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  1. I think the 2020 ones will be the most common dates out there once this settles down. It will be the coin that everyone bought. And, it looks like the RM are really pumping them out and, as a result, their bullion quality control is about as good as the server at a local Harvester at the moment.
  2. https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/pvc-damage-on-coins-768300 It could be something like this; it does have a blueish tinge (although blue is usually an indicator of reactive silver rather than gold)
  3. If I stumbled upon a gold inheritance and I had no prior knowledge of gold, I still would have googled it. I like to know things... it's very empowering.
  4. Prophecy


    Obviously silver is far more accessible but do you think it's peoples tendency to want to own a mass of stuff that attracts people to it. Quantity rather than 'quality'? Unhealthy hoarding?
  5. Are 1817s still classed as legal tender or is that just for sovs from 1837?
  6. He's just backing up the trucks to dump his 10,000 tons on the market to prove his point.
  7. I always knew the £1 coin was designed to be *roughly* the same diameter and weight and colour as the old sovereign (which was the old £1). But our perception of value is hard to uncouple from size especially with all the zoomed macro shots of them online.
  8. It beggars belief that most people just can't take 5 minutes from their day to GOOGLE "The best way to sell gold coins" People's Gold IQ is atrocious. And the powers that be like that.
  9. Is that not the patina of a coin stored in a crappy plastic wrapper?
  10. Prophecy

    US Gold

    Perception is the name of the game. And most people don't care. Those who do are growing in numbers however.
  11. They can't depend on their government for crisis welfare. They're all on their own essentially
  12. Define 'dent' I'm not saying it's going to tank it but it might add to the explanation why we are always so surprised that Gold doesn't always immediately rally like nuts when a world crisis happens. Like I said, not everyone rushes to buy they rush to sell and that will affect the market whether you like it or not. 400 tons of second hand gold ono the Sell side of trading WILL affect what you want the market to be. It's like Silver, why people think it will rally when 70% of its market doesn't' want it because they are shut down. That's bias denial.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/user/belangp This guy is like you or I with seemingly no bias or other interest. He is investigative and a data analyst so has a good way of explaining how gold really was, is and maybe in the future regarding the little people. It's a relatively small channel but well worth a watch. I like Maloney, Schiff etc but they are biased sensationalists sometimes.
  14. It's all connected. I entertain all factors not just the obvious or conspiracy ones.
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