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  1. Yup. BTL and excess profits from that into balanced portfolio including gold from various sources (liquid vaulted, physical and miners).
  2. Interestingly, my lucky sov in my handful of euro coins stood out when i saw it on the xray in the tray. Black as you like. Not sure what Euro coins are made of but definitely different on the settings they had on that day.
  3. Stick them in a leather money belt. Will preserve them better than mounting into jewellery.
  4. Be mindful that in the x-ray scanner, gold coins come up BLACK while others are different shades. Density. Some countries are particularly sensitive to gold being sneaked through this way (e.g. India)
  5. I do like the LMU coins. It's such a shame the coins mostly have pictures of inbred, awkward men on them though.
  6. I am assuming Atkinson refused to pay for the placement rather than refused to be included, no?
  7. They might have been referencing one of Chards' old dusty websites from 20 years ago
  8. They're market makers in a very illiquid market so it's only fair. Where it wouldn't be fair is if they charged a fee just to list. If it didn't sell, they aren't doing their job.
  9. Active giveaway page content and functions don't appear after clicking on the links... Mac/Chrome up to date both
  10. You sure they're not priced as 18k or 14k jewellers copies? Let's get a super crispy close up shot of one.
  11. I guess it wasn't worn down that much because of the chest hairs protecting it.
  12. Check for hallmarks on the rest of the chain. That could just be an individually hallmarked 3rd party connection.
  13. The designer should have studied dog behaviour to understand that a tail in that position is showing beta or even omega behaviour. Cowering indeed. Submissive and subservient like it has been scolded. The tail needs to be raised and alert. Also, the tail is too long, it should be half the length.
  14. So if I buy the gold bars in the auction, can I take them to Dubai in a lunchbox?
  15. They are in Colombia so a gold coin local to that country would be a far more liquid investment.
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