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  1. @sixgun Musk is a distraction. Try not to fall for the obvious in this case. Appreciate your contrarian stances though. I would suggest digging deeper in the far more sinister areas of Musk's competition such as Boeing, Bezos, Ford, Volkswagen etc. That's where the absolute bullshit is. I would rather Tesla be massively overinflated by investors because that takes money away from those hideous, establishment manipulating entities run by sociopathic drones. They prefer Musk has all the attention because it allows them to carry on messing around in the shadows.
  2. Prophecy

    Sell some?

    The best things to plan for are your emotions. Unfortunately, you don't really know how to until you go through it once.
  3. Has everyone transferred their money so the group order can proceed? @SVcollector @arphethean Status? ETA? Process update? Thanks.
  4. Prophecy


    And, as this guy jokingly shows in the US, if it does come to confiscation... NO ONE WILL CARE.
  5. Prophecy


    The government is better placed to make money by changing the CGT and wealth rules than on total confiscation.
  6. Prophecy


    I don't think they ever had CGT because legal tender but VAT on them was removed in 2000.
  7. Prophecy


    Future confiscation won't happen. That's too old school antisocial brute force. It will be capital gains and wealth taxes. While the latter would be helped with anonymity, the former capital gains - should you want to sell to someone legitimate - would be your undoing, because if you can't prove purchase price then you'll get capital gains tax forced on the whole.
  8. Im still with Dicker on 1500 by Christmas. Remember, when gold moves it MOVES but then it settles lower... so hopefully around 1500 will be the consistent base.
  9. No western government wants everyone's money in gold and not the stock markets. Hold onto your regulation and legislation hats.
  10. Content disguise, yes. Sadly, useless considering the bloody jingles
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