £1015 - I had to return it due to all 3 coins being impaired.
  7. I’ll go £270 silver and £4850 gold with mintages close to the first
  8. I agree however I don't think this one will reach the same level of prices for flippers because so many people will be trying to get these to flip, whereas the last 2ox silver one took 3 days to sell out and no one knew what was coming with future prices.
  9. I've seen this quite a bit on small sites, out of date prices or inactive site and your order gets cancelled
  10. Agree and 4 of the same type ungraded going into this auction doesn’t help. Makes me think it’s the same seller offloading defective ones.
  11. When you see A/FDC in my mind these will be impaired plus the number of them doesn’t help. I bet the seller wish they returned these ones in hindsight. The 70 graded 2oz ones achieved around £9k each
  12. Gold and Silver 2oz is being released in January
  13. Saves a trip to the post office returning it for being impaired too 😂
  14. thats come up for me too but wasn't before, £5 BU was all I was getting but now that one too
  15. Only the £15 ones left, i do wonder if they will release more though later like they did on the last bond coin
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